13 September 2017

all Petty Tyrants are the Same Entity

We create them. All of the petty tyrants in our lives. For all sorts of reasons, under many varieties of circumstance. When we plant our feet firmly in-our-power stance, and then upwardly expand our vision, we find out that they are all actually the same entity. The nasty neighbor, the challenging employer or co-worker, the critical parent or friend.
       But why? I know that the preferred question is 'How?' How do we create the petty tyrants, the bullies of our lives? Well, we know that our reality is created partly through our belief systems, personal and collective. We know that a belief is a thought that we just kept thinking. We know that there is certain astrological influences on a material and even spiritual level, not only the aspects at birth, but in every day season and year, personally and collectively, and even geographically. Then there's the soul's profile and the soul's plan in the scheme of things. And how all this mixes together! How we are creating ourselves through this duality reality!
       I know why, or how I have created the relentlessly pursuing petty tyrants in my world, and in the two of the most important areas of a human being's life- home and "work" (what a human does as a source of financial support/income).  It has to do with one of my chosen life qualities (also called life lesson) I wanted to learn and embody. It's a little complicated to go into it now. There is something possibly big brewing, again. I am still sorting it out for myself. But I am directed to have deer-like hearing with my ears pricked toward my center and higher self.
      {I have to say that I understand what one can go through in the process of learning to trust one's own instincts, instead of all the noise of the outer world. There are so much put upon us about how we must be. Oh! Does it take a lot of Trust, trust in the self. How much strength one must have to go against any grain, of society, of a family dynamic, because you have different requirements for growth. Maybe you're an Elm planted amongst the shrubs? No matter how many times the occasional gardener prunes you back, eventually your base becomes so strong, you're too massive to be handled by any pruning shears. They realize what you are, and they let you alone. Hopefully. 
       How beautiful to take that back, that beautiful sense of pure self, to operate from the gut, after being trained out of that natural born instinct when still so young. If you don't already do so, you can teach yourself to be still and listen to your inner voice. Then, find the courage to follow that guidance. I'll let you know how I do with that!}

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