07 September 2017

stealing identities, a multidimensional issue (?)!

things that make me go "hmmmm..."
(and yes, hum that tune here... here's a little humor for your day,
which would be funnier if it weren't true)   
I had been thinking about the "shell device" that sometimes shows up in the preliminary identification and evaluation of a Soul when I first locate them in the Akashic Record. To my knowledge, a Shell Device is the personality body of a human being, which is shed/left behind in the lower dimensions nearer to the physical plane, when this soul-who-was-in-physical-form makes the transition fully into the non-physical. There are souls/entities who are able to capture this personality body, and wear it themselves, over their own. They will do this either for protection or deception.  So they are basically stealing a personality, before it dissipates unto creator source.
       Then it dawned on me how much this is just like "identity theft", here in the physical plane. Come to think of it, identity thieves even pirate the obituaries for names and dates information. Jeez!
       Whodda' thunk it?  
       Dead or alive, or journeying inbetween, somebody could be wanting or trying or succeeding in taking your identity!?

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