25 September 2017

How I Was Led to Medium João (aka "John of God") and the Entity- part one, from "earth~spirit", 2008 transcripted writing

Recorded March 2008
(transcribed May 3, 2014 names omitted, initial only 9.17.17)

       Note: This telling of this story, at the time of this transcription, is now very “dated” for me. I have grown indescribable amounts since 2008. Especially my perspective on the events of my current lifetime have changed since my initiation into the Akashic Records. I am however transcribing this experience with Medium Joao and the Entity exactly as I recorded it in March of 2008, as the imprint and impact of the experience was still fresh in all the details. I have also added notes as thoughts come to me as I type.
       In November 2006, my friend B* C* and I had enjoyed a wonderful dinner and pleasant evening at the annual Greek Festival in Kingston, NY. My five year old son was spending the night at my mother’s house, so I had some time to loll around with B* on Tinker Street once we’d returned to Woodstock. There wasn’t much doin’, as usual, so we just sat on the porch at #34, where he rented a studio space upstairs, and watched some occasional cars pass, not saying too much.

       I saw a thought shoot into his mind and he immediately thereafter said, “Do you have (so-so many) minutes? I want to show you something.” I started to think, “Uh-oh, what is it? What could it be?”

       When we got into his studio, he started rifling through a pile of DVD’s, and he loaded one into a player and turned the volume up on the TV. He told me that it was footage, a mini-documentary, that he had shot in Brasil. It was mainly an interview with a woman at different stages of her process of healing at this place called “The Casa” and her speaking of “The Entity”. There was some footage of physical surgeries, as well. This repulsed me. The language, however, referring to “The Entity” intrigued me. But, when the short doc was over, and we left the studio, I went home and promptly forgot all about it.

       Then, in January (2007), while I was puttering around my apartment, doing my daily chores, I heard a voice, over my head, near my left ear that said, “João de Deus.” It was clear and forceful, and it shook me inside. It was soon after that objects from Brasil began appearing to me- first a kid sized soccer shirt with the map of Brasil on the front in the yellow and green colors of the Brasillian flag, and a few weeks later, a baseball cap with the Brasillian  flag on the front- when I was on one of my digs at Family of Woodstock.
       Synchronicities began to materialize as well.
One significant one was at the place of my son’s new babysitter, J*, a nineteen-year old girl I’d met while she was briefly working at the crafts shop of my workplace.

       I’d come to pick my son up at the babysitter’s, and her roommate J* was also at home that evening. J’s boyfriend was visiting that evening, and I was talking with the babysitter about the strong impressions I’d recently received that were directing me to investigate seeking out this healer/medium I’d recently heard of, called “John of God”. J’s boyfriend, who was seated at a small table in the living room, said, “Yes, my father just came back from seeing John of God this week.”  I exclaimed, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

       As it turned out, this young man said that his father was the director of Omega Institute, and had I heard of it? I said I had, but that I had never been there because I couldn’t afford any of the programs they offered there. The young man said that he hadn’t heard about his father’s trip, yet, but that they were getting together in a few days for dinner to hear about his father’s experience there in Brasil. We, then, all talked about what we knew of the Medium, what he did and the kinds of things people have said to have experienced there- the healings that people had experienced.

       I met the roommate’s boyfriend on one more occasion at my son’s babysitter’s place, and he said that his father had gone to John of God’s place to be healed from Cancer. He mentioned that his dad had a powerful experience, that he meditated for nearly 16 hours a day, and had had a powerful experience at the waterfall they have there. And that his father wanted to bring John of God to the Omega campus.

       My son’s babysitter said that she wanted to help me in any way that she could- especially since I was in an abusive relationship with my son’s father, for years already.

I knew that my heart, and my soul cried out for healing- years of mental, emotional and spiritual abuse (and occasionally physical) at the mercy of my son’s father had to come to an end. I was at a time when, for the sake of saving myself, and thereby my son’s upbringing, I had to get out.

       I had been empathetic all my life, and the clairaudience began to emerge in a way that I could clearly detect in my early twenties. I needed help. I was in pain.

       I made plans that spring to save my income tax return to buy the plane fare to take myself and my soon to be six year old son to Brasil and meet João de Deus and these Entities I had heard of.

       Then, in early May 2007, I got an email forwarded to me by my friend, Mary. From one of the lists she belonged to in the yoga teacher community. It said that John of God was coming to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck and that registration would begin on June 6. I was floored. I couldn’t believe it- that boy’s father had actually done it- he was bringing John of God to America- and to a place just miles from my home. 
{part 2, coming in 2 days 9/27/17}

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