11 September 2017

soul shift clearing, thinking of you

And so, this is some of what I was thinking, of some of my clients, of how it must feel to be someone who was soul-shifting. I was especially feeling for those who were engaged with this for their entire current life- until I did their soul-realignment TM. And how the adjustment must feel, if they have included their friends and family in their process, are they re-patterning themselves through any negative self-criticism (which would be based on the soul-shifting paradigm and reality and not on the current clean slate, now reality based on the soul's actual intended record/body alignment)? 

       You were soul shifting. Now you're not. You thought you were crazy, or others did. Now you know you were not. There may be some who just think you're more crazy, now that you're talking about this kind of stuff. You've spent your entire life having experiences and forming ideas about yourself. Now you learn that the self that you thought was all yourself, well, was not. That just blew the lid off a lot of things!
       How does one reconcile with oneself? When you say things like "Well I always [insert behavior pattern] when [insert recurring situation] happens." Wait.
       But do you anymore? And who was actually the one, in a soul-shifting situation, who was doing the actual acting in said situation? Who was driving the car that day? The whole thing has to be reevaluated!  
       An entire life now needs to be pulled apart, like a kinky skein of yarn., trying to get down on in there, so a smoother, more uniform ball can be rolled. I don't know what's up with the yarn metaphor that I can't seem to delete, because I just type it out again the next time I revise! We're weaving the tapestry of our lives- all of our existences woven into a tapestry of our own luminous existence, but then as is interwoven with each being with whom we have agreed to share experiences. Some fibers are cut, others are rewoven in, in a multidimensional, multicolored and layered, luminescent tapestry of  *Life* that is living, contracting, expanding, dying, birthing, breathing, pulsating all of  Existence into and out of existence. And all completely beyond our full comprehension. Probably for the better, except for those little 'glimpses' we get of it. We wouldn't wish to im/explode, would we?
       Yes, and this lifetime, in this little section of thread, of this particular 3rd/4th/5th dimensional earth time continuum, is up for examination and renewal, maybe a little smoothing and combing.  Yeah, more wool/yarn talk! How about another style?
       The road has been refreshed with a cleansing rain. Make fresh footprints! OK. Done! So, hip-hip and all that. Thank God! Let the good times roll! It's about time. Seriously. Sincerely. Let Freedom Reign for Your Soul Infused Life.  
       It is true that you may have to deal with people who may not have the expanded perspectives to understand the Soul Situations that you had created in your life, and how you have learned from them, but are now free of them as ongoing influences. But you're sure to do well.
       You may well be their teacher.

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