19 September 2017

{Unhealed Pattern- Soul Imprint- Draconian Invasion - writing February 11-18, 2015}- part one, from "earth~spirit"

Unhealed Pattern
Soul Imprint, Affecting Lifetimes
Feeling Unsafe, Being Threatened and Abused in My Home
Likely origin of pattern- the Draconian Invasion of Hadar-Beta Centauri
February 11, 2015
I promised myself last night, as I am re-reading this book on the Akashic Records, that I would then record what I had brought out into clarity last night. Not that I haven’t already known of this information, but now it would seem that I am meant to do something constructively with it because I have a recurring pattern of being threatened by negative forces in my Home. I am meant to begin to write down from the first incident and lifetime that I can remember and continue throughout all of the lives that I can recall where this is a deep theme. It is important because it is time to release myself from this, else I will most likely never know any peace or self-dominion in the place that I call “home”, nor shall I ever realize my dream of the Ursus Sanctuary or Casa Luna. And perhaps even I may not have these dreams once this process has been completed. This I do not know. My Lifetimes and the Record are teaching and transforming me all the time.

February 18, 2015
Doing this kind of work can lead me into seeing how my emotions are twisted like a neglected skein of yarn. Sitting down to unravel this requires not only patience, but discipline and also an energetic space to chip away at something that has been an invisible yet powerful supporting energy of how the story of so many of my lifetimes has been written. I don’t know of any other humans in my sphere who have any inkling of other lifetimes. I would say all of them are completely mired in the 3rd dimension, even for all of any meditations with which any of them may profess to be engaged. This is a lonely place for me, meaning that I do not have anyone to talk with when I am attempting to work out these issues that have been surfacing throughout my current life, and especially with the upgraded consciousness that was gifted to me five years ago after the clearing of my Akashic Record. No one here even knows what the Akashic Record is, well except for Susun as she is the one who told me that it was there that I was during the voyage under the influence of Salvia. But she is Draconian, and I am not open to sharing anymore the deepest workings of my process of unfoldment with a draconian, no matter what work that have undertaken to do for humanity at large in this earthly sojourn, for I know how very personal relationships are maneuvered by them as a race. My heart chakra is no longer up for siphoning.

So, since I have awoken relatively early today, and I am feeling acutely this energy of unsafety in my home today, it would seem the time to begin. Today my Masters have asked me to be sure to not engage with the outer, via forms such as social media and the telephone. Very often I seek to engage myself with these media when I am feeling very hyper and unsettled inside, for I am avoiding being quiet and looking within. But I want to look within, and I want to be free of distraction. I promised myself that if I could find a job, and I was alleviated from the high stress of scrambling and worrying for the bill money, that I would devote some time to the writing.

I am unhappy here. I would say “of course”, but I know that that would be a sarcastic and cynical punctuation to the intensely uncomfortable situation that I am again finding myself in. Once again I am finding my Freedom under abusive threat by a negative soul, a “changeling” this time. This is my first known experience with navigating the energies with which they manipulate.  While I lament as such, I know however that I have purposefully placed myself in this situation- for one because I am told in my own clearing in 2010 that one of my Life Lesson(s) is “Confidence”, that is “confidence through responsibility”. I am taking this now to mean through the conscious responsibility of the creation of my physical life experience, obviously as contrasted with feeling victimized by the circumstances and helpless to change or transform what I experience in my world. And my second Life Lesson is “Freedom”, I was told that it is “freedom through confidence”. So one shall beget the other. I am looking at my current lifetime and I have indeed suffered many bullies and tyrants, most especially in personal relationships, not primarily so called romantic, but some very significant friendships as well. What I am looking at now is the bullying in my own home, which is pointed out to me repeatedly is not actually “my” home. And in choosing to be July born in this lifetime, with a Moon placed in the sign of Libra, as well as my soul root of being Hadarian, Home and a harmonious and beautiful home is top bill for me.

Here are the “past lifetimes”, that I have remembered, where the theme of my Home is threatened and destroyed by outside negative forces was/is a central theme, starting with what I am told and what I can remember about the invasion and destruction of Hadar:
  • We lived on Hadar as a Collective that espoused Unconditional Love. It was a way of life, not without individuation meaning that we had individuality, but the quality of all life expression was that of Unconditional Love- everyone was seen and heard and not judged. Hadar has been also described as a sort of “destination planet” for those in this Galaxy, perhaps beyond, who wanted to visit a place where Unconditional Creator source love is the way of life. I do not feel that there was any form of violence or manipulation or malice inherent in the society, there was no need for this as these are qualities that are manifestations of an individual’s disconnection from Source. As the story is often told, we saw that the experiment on Earth, that of an environment of contrast/duality, free will and high individuation of consciousness, was beginning to go awry and we as a collective wanted to assist in steering the energies back to the Intended trajectory. Because we knew that we could. Because we knew that Power and the Purity of Unconditional Love. Because through the direction of this Power, we meant no harm. So, it is true that as depicted in the modern movie Avatar, we as a collective consciousness bonded our individual energy signatures in sending a beam of love and light toward the Earth and the life forms that already existed on Her. This, as told in the legends, attracted the attention of the Draconians, who after losing the Galactic War, had seen an opportunity to be in energetic control, for the souls, in general who had embodied to Earth were less experienced, “younger” souls (meaning souls who were not yet awakening to their higher selves while in form). Now this all is so far an amalgam of all that I have read and heard so far from many different sources, the parts of the stories with which I have come into contact that ring true inside of me. And the “end” of this story is that because the Draconians would not tolerate any interference in their plans to be in control of the energies on this very new planet, they promptly engaged in a physical war on the inhabitants of Hadar. Yes, this means the picture of what has been played out in many SciFi movies of the 20th-21st century: spaceships, bombs, lasers, prisoners, rebels, escapees. It is written in My Akashic Record, as I was told in my 2010 reading, that I am one of the “handful” of Hadarians who fought the Draconians, and I escaped the mass post war enslavement that was occurring to the Hadarian people. Escapees are said the have traveled via the Alpha Centauri star system. We were received on Alpha Centauri, apparently because we were valued for our own technological achievements, perhaps because of the fact that we Hadarians were the designated Keepers of the Stargate and Time Travel wormholes throughout this Galaxy. As I stated in my piece about Alpha Centauri, I stayed with them for the equivalent of 3 Earth lifetimes, as the deep devastation I felt about what had happened to my Home, to the people that I loved, my friends, my family, and to our way of life needed so much time to heal. It has never truly healed. This is the scar, the imprint that I have carried in a part of my deepest self for many thousands of years.
(PART TWO, on Saturday Septmber 23rd)

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