05 October 2017

an automatic writing session

Writing Session
January 13, 2015
4am Tuesday

Write this: Dear One- we have come to you this evening to speak to you regarding the process of transformation into the life path that you have set for yourself to experience at this time- Be not proud in the sense that you are looking at yourself from a clear space of judgment for this is not clarity in the sense of accepting and understanding and loving yourself in Truth- You must Begin again meaning to reset yourself from the space that you were in when you understood and could feel the joy of Presence in your world- You remember deeply all that there is available to you as you Know Yourself as Creation- as the Love of the Creator- Be it so as you find your way into this acceptance of Your Power without shame and take confidence in the decisions that you have made for they emanate from the truth of your Soul- Breathe every time you feel yourself constricted and hampered by the past and by associations whose lessons had been brought into your existence but whose Time is long past- these fears and doubts belong to someone else and call upon us to assist you as you release these to be dissolved- there is no one who has or who can ever harm thee- take your refuge and place your faith in the light that surrounds you into the core of your very being- we are the Elders Council and we are here to remind you that you are loved and you are a bright shining star that lights and burns through any darkness perceived around you-
So it is
Be at rest

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