11 October 2017

Vision, age 18 (from "earth~spirit")

A vision I had, as a result of a freshman college
dorm room meditation in the spring of 1991, led by S.
I had never meditated or been guided through one before.
Recorded September 30, 2014.

S. was from India, at least her parents were, that made her seem like the natural choice to volunteer to lead a meditation (so she said).  We were all feeling kind of “witchy”, the girls in the dorm and I. Jen and I were, at least, that I remember.       We all gathered in a small circle in my room, #909, turned off the lights. A small candle was lit in the center of our circle. Sam instructed all of us to lay down and close our eyes. She said that she was going to lead us in a “sun” meditation. We all lay down in an askew circle, some of with our feet pointed toward one another’s, others lay wherever was room for their body to stretch outright. I don’t really know what I expected. I don’t think I had any expectations of what would happen. I had never been guided in a meditation before.
       We were guided to breathe deeply and to relax, guided by S.’s voice to relax from the tips of our toes, through our ankles and calves, every part of our bodies to our hands, forearms… Somewhere between the forearms and the rest, I fell asleep. I think I did.
       I felt something. A lifting, supporting the length of my torso, I felt the heaviness of my body being lifted up. The process was subtle, transport easy, as I was standing again with my eyes open, I found myself standing with my back against a wall, on the periphery of an empty room that I sensed was circular. There was a big white candle on the floor, in the center of the room that cast light upon a broad circle of the room, up to the ceiling, but did not touch the periphery.
My visual attention on the flickering light of the candle, my peripheral senses felt  Presence swell in the lighted part of the circle. Instantaneously, three cloaked and hooded figures emerged/radiated out – from the candle- and took form in triangular positioning before me, facing me.  I felt their eyes on me and I felt a feeling that can only be described as unconditional love- and there was an intense feeling of strength and power in their presence. As One Entity they spoke: “We have been with you since the beginning.” The communication was potent, telepathic and at the speed of light, as did seem this entire vision. And just as instantaneously as they emerged and appeared, I watched them go back into the candle.
       Then the candle and it’s Light was hurled into my solar plexus, like a ball of flaming awakeness.
I opened my eyes and looked around the still dark, candle lit room. A couple of us were still lying there. Maybe some were sitting up and talking. I wondered why I hadn’t been able to hear them before. My hands were mildly vibrating. I laid back down for a small time to come out of this “sleep”.
       I didn’t dwell on this experience. I was eighteen. Boy crazy. Lost in the sauce of the City. Lonely. I just went on with it. Whatever that was…

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