01 October 2017

How I Was Led to Medium João (aka "John of God") and the Entity- part two, from "earth~spirit", 2008 transcripted writing

       I cashed the tax return check I was hanging onto for dear life to get me and my son to Brasil. On the first day of registration, I had my godmother and her boyfriend call the Omega registration and sign me up for all three days that they offered, and for my camping accommodations. (note: because they had a credit card and I did not. Credit card registration was faster, and I just gave them the cash equivilent.) At that time, I thought that I could just bring my son along with me, as I’d heard that it was that way at the Casa in Brasil.
       In about five or six subsequent phone calls I made to the Omega registration office, I was told that I also had to pay for my son to camp. I asked every time, then if they were going to run the children’s program that I’d heard about, and every time I was told that- No, that they weren’t going to be very many children there, certainly not enough to run the children’s program, and children were not exactly encouraged, as the program involved a lot of sitting and silence. I pleaded each time, stressing that I was a very low income single mother and did not have anyone at all to help me take care of my son for so many days in a row. But, no go.

       I scraped up the money for him to camp with me and decided to wing it- I had to. The feelings that I had to attend were too urgent to ignore.

                                                        May 2007

       In the meantime, a couple of things happened- the first being very painful and life altering for me and my son. His father and the 19 year old babysitter, J* R*, began to sleep together and have a very public affair, which crushed my heart, twisted my soul and wound up making my son feel hurt and alienated from his father. (note: It was probably here in this time that my son attracted the negative entity attachment that spent three years wreaking havoc on his tender childhood. And it was here that I began to drown in a pool of drinking, which continued for six months straight, until I spent time with the entity.)

       And Heather Cummings book about John of God showed up in the monthly circular of my book club, which I immediately ordered. I read it in three nights after it arrived.

       My son’s father ridiculed my son when he told his dad that we were going to see John of God, saying to this six year old child, one evening on the phone, “John of God is full of shit.” My son’s face turned red and he screamed back, “No he’s not!”, and slammed the phone down.

       Several weeks before the event, I called to make sure that my payment for my son’s camping was received and that we were all set and I was told, “But you have to register your son for the children’s program.” I got upset. I said, “I was told many times that they weren’t going to run the children’s program for this event.” (note: dealing with the registration office at Omega Institute was becoming a very negative experience at this point- very discouraging. I think it is probably a breeze when all you have to do is whip out a piece of plastic and presto- but for poor people, it is quite prohibitive to participate in these programs that are supposed to be for “healing”)  I was so out of money, already, and it seemed that every time I turned around there was a new cost, but at that point I was so nervous and exhausted, not just with getting us to the event, but also the constant struggles we were having with my son’s dad, the end of our 8 year relationship and his taking up with the babysitter (note: which he crammed into both of our faces, adding to the intense pain and drama that my son and I felt at that time)- that I asked for a couple of weeks to save up this additional cost. I saved some more and sent another money order. I figured at least it was close to home and at least half the cost of taking us to Brasil- to find out just what it was my Guides were leading me to.

       On Sunday, we packed up to go. I had the car all packed on Saturday night, so on Sunday at 5pm, when I closed the (art) gallery where I work, my son and I were ready to drive across the (Hudson) River.
Seeing the Entity

            I missed the morning line to pass before the entity the first day because I was seated farthest away from the entrance to the hall where Medium João sat, and I had to retrieve my son from the child care program by Noon. (I have a “thing” for being on time.)
       Then, again, in the afternoon session, first timers were not being called, and not being called, and not being called- until it was almost time for me to pick my son up, again from the playgroup.

       Nearly weeping, I approached the woman, Rose, upfront, who’d traveled from Brasil with Medium João and his group, and told her of my dilemma. I was growing more desperate inside, afraid that, if it continued this way, I would never see the Entity at all.
{part 3, coming in 2 days 9/29/17}

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