07 October 2017

Medium João, ten years later

October 4, 2017 , just got home

at the John of God day at the Omega Institute, ten years later in 2017
Well, I'm pretty sure that I will not ever go back to Omega Institute to attend this event. Ten years ago, when Medium Joao first came to Omega, it was set up much like how it is at the casa in Brasil. I got to interact with the Incorporated Entity- directly, then. This time, I was in a line that was ushered past the incorporated medium- at about a 10 foot distance away from him, and rather quickly. Honestly, I'm disappointed. That is the problem when something like this gets to be so widely publicized and popular- it loses the intimacy- big time. That fact actually causes profound feelings of sadness in my chest. Sad. And too common.
 blessed water to take home in this tent
       The negative energy in the main tent was palpable- to me anyway. But it's been ten years and I've been a Soul realignment practitioner for seven of those ten years, so I guess that accounts for that. I remember that I had a negative entity attachment ten years ago, as well as other things that were about to get cleared off of my soul record after three more years went by. I could feel the ruptures in the various energy fields of the attendees. Some people were actually negative souls, who made themselves known to me. I thought that I would be driven mad by all the crap that was getting released in the main tent. I got off with just a headache, and a feeling of dull lifelessness and deep fatigue in the front of my head.
       After I participated in the 2pm Spiritual Intervention, I got some relief from the morning's energies. I'm not even supposed to be on this computer for another 20 hours! But- hey. I need to record things while they're fresh, else the dominance of the 5th dimension in my consciousness would have all but the big bits dumped from my memory.
       Apparently, if I want to what I would call "properly" interact with the Entity as incorporated into Medium Joao, I have to go to Brasil, for real this time.
at the end of the day, I am enjoying one of the
beds I'd just discovered

October 5, 2017
What does it all mean? That sometimes you just can't go back, because you don't need to. My experience this time, as I found out much later in the day, was simply to Be the Light for those who were attending the event. To be in my heart, to give my smile, hugs warm eyes, a joke or goofy humor to those who chose to connect with me. Even being Silent for those for whom Silence is unnerving or uncomfortable. A lot of the people attending were just coming into conscious contact with this kind of thing (healing transformations, incorporating entities, etc) for the first time, so I discovered in my conversations with people. Many of them came from a great geographical distances as well. There was great desperate need for healings of all kinds. I was in that particular place some time ago. I do remember. It was anguish. Anyway. If Life takes me to the Casa in Brasil, then I will go there. I appreciate the Presence.

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