03 October 2017

How I Was Led to Medium João (aka "John of God") and the Entity- part three, from "earth~spirit", 2008 transcripted writing

Ursula Carrie at the first John of God gathering in October 2007 at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
Rose spoke to Norberto, the friend of Medium João who’d also made the trip with the group from Brasil to help, and he asked, “How long will it take to go get your son?”
     I responded, in Portuguese, “Pocos minutos.” (few minutes) He said, “Então, vai pra lá (well then, go to there)… and get him now, and I’ll take you in.”
       (note: I don’t remember Rose, but I remember Norberto and his energy- a open hearted, warm, compassionate, confident, loving Being- with a good natured sense of humor permeating his personality. Much like some wonderful grandpa that I would love to have!)
       I must’ve said, “Obrigada!” (thank you) a million times, to Rose and Norberto, and all the way as I ran across campus to the child care center to get my son.
       We walked back right away to the main tent where Rose and Norberto were waiting for me. Rose promised to take care of my boy, while Norberto took me by the left arm and walked my trembling figure down the passageway, up the stairs, and into the building where the Entity sat, graciously hosted by the body and consciousness of Medium João Teixeira de Fária.
       As soon as Norberto and I turned the left corner, into the aisle that was part of the partitioned room, at the end of which sat the Incorporated João in his chair, I felt a wave of deeply saturated, heavy energy hit me, like a ton of soft bricks. I could feel a heavy orb of energy at the end of the room, although I could not see, nor did I try, with Norberto firmly holding onto my arm- I was the last in line to see the Entity that day. My heart beat quickened, my breathing turned shallow, and I began to get light headed- completely unable to formulate a single thought. Then, halfway up the line, I began to silently cry.
       We stood off to the Incorporated Medium’s left, where one stood as their turn was next. Then, Norberto brought me forth and told the Entity in Portuguese, something I remember (at the end of his statement), like “… she has very strong emotion.”

(note: It would’ve been something like, “Ela tem emoção muito forte.” But I translated it in my head and heard the English phrase.)
      When the Entity turned Medium João’s head toward me, I felt the electric energy of his eyes as he scanned my energy field, starting at the top of my head, down to my feet, and up again- particularly I felt zaps of heat entering and activating the area of my 2nd Chakra (between my pubis and navel). And from the expression his face and eyes held, he knew that I knew and had felt it. This happened in less than a full second- then, smiling he handed me a large bunch of white chrysanthemums, which I clutched immediately to my chest, still weeping and unable to speak or think- and he then focused my eyes to his and said in Portuguese, which was quickly translated, “I’m going to help your entire family.”
(note: now I am wondering if this is when the tear at my 2nd
Chakra was healed, as I showed up with a Scar at my 2nd Chakra at the time of my Soul Realignment, 3 years later…)

There was a brief pause as he seemed to receive the next thought and said, “And I want you to come to Brasil.” (I could only nod my head in response.) Which was quickly followed by his pointing his right finger toward his Current and saying, “Go sit in my Current.” (note: must’ve been, as I remember his voice and words in Portuguese, “Va sentar no meu corrente.”)       

       The left side of my body was buzzing as if an entire hive of bees had nested inside of me- the kundalini awakening again- but this time in the presence of a Presence with whom I felt safe. For the first time, truly ever in this incarnation, I’d felt SEEN, for who I am, and without any more words to pass between us, I knew what he knew what I’ve come here to do.        (Picked son up from Rose and Norberto… went to dinner at the dining hall…)

       The next morning, the second day of the gathering, as per instructions, I went right away to sit in the Entity’s current. It was the first time in my life I’d sat for so many hours, hardly moving my body with my eyes closed, and in silence. Surprisingly, it was not as difficult as I’d imagined. And it was good to practice the emptying of my mind as the thoughts would come.

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