27 October 2017

The Labret, 2

After I removed my labret piercing, I had three months of lay-up-against-the-heater cramping each time a period came. It felt like my uterus was being squeezed and twisted like a washrag. Every month. Then, it stopped. The menstrual flow was 'normal' again. Saying 'normal' just means 'pain-free'- but we women know that 'normal' is not an application in real life!
       So, if you've read some of my posts, then when I say, "Can you believe....?" you'll say, "Yep. I believe it." Right?
So, Can you believe it? One day, I'm the Kleinert/James Gallery standing in the vestibule, where the gallery attendant desk used to be. A woman comes in to see the show. {And, I'll also insert here if any of you know me, personally, you'll know and 'believe' this too-} We get to chatting. She's from India. We're yammering like old friends. Somehow, I give her the blurb of my 'labret-incident', which is all that it is at this point, a possibly random incident or voice in my head. {Honestly, I'll need to go back over my date books and journals where I recorded all of this, because I can't remember if I was still pregnant with my son- or if he was already a full grown, earth exploring baby at that point.} 
       One moment, one line has "fish-eye-effected" for me out of this interaction. She, after apparently hearing my story about having to take out the piercing, exclaimed,
       "Oh, Yes! That is a pressure point that prevents conception!"
She was laughing, and so joyful! I was laughing to, with a little bit of ["holy.shit"-ing] on the side.

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