13 October 2017

Fish Eye Effect

A fisheye lens is an ultra wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image.

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It was one phrase, "I put her in her place."
       It was said twice by the building manager, in two different stories about former occupants of this apartment, the one I was being shown. I didn't think anything of it until a while later. I was driving to the grocery store for some things, and I had that "here's-a-new-insight/download" feeling come down all over my left side. This phrase, even though it was originally experienced and remembered through the auditory sense and in a casual conversation, in this recollection, just an hour or so later, the energy was pulled forward before me just as the text looks in the photo here. Meaning it had a shape (oval, and transparent) and a  sort of 'life' appearing sort of like the bubble picture here.

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       Why was this phrase important? It was a key, the big hidden clue to what my experience would mostly likely be should I take this apartment (which was out of my price range anyway, but she offered another that may be available soon in my range)- I will be "put in my place". How dreadful. BE-cause, at this time in my life, I feel to be very much engaged with expansion, and freedom. And I looked at this apartment, with all of the lawn, the big deck sort of near to the side walk (thinking perpetual yard/craft/bake sale), right in the town where I haven't lived in 18 years so would probably have more company. I'm feeling it, you know? And the apartment was beautiful, had almost all of the criteria for a new place that my son and I discussed during our last power outage. I loved it as much as I loved this one when it was being shown to me 7 years ago.
       Ooooh, riiiight. That's why this all was being brought to my attention. When I was being shown this apartment, I received two big hidden clues as to what my experience in this apartment would most likely be. And I heard them when the landlord said it, each statement did give me pause, but I was so desperate to move from the other place and I loved this apartment so much (there are 14 windows here, all total!) that I ignored all of it.
       "I let ___ live here too long by herself" (meaning the apartment that I was being shown had been unoccupied more than not)
       "I don't think she's very happy with how her life turned out." (she meaning the woman downstairs)
       I did think to myself, "Those are some strange things to say." But, I was so happy and excited for this apartment, so enamored with it and the potential, that's all that mattered to me. The first bit of that fish eye effect, of those phrases coming out to the fore, happened within the first year that we were here. And then we were in no position to move. Stuff was happening in other areas of life. Then, there was progressive feeling of  'lockdown'. She has spent the past 7 years trying every trick she can come up with, to get us to leave.
       I got the message. Moving along. But not to that apartment, or any of the other ones in that building. Good job Guide Team! Thanks.

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