27 November 2017

12 Lifetimes ago 600-500 BCE

originally written: August 17, 2014
"DREAM: October 26, 2013

I could feel my hands, then arms broad muscular shoulders – and I can still see his face and feel his chuckling energy around his forehead – and his burgundy hooded sweatshirt (large hood) with the hood pulled over his head and me laying on top, or on top, but beside him, and nuzzling my face into the hood, like our own private place where no one could see us – I might as well say, he had a sort of “broad” (and very young) face, with brown eyes and some freckles and thick and curly auburn (!) Hair – built very sturdy, tall (but not so tall that I have to strain my neck or stand on to be – travel to throw my arms around his neck.) – And I just remember laying on a floor (at the huge stone cathedral in which this part was submerged) – out in the courtyard – type area – and we were so, I found out, together, there in our energy bodies!!! Some dark (haircolor)/straight haired Asian, tallish, dressed in black warrior – type clothing off to my right told me this, as I had realized that he had faded and I could feel him next to me (on my left) anymore! Just that faint feel and vision of the hood of his “jacket” – burgundy.
⚦ ⚦ ⚦ ⚦ ⚦
In this dream, we (don’t know for sure who the “we” laws) had fought the darkness (the “devil”). By having to destroy a piece of stained glass that hung in the Cathedral – apparently the powers of the Dark was “embodied” or held in place by this heavily guarded piece of stained glass – and it had to be destroyed, not one section left out destroyed – in order to achieve victory. I remember as we made the hard fought for contact with the stained glass (it was guarded heavily, of course, all the way up to the top chamber of the Cathedral will where it hung ains near the window/balcony) – and we were throwing each piece down below – hollering to the sparse crowd down there too, “look out below.” – One owl shaped piece of stained glass scene landed on a lower turret of the Cathedral and a creepy, very long bony fingered, “white” hand reached out from underneath to grab it – and I (and/or someone) lept down off the upper balcony/to grab it

Akashic Records Research (October 26, 2013)

12 lifetimes ago 600 – 500 B.C.E.
I was in a male incarnation.
I was a Pict, in the northern UK in a place known as Scotland today.
That was me in the dream this morning. I was connecting with an aspect a “past life version” of my own Self.
I was a wandering fief (and very charming!)
I wore that hood that I saw. I died of old age – but anything related to the Scots, or being conquered by the Scots.
I had a chip in my tooth, on the right side inside of the front left tooth. (as known from the inside of my own head) - If you were looking at me, the chip of the tooth would have been on the lower left corner of the right side tooth.
Message from this aspect of my past life Self:
 “Be Bold! You have tamed your self too much!” (Strong energy in the center of my forehead from him) "
⚦ ⚦ ⚦ ⚦ ⚦
[note 11.26.17: When I moved back to Catskill, from Manhattan, when I was 24 and wandered into the kilt shop of Anne Stewart on Main Street..... And she told me, with such and intensity as she contacted my eyes, that: "I'm a Pict." The way she said 'Pict', with the hum in the air in that moment, the whole thing- I had a deep shiver flood throughout my body. A flash of resonance of a deep, unexplained {yet} Knowing. ]

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