25 November 2017

Automatic Writing Session #1 -June 3, 2014 (end time 3:57 am)

(Note: November 25, 2017- I was so hot on the trail of developing my automatic writing in 2014. All of those late nights that no one that I knew in my life back then could understand. Up until the birds began to sing, then rising once again as the sun made its descent. I am perfectly happy being a creature of the night. I miss these Automatic Writing sessions... I miss feeling that so very open channel between myself and my many Guides. ALSO- My questions are in regular type, and the responses are in Italics, including the instruction that they give to me when I am getting unfocused/upset.)


Question: “How do I move myself out of limitation and lack?”  (How do I move myself, and my family out of this, and into the life I know that we are meant to live?) 

Timelines are merging Dear One

It is time to revert, to tear down the falsehoods that have been built up around you that have given you the picture of who you believed yourself to be

We know and understand that this is a painful and confusing time for you, this critical juncture in your evolution into the higher realms of your existence- that you feel trapped in a physical manifestation that constricts rather than allows the great room that you need to fully Become BE come who you know at deep level that you are-

Be forewarned having tremendous faith and trust in the higher development of your soul self through this painfully constrictive experience is well known by you-

we ask you that you slow at every moment for patience is the key to your comfort in this unfolding-

Be it so (I am getting emotionally “wound up” here…)

Breathe and recenter

We want you to remember back to that little girl and the worlds you created to inhabit- how wonderous and wonderful they were/are- This is not unlike what you are being called by all of the expansiveness in which your true and real self dwells- Believe in the worlds that a little girl can create for she and thee are one in the same- for she is the Truest expression of your Being-

It is Time to withdraw from your social medias to pull back into the worlds that are genuinely more real than the ego laden falsehoods that are thrust upon your delicate and vulnerable energy centers by what you read, energies you perceive- It is an ability- though not unique to you- it is singular amongst the humans that you currently know and experience

there is nothing wrong with this- you will lose nothing- but have so much to gain in the sanctifying of your energy pyramids- building strengthening

you are rebuilding who you are in the light of the Real- and in this time, as you draw deeper into your self you are will be recalibrating your connection- rebooting the connection to the sources of your Inspiration creativity amass-

Breathe. Breathe.

We have told you, you must remove yourself from the masses-  the energetic influence of judgement, practicality and fear does not assist you- not- and in the truly insular and quiet peaceful space that you create- that she who is you doth create- the profound answers that you sheek shall come forth- manifest undeniably

Question: “How quickly can this happen?”

It could happen in an instant insomuch as you are willing to let go and allow yourself to be the natural channel that you are- such as in this writing (Laughter here and now) (I sense their loving humor.)

I feel my energy pinch off in fear, because I feel myself expanding outward in joy and confidence, and I have a rubber band reaction that tells me without words that this is wrong, and I must immediately make myself small.

It is not ego, dear one- do not attempt to make yourself small by convincing yourself that this reconnection and recalibration process to the truth of your Inner Being is connected with the falsehoods of ego and power perpetrated by the mass consciousness of humans- for you must now fully recover and remember your mission here this time in this life- do you believe that you have ever yet experienced this degree of ‘past” life recall as you have now t this time- it is all coming together

So take one moment at a time- Breathe deply when you wish to struggle against yourself and allow all to Be.

Question: “Do you recommend that I deactivate my accounts?”

It is not necessary if you can fund the discipline and the will to resist logging in to that aspect off the 3D game.

Let us do this again soon- use a notebook- We love you.

End Session 

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