01 November 2017

Lemuria, my first on this earth, part one

May 3, 2014 (and revised on November 1, 2017)
"A Hadarian in Lemuria"
I do remember in Lemuria. I did have Recall in that life of who I was and where I came from and what I had come to do. I believe the incarnational cycle here to earth was not yet at that time what it has evolved into. What I mean is, from my feelings/remembrance  there was no "veil of forgetting" to pass through yet. So when I soul traveled from Hadar to earth to take a body at the time of Lemuria to serve as warrior of the light, after everything I had been through, when I awakened into my new form, I remembered my mission.
        I remember very well  the feelings that I had when I knew that All was coming undone. Feelings are so intangible, but I could try to describe to you the disappointment I felt but not as disappointment- disbelief, anger, rage. I felt as though I had been tricked, tricked into leaving a place where I had finally been able to cultivate a feeling of peace and security within myself, with the Alpha Centauri. And there my partner, if one could describe it as such, my love, my friend, convinced me that this was what I felt like I needed to do. And maybe it was something that I felt, like I needed to experience the reality of what was taking shape on this young earth.
       Yes, I was then much of what I am today, because that is the nature of my soul. I have always been a healer-warrior, a helper, a caregiver, a nurturer. Not because that is the way of all Hadarian people necessarily, I just know about me and I happen to be Hadarian. The general theme of the Hadarians is unconditional love. I have been told that most Hadarians today are incarnate on this planet because we, as a group of souls, have the specific task of holding the energies and the codes of unconditional divine love here on this Earth. The two famous women who meant the most to my heart as a young woman were also both Hadarian, so I found out. {that's another story} 

       Anyway, yes, of course I knew everything was coming undone in Lemuria. It was seeing “the writing on the wall”, so to speak. I’m just thinking about feeling into those feelings that I had then and man was I really pissed. It was foreshadowing the battle with the ones who have chosen the darkness that destroyed my home world. I mean think about my home where I lived before Lemuria on Earth. We lived in the unified field consciousness of divine love and respect with all of our fellow beings on the planet. Even though we were all individuals, our collective energy was that of nonjudgment and love just pure love. I mean, people used to come from other parts of the star systems just experience that with us – I mean, seriously, it was like “a destination”, Hadar (otherwise called, "Beta Centauri"). I wonder if there was some kind of intergalactic travel agency! I’m just saying it was a wonderful place to be, and a lot of beings wanted to be there.
       Already before the time of Lemuria the seeds of darkness were being planted here. The whole earth experiment wasn’t going that well. That’s why these societies of Lemuria, and later Atlantis on the other side of the planet, are so “famous” today. There was a concerted effort and intervention to amp up the light frequency here and resteer the ship back onto the charted course for this world, before it got too off course.  Something had to be done...
(continued, part 2)

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