07 November 2017

Electing to Create out of Alignment

I am also being made aware of how powerful it is to create out of misalignment. It's one of those fish-eye-effect moments that I talked about before. I'm standing out in the living room, just now and it just pulled out of my third eye, "I'm creating out of misalignment." I'm talking misalignment with my higher self, my truth. I'm grasping because I (currently) am in alignment with fear. Personally, this fear-scare is a multilayer issue (but whose issues aren't). This is mass-consciousness, also. We are all one in the "field". The energy of fear is thickly sprinkled and coated amongst the masses*, whose group consciousness is being groomed through seemingly random acts of "terror", for the bobbing to the surface of political policies meant to further oppress in the guise of "protection". Pull back, see the whole thing, as much as you can.
       The vibrational coherence of hope and positivity, which was given solid birth unto the mass-consciousness in 2012, which was supported by the energetic environment created by the first family of the light (i.e. the Obamas), now experiences the spears of anger of a power that has been (instead of "the powers that be"- they been!), who programs and controls and enslaves through fear. Wasn't it so wonderful to have that energy "The vibrational coherence of hope and positivity" on both sides of the timeline to buffer this transition point, setting up the "we can do it" vibe for four years before 2012, including that year itself, since we're talking the end of that year, and for four years after to carry it through. When the last year of the hope-administration was coming up, did anyone else feel a little bit of dread creeping over their consciousness like an afternoon shadow? I thought you did. Did all of our dread bring it on? We could speculate on a whole host of self blaming factors...
       But, you know what? Dracs don't give up that easily. Why would you expect them to? There's a few tricks up the sleeve. They're not going to lose this place without putting up a stink. A "stink" would be nice. It is much worse, but you watch the news. And then, your heart is broken, you doubt the existence of a god, your faith wavers, your connection to divinity is temporarily shorting out, then fear, maybe for some anger, creeps in where good feelings were. *It is the sprinkles the dark ones crave in the air. It must be absolutely delicious for them. You probably should turn the news off, focus on something positive. Let "them" accuse you of living in a bubble. This is how Power is attended to, nurtured, cultivated. You can still do it while living "in society", practice your superpowers. Except, these powers are all our birthright. Well, except for those who choose to swim upstream.  
       This is the time, when it seems that all that we have managed to create in the name of the light, to unsheathe the sword, manifest the shield, go deep to the Within, contact the Power- and then, Radiate The Light Like a Mutha-f^ck*r. You don't even have to "do" anything. Please, don't. All the forms of action available will not shift or assist any situation unless the action is being Guided by Alignment. By "alignment", I mean with your higher self. I'm sure you know how it feels when you are acting in alignment with your own Soul. Like that. You don't have to say anything, either. Just Being That.

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