15 November 2017

This! I Found It! The Illustration I was looking for.

November 13th
       I am SO excited! I found a GIF that illustrates exactly (well, without so much swaying as in the GIF) how I see it when a word shows itself to me as a form, how it occurs in my inner vision... You know, all that stuff that I described in the post "Fish Eye Effect". http://ursulacarrie.blogspot.com/2017/10/fish-eye-effect.html  Check it out!
I wish that I could now describe the feeling of completeness that this gives me, that I found an image to describe how I see things. I don't really feel like changing it in the post, though. I prefer to allow that moment in linear time to be what it is and was. But, funny how this didn't come up when I was looking for "bubbles" and the similar key word. I found this when I did a search for "glass shard gif". I think I found this while "off on a tangent"- you know how that goes.... Which leads me to another insight-
       I feel like those internet-search-tangents that we all get off into can really show up as the Universe's way of leading us on to significant pieces of information that we might need at that certain time to further their growth. Seriously. That's how I stumbled onto the Omega Institute's website late one night, applied for a scholarship on a whim and wound up in a weeklong workshop intensive where I found out that- I actually can- and do- channel!  Stuff like that, and like finding an image that helps me feel fuller in my Expression.
Top o' the morning to ya'
Have a nice day.
Or whatever kind of day that you want to have :)

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