03 November 2017

Has 'Shiz' Been Eclipsed for You, too?

This is *real-time-shifting-into-the-fifth-dimension stuff*  Damn.

It'd be interesting to come across some matter-of-factual stories around about *here* (this point in linear time) of how people's whole deal may have been shook up and changed around by the total solar eclipse in August. I feel like I've been 'turned around' so many times in the past ten weeks since all that energy bulldozed across this country. I find it really upsetting, like more upsetting than I want to comfortably admit. I don't like feeling like everything's gone wonky. (But, listening to the radio sometimes, I'm also appreciative of the life circumstances that I do have, to be able to steep in such philosophical self-inquiries, and share them with whomever is reading. Let there be light in the world.)
       And, at the same time, I have still been following my inner direction, my feelings of what feels good and right for me, and what makes me feel not so good- which, actually can sometimes turn into physical sickness or pain when I don't listen for too long. I know for 'a proven-throughout-my-lifetime' fact my spidey-sense never steers me wrong.
       I keep getting offered all of these situations that I could get involved with to earn the money that I need to care for my family, yet all of those situations so far involve some sort of unhealthy environment. *I am being presented with an old pattern that had been the dominant pattern of 'jobs and working for other people'. I had always bent myself over backwards to please and to be pleasing. I would accept any sort of unethical treatment, verbal and emotional abuse,  even accepting shorted on the money I was owed, just because the employer had a reason, etc.  And I would still go back to work the next day, terrified. I "needed the money". How many of us say that? A lot! The bulk of the population of this planet, I suspect. Again, this is all pre-realignment. It is the end of seven years, now. Interesting things are happening, it seems. I mean, these job situations that I am coming across lately contain those elements: some sort of obvious combination of  psychological, emotional twistedness-even where the physical environment itself had toxic elements. I tried a job where that air was so bad, my lungs hurt for 4+hours after I came home from a 4 hour stint there. I let that 'opportunity' pass. Although, I actually did think about it- for a minute... I actually stepped back and was able to see the pattern emerging, and emerging in rapid succession. Really wild. It's time to let go of that old paradigm b.s.
       And, the 'funny thing' is now, I feel it so quickly, when I'm about to step in it, as in step in the big funky cow-pie of an old, outmoded pattern- and I cut it off. I don't ignore the early cues anymore because I have told myself that I am "so desperate for the money". I have been trained by my society to believe that this 'false premise' {Abraham} is the truth. It is an enslavement tool. Some fine tuning is needed. I know that I know how to attract what I want to experience. I attract and experience this particular curious situation right now, because- this cycle of energy in relation to "work", as known to the patriarchal 3D Earth, is no longer an applicable way of experiencing Livelihood as we rise into the 5D Earth.
       It requires being clear about what I want, how I want to feel and maintaining impeccability with my thoughts, obviously in so much as possible.
       This is not a place to wobble and fall off the beam, now is it? Thank goodness I can catch myself before I do. But one's Faith can really get tested.
       Now that I am experiencing this in 'real time', I am thinking back to how Patricia Cota-Robles was talking about this shift in frequency in relation to Abundance and livelihood on this planet. She iterated it at the free seminar she gave in New York City on September 17 this year. If you sign up for the Era of Peace newsletter, you'll get all the weekly vlogs she's done this year. There's a lot about Divine Abundance and this transformation that I was talking about in the videos.
       Anyway, ascension report in real time :) from me. I'm following the trail, and wondering who the F ate some of the breadcrumbs- at some of these  places where the road divides. I'll pick the trail up, somewhere. Always do. At least that's what I tell myself! Time to tune into my favorite Abraham recordings.  See you again in a day.

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