05 December 2017

2 Lifetimes ago- 1600’s Renaissance Italy, part one

recorded, April 2, 2015

This is one of the “past life” bleed throughs that I have so far found to be the most enjoyable of the experiences I have had so far. Of course these are not bleed throughs in the sense that it was not something that wasn’t meant to happen or has been something undesirable, at least with this one. And I observe that it is in keeping with the pattern I am appearing to have in my incarnations: twice female, then once male, then twice female again, etc.

       This life in Italy was in the early part of the 1600’s. It was the life that followed my lifetime in the area now called “New Mexico”, where I lost my love, where our home was desecrated. In Italy at this time, which I of course would not know until my very late 30’s, was that of a Blacksmith. The experiences that I had, some ten years previous, that reintegrated this aspect of Mine Self into the Wholeness of Being that I have been becoming in this “present” lifetime, were quite empowering, powerful and fun. To this day, I have kept all the metals and tools and still yearn to have my own studio and equipment to play this aspect of My Being. But I am getting a little ahead of this part of the story.

       In February 1999, when I was twenty-six years old, I was hired to work as the box office manager at the Woodstock Guild of Craftsmen on Tinker Street on Woodstock, NY. That position eventually led to performing a number of part time tasks in the main office, one of which was taking care of the student registrations that came in for the classes offered through the Guild. They had a very strong stone carving and pottery programs held at the Byrdcliffe property. There were also equally well-attended jewelry/silversmithing classes held in the basement studio of the Tinker Street complex. Over that year I felt a growing curiosity about those jewelry classes, which evolved into a kind of passionate hunger to participate. By the fall of that year, I had implored a deep employee discount off the tuition, and I was in...
part two, 12/7)

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