19 December 2017

Quirky Synchronicities part one: *Magical Mochi*(1)

Yep. You can just go ahead and call me a "tool"! I mean it in the most positive sense of that word. I had a couple of very "funny" things happen this past month, synchronicity style. "You're going to like it" [Abraham]
So, last month out of the blue I catch a coconut craving. It didn't matter what- a bag of shredded coconut, some 'Almond Joy' candies, coconut water (aka 'milk'- to paraphrase my teacher, Susun- I digress..) in my soup, in my smoothie, you get it. So, I decide that I have to find some recipes for coconut and am going through all of my Thai, Hawaiian, Indian and Caribbean cookbooks. Then, I remember my old favorite, coconut custard pie. There's a recipe for that in one of the Hawaiian cookbooks. On the opposite page is a recipe for Coconut Custard Mochi
       It calls for '4 cups of mochiko or 2 10-oz. pkg.'  Mochhiko. "What the hell is that?!" I say out loud, with gusto. You know because it's coconut, in pudding. That is enough. But, then I look it up online and see that this is a sweet rice flour. Hmm. I've never seen that here, but it must be a common shelf item in Hawaii. 
       Now, whenever I think of Hawaii, I immediately see T's face in my mind, because he lives there. Then, I get this whole download to copy the recipe, put it in a card and write a note and send it to him- just because. I did photocopy the recipe, but I put the card that I chose and the whole thing to the side for a couple of weeks. Because, my 'brain' took over- "Aw, whaddya' gonna' send that to him for? How silly. What does he care that a mochi coconut custard made you think of him? Don't be weird!" So I didn't send it.
       Now, when I'm writing a card or even an email to someone {now this is a little secret I'm divulging} I am not simply writing "words", I am actually imprinting the communication with energy. I am holding the image of that person in my mind, but more so, in my heart and i am recollecting whatever fond feelings I have for that person. Then, I open myself up as if I were intending to channel or receive Divine guidance, and I just write whatever comes out- until the force, the feeling, dissipates. I never force one more word, or punctuation mark beyond this sort of fuel to what I write. Often, I will put the writing immediately into the envelope, so this orb of energy is, well... 'sealed'. 
       So, there's these pieces of paper so far that I've prepared and, moreover, an envelope already stamped. It's been sitting here for a couple of weeks now. And I have one of those, "Oh, fuck it." moments (I've written about those amazing manifestation moments, sponsored by my "fuck it" mantra: http://ursulacarrie.blogspot.com/2017/05/i-have-some-funny-stories-on.html ) I do the same process. I need to retune to my friend's energies, because by now I'd lost the original energy that inspired this little note in the first place. So, I find him, I'm tuned and I'm open and writing through my heart. I take it and a couple of other things to the post office, drop the envelope in the slot, and forget about it....

{*magical mochi*(2), on 12/21}

something to do with something like this.....

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