09 December 2017

Subtle Communications Mean a Lot

 If I ever doubt the communication between myself and my Family of Light, things like this just rub all the doubt out:

       So, after all this talk and reminiscing about how much I loved the silversmithing, soldering, etc....
~ I was on an errand yesterday for the woman that I help out, and Lo! And Behold! What do I find in the brochure,flyer section of the cafe?
** A card advertising a BRAND NEW SILVERSMITHING Studio! It's 10 miles away from me in the neighboring town!
       I want to express my Thank-Full-ness to Those Who Are With Me, for hearing my Heart, and sending me such Love and Encouragement.
       [If you are just at the beginning stages of your Ascension, be assured that these kinds of occurrences will become more commonplace, as you connect ever more with the Higher Aspects of your own Self. It's really quite reassuring to have these seemingly small things appear. BUT, they're not so small, are they? <3 font="">

TALK to your Guides, speak from the heart, and Let it all Go. Then Be Delighted in what appears, when you least suspect.
Much Love.
And Thank you for being Here,
-Ursula Carrie
       P.S.- Also, yesterday, the woman I work with/for asked me if I'd ever been to India. I said, well, no, since I haven't yet managed to cross either ocean (that's coming, I'm sure of it! just don't know when ;) ). So, we got to talking about Ayurveda a bit. Well, she winds up going through her collection of essential oils that she bought mail order from Auroville- Before I leave, she hands me a fresh boxed bottle of...... VETIVERT
       I could've passed out! My favorite magical oil- and SO rare to find where I live out in the country. I'd been wishing for some Vetivert for some years, not actively, but.... AND here it is! She had no clue about my wish for this particular oil. BUT Creator-Source knew ALL about it! She played her part in the Divine's plan to raise my spirits, and remind me that I'm not alone. 
       So, just to share- just when I want to give up. Just when it feels like 'it's over', something comes along with a little nudge to say, "Hey, we're here. We're listening. Take Heart, Beloved. All is still Well...."

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