03 December 2017

Time Out! We need to talk about *Light Power Imaging* (part 2) + there's Hope to Heal

What is Light Power Imaging? What does a Light Power Imager do?
       Light Power Imaging, according to definition in my training materials, is a negative façade device that can be used by both positive and negative Souls. A Light Power Imager holds up a mirror to reflect the light of others back to them. Simultaneously, the practitioner of this façade technique is pinching-off some of the person's Light Energy for themselves. So, essentially the person's energy that they are reflecting and stealing becomes a part of them. Over time, the practitioner can lose track of their own original identity. Then, they become dependent, feeling that they can not survive without the use of this device. Souls that have been practicing this technique for some time are reluctant to give it up. Most will not.
       "But", the question might be, "What could someone do if they found out they were a Light Power Imager, and maybe at Soul Level they might take up the practice again, and consciously didn't want to do that, and wanted to find out who they truly are without this technique, what could they do? Is there hope?"
At least that's what I was 'getting', the whole reason why I started this post. There is Hope to recover from the addiction to light power imaging.
       First, I have to repeat something that many of you have heard before, that: any prayer made from a sincere and open heart is sure to be heard and answered. That being said, I feel like the hope for anyone who may have been cleared of Light Power Imaging, and is worried that they may, or they're sure that they may have reverted into this practice and doesn't want to- is asking for assistance. Call upon, and give permission to, your Angels, Archangels and Guides, your Family of Light and your Beloved I Am Presence to assist you. Be clear about your Intention for Healing. Assistance does come when we call and give permission. We need to give permission because our free will can not be interfered with, one of the built in safeguards to preserve the integrity of our 3D experience.
       It may sound a bit simplistic, but this is the information that I received about this subject. There is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. I know for myself, even though I was not light-power-imaging when I had my Soul Realignment done, I did have some things going on from my past, and past lives, that upset me- very much. Like: wail, and sob, and very upset at myself (i.e.- "How could I have done such a thing?"). And the healing balm for all of that was: self-forgiveness, self-compassion, the broader context of my existence as an eternal being and what those things that I'd experienced meant in that larger context. And it didn't happen overnight, folks. It took years! Just because I tend to be too hard on myself, too critical. I'm figuring out how to give that up, too!
       So, If anyone out there needs help with healing this issue, please feel free to write to me. earth_spirit.medicine@yahoo.com 

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