09 December 2017

2 Lifetimes ago- 1600’s Renaissance Italy, part three

La Primavara, by Bottticelli
(continued, recorded, April 2, 2015) AFTER May 2010
I have to look back in my journals to tell you exactly when I did the past life research session in my Akashic Record that led me to discover that I had been in a Male Incarnation 2 Lifetimes ago and living in Italy during the time of the Renaissance there.
✦  I have had a love for Bach and Botticelli, since at least my early teens that I remember. Also for Shakespeare and that style of dress.
The brief time of ecstasy with silversmithing in my late 20’s was long packed up and gone from my mind as I began the many months of intermittent inquiries into my own soul record, following intuitive leads as to my gender and whereabouts and time period of each life. I didn’t work “backwards” in what one may call “chronological” order, rather I allowed what needed to Speak to me to do so, and I followed the trail it showed me. 

✦ So it was with this life. My investigations revealed to me, very simply that:

  • I was male
  • I was muscular, about 5’ 10”, sturdy frame- with black hair (strands about 3 ½”-4” long, so not short, but no longer than hanging about my ears) that was curly more on the side of wavy, with a full, trimmed beard and moustache
  • I was living in a city in Italy (I have not inquired which one)
  • It was the Renaissance
  • I was a Blacksmith
  • I made weapons (swords, knives, daggers) for the aristocracy
  • There were no wars being fought, then. The weapons were for collecting, practice, and display- but they were not simply ornamental.  I did not ask how my clients planned to use them.
  • I did not make any sort of ornamental or artistic pieces, weapons only.
  • I was one of the finest craftsmen of my ilk as such my services and wares were very exclusive (all products were commissioned from me)
  • Even though I was a fine craftsmen and such as stated above, that did not make me part of the class of people who commissioned my finery
  • Secretly, I did have a taste for the finer things- art, literature, music- which I kept close to my breast. It would not be good for me to reveal this, especially to any of my clients. One could not exactly trust them.
  • I was married and I had 5 children, 3 of whom were negative souls (Draconian)
  • I loved my wife, but those 3 of my children were an incredible sadness, to put it lightly, for me (constant violence, struggles, drama, turmoil)
  • My work was my Lifeblood, we were one and the same
  • I had a very rich inner life, especially when I was surreptitiously enjoying a concert or any of the other pleasures that needed to enjoyed in secret
I died in my early 50’s; although not specifically researched I feel that was caused by the many smokes that I inhaled all day every day as part of my trade.

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