15 December 2017

Time to Relax, Listen to the Within

The message this past ten days, in every reading that I've pulled for myself, have a theme. "Nurture yourself", "self-care", "life review", "let yourself receive", "avoid negative or harsh environments". I like to pull for just a few days at a time, since things change fairly often with me, sort of mercurial it can be. So this is the theme. Well, I had a feeling about that. I know of other people who are receiving the same messages from the body and energy systems. I decided early on to employ some of the lessons generously lavished upon me by 2014- and I surrendered. Snowstorm, surrender. Don't have to go out, then don't make up a reason to. Stop. Open up, and breathe. 
       One of the first things to be forgotten with a quickness when we experience a full on crisis, or simply an unbearably stressful situation of any sort, is the self-care aspect of the day or week. Even some simple stretches can make a world of difference in unlocking the emotions that can get stored in the musculoskeletal structures of the body. But, these are the times when we need movement the most. With movement, the Breath. And Water, preferably not in plastic. We need to move, breathe deeply and feed the water that is the body. I'm saying this because it is these three things that people tend to forget in the hustle-bustle. Very simple, but Manna-feeding.

       I hope that you are taking some time each day to move and breathe and stretch and take care of your Soul's Vessel. And remember to drink Water, even in the winter.
       May you have the weekend that is of your personal preference :)

Love and Blessings

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