23 December 2017

Quirky Synchronicities part two: *Good Things Are Happening*(1)

Now, in this same time frame that the little synchronicity with the *magical mochi* was happening, I had also been inspired to put an envelope in the mail to another friend. 
I saw that it had been her birthday on Facebook. I don't really feel comfortable doing that 'happy birthday' thing on peoples' walls, not unless I feel inspired to make it unusual/interesting. I'd rather send a card that can be held, touched, and propped up on a dresser or desk- or hung on a fridge for a little while. I like to get cards too. I'm always so curious about people's handwriting. So, you know, if I'm sending some greetings in the tangible mail to one person, I'm probably assembling a card/package for another one. The vibes tend to go that way. 

       A couple of years at our local Target, there was a display in the $1 section of some really cute Dr. Seuss stuff. Of course I loaded up on the items most appealing to me: mini notebooks, stationery, little shopping bags, wall art. One of the stationery packages had 3 different "certificates": a birthday one, a "congratulations" one and the one that I chose "Good things are happening". Well, we don't hang out, this person and I- but I've always dug her vibe and I have her mailing address. Since it was already past her actual birth date to send the "birthday" one didn't feel right to me. (Remember, I'm steered by intuition) And what's the use of saying "enjoy your day" when the day has already passed! So, with that I wanted to send a general birthday-vibe-all-year-long-blessing-greeting-acknowledgement. Sending some energy/intention for "Good things" to be happening sounded about right.
       But as always happens with me- one good turn gets another and soon I'm off into a little assemblage of doo-dads to add to the envelope, most importantly of which, apparently, was what I was inspired to write on the lines of this certificate. 
       Little did I know what happening with the woman that I was thinking of as I wrote...

Quirky Synchronicities part two: *Good Things Are Happening*(2) on 12/27

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