21 December 2017

Quirky Synchronicities part one: *Magical Mochi*(2)

I don't check my emails every day. Interacting with that form of communication, for me, is exhausting. All the checking off, only 50 at a time. All the old mailing lists that I'm not ready to unsubscribe from. I'm doomed if I forget for a few days. [Neither am I a fan of the telephone, unless it's someone with whom I deeply resonate. Those folks have become too slim in number nowadays.] 
       So, needless to say, I just got the email today that "T" wrote to me on December 15th, from Hawaii. This email was coinciding with the photos he posted of the Mochi Festival that his village and his landlady were giving, on that very day. He had sent photos to me on Facebook, and was exclaiming at the timing of my card! I'm thinking, "What the fuh is he talking about?" You see, once I let something go, like a letter, or even an intention [oh, wait, didn't I say they were one in the same in this case? Lol.]- I forget all about it. All about it. I'm just a vessel, more like a funnel, for whatever love and creativity is coming through and going wherever it's going. I don't retain very much memory of it if any at all. Get in, bam, get out, keep jogging. 
       I like it. The playful, powerful Presence of the Universe/Source Energy is unquestionably felt in scenarios like these. I told you, you'll like it, too.
not my friend's picture, but showing a traditional
pounding of the rice
       So anyway as I was saying, just this morning I figure I'd better check the emails, because it's been a few minutes, eh-hem. And there it is, on December 15th, an email from "T". *Now all of those bewildering photos on Facebook are being explained!* It just so happens that my card, with this whole thing that I told myself was complete nonsense about coconut mochi custard- was the first piece of mail that sitting in his brand new PO Box; that he was visiting for the first time on 12/14, even though he'd had the new address for weeks; and, yes 12/14  the day before the big and very Sacred Mochi cooking and pounding ceremony that his landlady was hosting. 
       Can you believe that I didn't put it together right away? I didn't know about the festival, or his new address, or any of that. Well, since I had my eureka! moment  today, I've been blowing through information online and learning about this ceremony. This video brought out that lump in my throat that I get when I have great emotion swelling up inside of me. But that nearly always happens when I hear any sort of slow rhythmic Indigenous drumming.
Some more information on the food itself and the ceremonial nature, sometimes, of Mochi:

not "T"'s picture- but a pic of the 'fireman',
who, as explained by my friend, is in charge
of the cooking of the rice-
this is no job for the untrained!
Rice is pretty much the only grain that I eat, with some occasional cornmeal. I love the sacredness pounding by hand- to a rhythm! All those involved must be highly Present in the moment, and in tune with one another. Essentially, that means getting tuned into a vibratory field that is being created as a web: mallet, turning- and in tune with the drummers beat. And the drummers must also be energetically linked to the pounder(s) and turner. This Sacred Rhythm is mesmerizing, brings up deep, Ancient stuff from the DNA. 
       I could feel the emotion of my friend about the card and timing, etc. I felt much emotion, too- of how The Presence of the Universe is continually showing Itself to me, working through me- all unbeknownst to me! And then, the big reveal, and the sitting in [pleasurably] stunned silence, just mouthing, "wow".

I got another one for ya' that has transpired within the same time frame as the *magical mochi* Quirky Synchronicities part two: *Good Things Are Happening* 12/23/17 
 Yes, it has something to do with something that has to do with that guy on the right >>>>

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