29 December 2017

Female Soul, Male Body

Hindu God/Goddess Shiva/Parvati
Everyone that gets them knows that what we call "downloads" of information, some cosmic truth, the classic "ah-ha!" moment, nearly always occurs somewhere in the bathroom! You're on the pot, in the shower- or, as with me for this post's sake, flossing the teeth. If it's not in the bathroom, it's during some similar mundane activity. Bam! Newsflash from the Universe. Write it down, like now.
       It was a couple of weeks ago, so obviously I didn't write it right down, but I still have the message, and insight to offer to perhaps allay or avoid any future inner anguish for those who are grappling with the issues of gender identity. I know that this is not a reality that I face in this incarnation, so some would angrily demand to know with what sort of "authority" I propose to speak on this topic. I would say, first quite merrily that I only have authority over myself, the same as any sovereign being. And then that- I only seem to feel a great deal of compassion for the consequent physical and emotional difficulties that someone goes through when they opt to surgically and chemically change their physical body. From my observations over the past decades, changing the sexual organs does not make things better. I have only seen even more emotional and mental anguish, this time with the addition of the physical pain. What I can tell you, through direct connection, as I understand it, with Source, there was a reason that, for example: some Female Souls are, and have been, Awakening to their own Higher Presence, in a physical male body! And they are freaking out, believing at a deep level that they are "in the wrong body". 
[a preface here- i am not saying that David Bowie had a famale soul, nor am I stating anything of the kind about Prince, because I don't know anything about either of their souls.... they are simply the perfect illustrations to the download info]
the amazing,  David Bowie

       I've said it before, the soul's record offers so much insight, and comfort, for the seeker of Truth. Wouldn't it be good to know the reasons why you feel the way you do, or why certain situations keep repeating themselves, or how *understanding even a past that occurred before you took your first breath in your body* may be affecting the life you're living now? I know that there are answers for every human being that is facing this issue available in their soul's record/Akashic Record. 
       Here is a paraphrasing of the download that I received on this a couple of weeks ago, which offers another, more wholesome, body-cherishing perspective on the transgender topic (and you could just as well flip it around and say "male soul in female body", but I personally know many more men who have altered their bodies than women, and every single one of them is having a painful time of it, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually): 
       In this time of the softening of the edges of Duality- in this time of clearing and cleansing of the draconian patriarchal systems- as souls have been preparing the way over hundreds of years for this softening by incarnating into oppositely gendered bodies- many souls are now awakening to this seeming incongruence of soul and body- The female characteristics coming alive and online, while the consciousness is housed in a male form, is understandably an upsetting contrast- Especially in a primitive 3rd/lower 4th dimensional society heavily characterized by over-exaggerated, wounded masculinity. It would make some sense that a feminine entity- waking up to the fact that she was living in a male form, in these particular times on the planet- would want to completely disassociate herself from those male parts. {knowledge of the Soul, Its Purpose and Intention is so important here}
the incomparable, Prince
       It was never meant to go so far as to alter the physical form in order to suit the coming forth of the soul's presence. They were meant to be blended, the feminine consciousness with the masculine body, hormones and all. For, a man who is effeminate, or at the least deeply empathetic to women (because he knows his soul as female) is very much more powerful and effectual in balancing the polarities of masculine~feminine on the 3D/4D Earth. How? Because beings in male bodies, male oriented men, male souls in male bodies still hold the majority of the visible power on this planet. Because we are still existing in the energetics of that old paradigm/male society, "female oriented men" are a treasure and great assistants in the rising of the Divine Feminine. 
David Bowie

That is empowering. And the optimal way to participate in the soothing of the polarities of masculine-feminine in human society. Not by creating additional pain (surgery, etc). Awakening to and aligning with the soul's truth and mission in this life- or at least finding out what that is- even though it may not make sense in the conscious mind. From experience, being in touch with the larger picture will always lead to the highest and best good for the person having the experience. And this good for the individual, is as always, also for the Good-of-the-All.  
[And, yes there are androgynous souls, and male souls, too- and there's a wild mix and match of souls-to-bodies going on constantly here on this particular planet- part of the lottery wheel we spin to get onto this game show! I'm just talking about a very tiny part of it, in case my download/insight can help anyone. And, if you're struggling with this issue of gender identity and you want to look deeper, send me an email, and I will see if I can help you get some information/clarity from your Akashic Record.]

Post on this subject from 2013 http://ursulacarrie.blogspot.com/2013/01/gender-identity-confusion-your-akashic.html 

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