17 December 2017

Leaf Blowing

       I see human beings performing so many actions that are, to me, counter-intuitive to living in harmony with the many Beings of the planet, with the Earth and how she moves through her cycles. I'm no expert, but I trust my intuition. I'm talking about stuff like- leaf blowing just a day or two before the snow is about to fall. Is that really necessary anymore? Every time I witness that anyway (leaf blowing) it horrifies so many of my senses. Then, I soothe myself by also acknowledging that the people who are doing the blowing are making money to take care of their families and that Nature will recover because She is Strong. And I let it go. Or, wait a minute- mowing the lawn in mid November, right before it's going to snow. Like the grass is still growing.... really? Really? What is that all about? We all have those things that scrape our chalkboards! Mine are: leaf blowers, chainsaws, mowing the lawn when the grass ain't growin', LED head lights on cars and door slamming. That's all I can think of for now! Lol.
       But anyway, think about it from a holistic perspective. Do you remember the growth cycle of a tree? Imagine only from the perspective of no human activity interfering with the tree's business. An acorn, or other type of tree seed, falls to the ground (or gets "hidden", then forgotten, by a Squirrel! See, did you also know that? That so many trees have grown because of those Squirrel Shamans I was talking about in an earlier post! Lol.) and through a miraculous series of transformations becomes a full grown tree. Then, as this full grown Tree, the rotation of seasons bring rhythmic changes and growth. 
       The roots draw Nourishment from deep within the Earth bring up in the Spring in the Saps (tree blood, really). More bark is created from the inside to the out (relate this to the rings you've probably counted on your fresh cut disk from your holiday tree by now), and up the branches go this vital force to the create the leaf buds, which will unfold into the Leaves. When these leaves fall in the Autumn, much of that which was taken from the Earth- is given back to Her. The decomposition process begins. Granted, it can take longer than one year for those leaves to fully become dirt once again. At least the nutrients go back to the soil. You see that in the forest in places where humans don't walk a lot- off the trail- this dark rich forest floor soil. That's what has been going on there, undisturbed- the cycle of give and take. That does not happen when the leaves get put in a plastic bag. That gets buried somewhere, or floated out into the ocean on a barge. 
       The other thing about just letting the leaves be... They provide a nice cover over the grass and little plants, an insulation from the snow. We all could use a bit of cover and protection from the storm. Why not wait until the spring, when everything is getting warmer, and the frost warnings have ended. Then remove the leaves so everything beneath can take a big breath. We all take that Breath together, that first warm day of Spring. Winter is for resting, for everyone, including the Earth, for taking cover, for counting your blessings and dreaming "long-winter's-nap" sort of dreams about what seeds in *the garden of life* you want to plant in the spring.
       We can all take that Breath together.

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