27 December 2017

Quirky Synchronicities part two: *Good Things Are Happening*(2)

Again, you know, things can sit around here for a few days. If I'm on the energetic trail of something, and the trail goes cold for a moment, I go where I feel the heat. Meaning, most of the time, thankfully, I'm following my inner guidance on what to do and when and how. Things just go smoother that way, and often with subtle, delightful, magical happenings throughout. This, as opposed to when I'm really not feeling something, and I try and force it... that's suck-disaster-city, most of the time. Maybe not so extreme, but one learns over time to willingly let the Universe take the reins and get a better experience out of it. So, in this way I'm always doing thing 'off-the-cuff'. Like filling in the lines for this certificate that I am intending to send to my fine female acquaintance. 
       I filled out the lines of the above certificate as follows (thanks to my friend, who posted this photo on her Facebook wall- I love the placemat that she chose as a background)~
       Now, I remember. I stopped and waited for the words before I scribed out each line of this certificate. I remember especially waiting for the right thing to write on "date" line that wouldn't be too restrictive or limiting. I also have some Dr. Seuss bookmarks, one of which I includes on the back side of this certificate to liven up the white back side of the card (if something is white- I feel compelled to throw a little color on it!). And for good measure, I threw in two bags of Yogi Tea, detox tea. Not my favorite blend, but I thought maybe she would like to try some. Satisfied, I took this card, with the one for my buddy in Hawaii, and off to the post office we went.
       So, she posted this with a note, showing all her peeps what came to her in the mail, then she said that good things/her heart's desires were happening, for sure- and all the time.
       Now at this point, I'm all like, "Wow. That's cool. Nice background colors and textures on that photo..." I'm not thinking anything of it- any of it... until the very next day after this photo post of the card, and she makes the big reveal...
       She just got her dream job, doing what she does right now, at the most hip and happening summer town in New England! Big move, new life. Apparently this is something that was very much her heart's desire- and she manifested it! (Also she is into Abraham and the LOA, like me) But did I know all of this was going on as I was assembling this little packet for a belated birthday greeting? I thought I was just having fun!
       Apparently, The Universe was too!

I am SO Happy for her! 
And for this very fun little synchronicity.

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