01 December 2017

Offering: šŸŒ December 2017 Holy Days ✨ Radiant Earth MeditationšŸŒ  {Self-Guided}

I am looking at this big calendar on my desk and feeling especially into the three weeks of the last mercury retrograde period of the year.  I was noticing and taking in the sequencing and flow of the December Holidays this year, the holidays that I know about anyway. The calendar is 17" wide, so I mean it is quite large. I get drawn into the page and start brainstorming activities. It's the calendar that I stood in front of months ago and dreamed up our entire Solar Eclipse road trip adventure. One last page...
       So, I'm looking at these three weeks and feeling-about the many cultural/religious celebrations in December that speak of Miracles and the *Miracle of the Light*. It is probably my favorite time of year. In my astrological birth chart, my Mars is in Leo. I was told once that this means that I am all about the festive celebrations and good energies and parties! That's pretty true once I "get going". I am also a World Citizen and Galactic Human. I just innately love and honor multicultural, multidimensional joy making. We need that.   
       One of my favorite things to say at this time of year is that *we can all plug in to a world wide energy of joy, loving kindness, and the generosity of the material and of the spirit- because somewhere, the miracle of light, in some form, is being celebrated. Folks that I meet in passing to whom I mention this really feel it too. We, as a human family, desire much more for togetherness than that other way. We all incarnated to this Earth School to experience the color and diversity of experience that a Soul is privileged, through the gift of free will, to experience in this place.
   * Check back to this old post from my Church of the Sacred Earth project:

Obviously, I've been on this trail for a while...
      Now, of course  in this instance, I am referring to Hanukkah and Christmas and Kwaanza. One year, I remember, a Muslim holy day/week was also taking place in December. My point being: Together, not apart. And Energy via human emotion is powerful, as this *energy-via-emotion* is what Creates.
So, together we can celebrate everything that there is to celebrate, including Chocolate Covered Anything Day! This is what changes reality- Joy, play, laughter, celebration. I believe in Us! If you're reading this post, then you are ready to be a channel for Love, Higher Truth and the Light of Creation, insoever as much as you are currently prepared to through your physical life experience. [scroll down to the end for a listing I've compiled of holidays, traditional and ones that will surprise and delight you :)]

       I suggest that this feeling-visualization is best conducted in the your own home area. This is needed and necessary. We Light Beings are stationed at our seemingly humble points around this planet- for a reason. It is important for each one of us to give our powerful Intention to the place in which we are currently living. That's why we are currently living where we are living. You, as a vessel of Light is needed where you are. Never mind the world at large. Start where you live, that includes with the Self. Then, all of these individuated bits of Light, bleed and merge into neighboring Lights, and then the Earth becomes flooded with healing energy. It's like in the times of war before technology, there were a chain of light-keepers whose job it was to light their fire when they saw the neighbor light-keeper's fire blaze. A chain of fires to signal the approach of the enemy. Well, there's no war that we are speaking of and no real enemy, but this is the illustration- that as each one of us "lights our fire", then this flame is seen and inspires the ignition of someone else's flame. This is true even if we are not seeing it with our eyes. Energy just moves.
So, for me, I am beginning with my room, then my apartment, to my deck, out to the lawn and my car, then eventually down the street, to my neighbor's homes and properties. And here's a tip: You can say, "And let this light be for the Highest Good of All." That allows this Intention to be absolutely Harmless, and for only the very best interests of those who feel its Blessing.

       I am guided to suggest conducting this visualization at least once, daily for
 the 3 week period of the Mercury Retrograde/Waning Moon cycle. This cycle contains within it the Miracle of Hanukkah, and then leads us right into Christmas and Kwaanza and New Year's Eve. I feel this period to be an auspicious, powerful time for meditation and reflection on this year of 2017, and all that you/I have experienced. This is an excellent time for redoing, readdressing, reconfiguring emotions and ideas, letting go of the outmoded, finishing up undone projects- cleansing, basically. And Blessing. Then, being informed by one's experience, and having Blessed that Experience, set forth new desires and intentions for Life's experience in the linear calendar year that is unfolding.

a small photo to illustrate the Innate Force by which this
Multicolored Light will move-
like this rainbow at the point where
it meets the force of this Tornado
I also suggest slowing down during this time. I'm saying this certainly for myself in my own world, or at least to be able to be calm in my mind whilst bustling about. If you have learned how to disconnect from the mass consciousness already- good on you! If not, this might be a great time for one to step back from the holiday hustle and get in touch with one's own personal values. In this Mercury Retrograde, Waning Moon, Holy Day cycle, end of calendar-year 2017 I Am Being conscious of going slower, feeling for the voice of my heart and moving and taking time to stretch my body more. "Know thyself" and do what you need to do.
       All right, then, let's get to it!
The Daily Meditation, December 3-23 (or longer!)
On November 4th, in the evening, I was in a meditation, and I saw a multicolored wave of light threads, supple multicolored rods, be released in rolling fog all throughout the earth that lay before me where I stood, and over the horizon. I heard the words, "Radiant Earth Meditation".  What is this light, you may wonder. Feel into it as a multicolored, multidimensional cleansing bath for all Beings, including Gaia Herself. I felt it as a Healing, Wholing Presence. It felt very Gentle, yet Powerful and Pervasive. Its purpose is to restore Integration, to repair what has been fissured in the various energy bodies of the land and her inhabitants.  
       You may sit, stand, lie down on the floor, or even walk as you do this simple meditation. Do what you need to do to honor your Body and your Meditation practice. You can do this anywhere, in a park, the woods, while walking down a busy city street (although pay attention where you're walking!). *Visualization* is portable :)  And, let it Flow. Don't worry for the "details". Make it Yours. That's the Beauty of Being an Individuated Soul in a Collective Consciousness.
How I saw and experienced it was pretty simple, so I offer it to you:

The feeling is of Stillness, of Divine Love, Silence, a good feeling basically, however that is for you. This feeling is  filling your whole body until you feel happy, excited, full. Then, this feeling seamlessly billows forth into the area a couple of feet in front of you. The multicolored light begins to roll, with a Force of Its own, over the earth/space before you and out unto the horizon.

Kind of like, "Bowling with Healing Rainbow Light Fog"
All you do is set the intention, then Intention takes care of
Itself. Play with it. See what happens for you.

Multicultural Holidays in December 2017
This is by no means a comprehensive list of religious, and other celebratory holy days for the month of December,
but I wanted to lay out in a visual just how many cultures are celebrating something special, and how much there is to celebrate in general,  in December. I gleaned this listing from this link:
I really liked that site! There are many ways to participate in good feelings
and cheer with one's fellow living beings and planet.
We are all Connected and yet Honored in our Individuality by Spirit.
Let's celebrate each other here on Earth.

Religious/other Celebratory Holidays

Fri. Dec. 1- The Prophet's Birthday
Sun. Dec. 3- Advent begins (interlaces with Hanukkah, later in the month)
Tues. Dec. 5- Sinterklaas
Wed. Dec. 6- St. Nicholas Day
Thurs. Dec. 7- Eve of the Feast of the Immaculate conception
Fri. Dec 8- Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Fri. Dec. 8- Bodhi day
Tues. Dec. 12- Fest of Our Lady of Guadaloupe
Wed. Dec 13- Hanukkah begins (every night until Dec. 20th)
Thurs. Dec 21- Winter Solstice (also, Yule)
Sun. Dec 24- Christmas Eve
Mon. Dec. 25- Christmas day
Tues. Dec. 26- Kwanzaa begins (until Jan 1st)
Sat. Dec. 30- Lhosar
Sun. Dec. 31- New Year's Eve

Other Holidays I found interesting on this list:

Fri. Dec. 1- Eat a Red Apple Day
(after all, it is The Prophet's Birthday, and Eve ate an apple and became wiser + the leftovers can be fixed up tomorrow on....)
Sat. Dec. 2- Fritters Day
(now isn't this an invitation to celebrate the many things that are tasty when dipped in batter and fried! It could be a family or even community event! :)
Mon. Dec. 4- National Cookie Day (because you definitely need some for Sinterklaas!)
Tues. Dec. 5- World Soil Day
Tues. Dec. 5- Day of the Ninja
Thurs. Dec. 7- Letter Writing Day
(this could be my new favorite holiday! :)
Fri. Dec. 8- Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day (actually this is a tie for #1 with the letter-writing. Sounds like a 2 day holiday for me this year! Maybe I'll Time Travel back to the moment that The Buddah became Enlightened, since this is also Bodhi Day :) 
Fri. Dec. 8- National Brownie Day (we'll need brownies for our time-trip)
Sun. Dec 10- Human Rights Day
Mon. Dec 11- International Mountains Day
Sat. Dec. 16- Chocolate Covered Anything Day (Now this holiday could get real interesting! LMAO!)
Sun. Dec. 17- Pan Am Aviation Day (also, Wright Brothers Day) (Yeah, why not celebrate the release from the Akash the idea of a modality of movement that facilitated humans' ability to intermingle and connect with one another. Air travel brought us up to the next level, big time)

BTW- here's one more link for celebrating multiculturally.
I really like what they said at the top of the page about "celebrating":
Thank you for reading and for Being here.

With Love and Appreciation, and big Bear Hugs,

Rev. Ursula Carrie

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