14 June 2015

We Are Spirits of the Rain

So, my son comes out earlier this afternoon, when the sun was out heating up the day, and says, flatly, "I wish it would rain for, like 5 days straight." I was doing something and I just said, "Mmmmm..." You know, like, 'I hear ya.'
So, just a little while ago, which is a few hours later from his declaration, I notice the sky is getting dark. If you actually know me then, you know that I never listen to the news or check the weather. But, since it got so cloudy, I want to see if I want to pull my houseplants back to the part of the deck where they won't get rained on. They're all still pretty wet from the last days of rain.
The forecast- Heavy Rain- tonight, tomorrow, clouds Tues, rain Wed, Thurs, Fri.
I call him out to show the computer screen to him.
He's unimpressed, or seems to be.
I say, "Well, don't you see the forecast?"
"You're getting your rain."
His look as he retreats to the teenage Haven, known as "the room", his look just says,
"Of course I am."

Like Mother, Like Son.