17 November 2015


Yesterday, the realization hit me that-
I started the job at the flower shop, the job that saved me and my son (and our cats)
(read earlier posts from last year)-
on 12.13.14
And, today, I was thinking, "I wonder if there is some significance to that date, numerologically...?"
I found this on the web today http://feliciabender.com/numerology/whats-the-significance-of-the-date-121314/
Any Numerologists want to weigh in?
In my Akashic Record, it is written, that my life lessons for this lifetime are twofold, and interrelated:
"Confidence" (through Freedom) and "Freedom" (through Responsibility).
I have chosen at the level of my Soul, so many situations/relationships in which I am or have been (really, inexcusably) Abused,
all mentally/emotionally/psychically- because of this life lesson of "Confidence". (The abusive situations meant to propel me unto a path/way of being of feeling much needed confidence in myself, and learning to stop seeking outside approval)
I am still and will be processing this for however long, since it is a new realization, about the "12.13.14"...
Because, just before I found this work, I was so poor, I couldn't even afford to buy a single roll of toilet paper for my son and myself, or food for our cats, etc....
Being united with this work at the florist has brought us financial stability, given me a new place to feel creatively inspired, and so much more that I can not say at this time. I am relishing the Beauty of this. I am so appreciative and grateful for all of the experiences.... The past few years have been a wonderment to me...
There have been some physical issues, but I feel that they are direct components of 1) Menopause (in which I am deeply swimming, or dancing) and 2) Ascension.... The combination of which (plus my son being in the thick of teenage pubescent mayhem)

10 November 2015

My Prayer, as Always is... "Thank You" (FB post now before Bed...)

One year ago, I couldn't even afford to buy a single roll of toilet paper for my family. Today, I bought a 12 pack! Thank You Mother/Father God, for everything that I have been through, for keeping us safe, for the strengthening of my Faith, and that I have learned to Know that- I AM... loved... held... cared for... safe... Aho! Come What May... Let there Be Light, Let there Be Love...

Facebook post on my own wall, this evening

If I'm crazy for doing this, then so be it...

" Yup. I did. I stopped my car at the top of Mill Hill two nights ago. 'Held up a line of traffic...
because I saw that frightened Mouse frantically trying to get cross the street, near miss after near miss with tires on both sides of the road.
I knew It needed for everything to STOP, just calm down so It could get It's bearings. The traffic and the lights must have been very confusing...
And I could see in my mirrors that some car behind me was certainly going to kill it.
'd opened my car door to watch the street behind me. If anyone was irritated, I heard nothing of it.
The cars stopped. The Mouse took a Breath- and scurried across the street, and disappeared down into the storm drain.
I closed my door, put the car in drive, put on my blinker, and headed over to Family....
Whew! "

Just a Note:
I've been having a rough 2 months, physically and energetically, but I am starting to feel better in my body and in my energy, so... I should be back to work real soon...

Ursula Carrie

18 October 2015

A Little Bit of Fire in My Gut just Now... About Parenting, "Spiritual Parenting"

Today's Post on Earth~ Spirit Medicine Facebook page - I've thought these things but never talked about them. I had ample inspiration today, though...

" A parent is answering the intuitive call of another Soul.
They are giving them a physical form and a certain set of life circumstances with which to begin their journey of Expansiveness through the polarities of Earth-Life experience.
These sets of life circumstances, DNA makeup, social settings, etc. are designed at the higher levels of being to give the newly incarnating Soul the setting to go about and fulfill their Life Plan.
Often the "parents" (caretakers, for a time...
, actually) are also being given certain elements with which they also learn Life Lessons that they have planned.... BUT JUST BECAUSE ONE HAS CONSENTED TO PROVIDE A NEWLY INCARNATING SOUL WITH A BODY- IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE RIGHT TO HOLD THIS SOUL EMOTIONALLY HOSTAGE, or that They "Owe" You- anything.
That is the old paradigm model of parenting- "power and control", allegiance to (a self proclaimed) authority.
This is not the model of the New Earth into which we are evolving as a Collective Consciousness of Souls who revere the Diversity and Free Will Gift of Incarnating into this Earth experiment.
As a parent, or as I see it Guide, to an incarnating Soul, it is our duty and responsibility to make it our task to truly be open enough to SEE this Soul and understand who THEY are, unearth the Truth of what THEY NEED, as an Individual, to assist them in getting started on an Earth Journey that will feel satisfying to them.
Roberto, the long time best friend and travel companion and English interpreter for Medium Joao (known as "John of God") told me, back in 2007, back when my young son and I were on the Omega campus participating in the program that week (the details of which are included in the spiritual memoir I have been working on): "It's not his job to understand you. It's your job to understand him." Speaking, of course "him" of my young son. The energy transmission that accompanied this was life changing and profound. This was one of the events preparing me for my Soul Realignment and my initial training in the Akashic Records.....
Undoubtedly, there shall arise more on this topic of Spiritual Parenting....
Blessings, and (heart emoticon)
Ursula Carrie "

October 13, 2015 Earth~ spirit medicine Facebook post

All day long, yesterday and today I Am- cleaning, packing, purging, furniture rearranging, taking stuff to the attic and old broken things to the car and going to the recycle, bringing new better organizing shelving in, having a lot of delicious Sleeping, following the feeling in each moment, eating favorite foods (toasted poppy bagels with homemade scallion cream cheese and fresh smoked trout), remembering how to Love Myself, letting go of guilt and shame, deciding how I will do some things differently if I do them again, remembering other Things, feeding birds and squirrels, feeling how comfortable the animals and I are with each other, Deciding, working with the feeling that All Is Truly Well, Allowing the Moment to tell me What Is..... and remembering to relax my jaw and Breathe...
(heart emoticon) Love You,
Ursula Carrie

07 September 2015

Wadley and Me, September 6, 2015

Just thought I'd share a few minutes of
my 2 hour time yesterday with my buddy, Wadley.
I love and crave spending time with canine energy.
We aren't "allowed" to have a dog at our apartment,
so when I get called to take Wadley out, I make the most of it!
I've been going out with this guy for several years, now-
except for this past year that I didn't have a car.
But we're back. Being with Him has really taught me many
lessons on Faith and Trust, and how to hone my
abilities to communicate telepathically with an animal.
He's My Guru!
There's so much more I could say about
our relationship and what he means to me.
I Love him, and I am so Thankful- to sum it up!
XoXo Ursula Carrie

08 August 2015

Some Really AMAZING and Eloquent Response from a Recent SR Client

I have been in limbo for some few years, now, about my work for people in the Akashic Records. This is due, largely, to the experiences that I had as a Healer in my Lifetime before this one (in the early 1800's near New Orleans, LA). This Woman found me recently, through a woman who has been my bestest-best girlfriend, since we were both 6 years old! It was that kind of connection. Usually, with my clients in the past with this work, I haven't really heard much of anything from them about their reading and clearing, unless (because Me Being Me) I have written to them and asked, "So, how are you doing?" BUT, this recent client- her outpouring of response took me by such surprise.... ! I didn't even feel sure that I should ask her if I could reprint for You, the Reader, what she wrote to Me... but I did... and her response was (basically) a Hell, Yeah!

I am SO Grateful- to My Ascended Masters, My Akashic Records Guides, My Divine I AM Presence, and My Team of Guides- and also to my Son, my Cats, and to all else that asks for and requires My Attention- for Allowing Me to do this Sacred Work. Thank You, Mother-Father God- It just feels SO GOOD to experience the Accuracy of what I come through with- and to get such Amazing and Enthusiastic Feedback- unsolicited, from a Sister, on the Path... of Ascension.... I am so grateful that she has allowed me to have permission to share her most heart felt words/expression with You :)

Thank You for Being Here. Thank You for Reading. Bless You ALL... THIS is what I call "The Good Stuff"... So appreciating the Magic of it All...
Rev. Ursula Carrie

letters from Debbie Brousseau, Lightworker
please Note: I have never met this woman face to face.
I still have no idea what she looks like. 
Nor have I ever spoken with her, except for 
1) time that she called to give me her birth info so I could look up her Akashic Record and start her reading and
2) the time when we spoke on the phone and I gave her the Reading 

1st LETTER, July 30, 2015

03 August 2015

My Glorious Tomfoolery This Past Week

Not exactly "Coyote Medicine", but the past 2 months of study of The Course in Miracles, and every other ol' thing that I think I've learned about Vision and Faith, came up for practical application.
I think I tripped and fell in the ditch a few times! :)
It started with getting the long awaited car on July 22nd.
Here's the Facebook posts on my personal page:

July 23:
And you know what friends? It is a recurring pattern here at this apartment- EVERY time something really wonderful happens for me and the kid, like getting the job at the florist, coming home with a bucketful of flowers, and now the new car- the very next day, like freakin' clockwork, I find a note full of threatening and harassing content from her on my steps. Always left when I've gone out... And if I refuse to pick up and take the nuclear blast of negativity on that paper ...into my home, and just leave it there, she has the nerve to climb the stairs when I'm not home and tape it to my door.
I came home with the car yesterday. I was out ridding ourselves of 6+ months of recycling (the woman at the dump didn't charge me the day use fee- a celebration of "Hey- you got a car!"), just doing some errands in general- and I came back at almost sundown and there was a paper on my steps..... And now begins her incessant door slamming...
OH, BOY.... wait until the BRAND new STOVE and the BRAND new *energy star* refrigerator arrive (because we have an AWE-some landlord!)...
Now, I'm hooking up the new SURROUND sound speakers for the living room. They're getting test driven on an episode of
Too bad that my/our good fortune and Light and Loving energies make other people so angry.... Oh well. Carry On, Ursula Carrie! :)
Love 'yall

July 27
Now that I have the car, I have launched into a process of slow recovery. It's like a recuperation period after a natural disaster. Feels like that. Some of the laundry has been dirty and sitting, waiting for over a year. Most of the recycling that's not picked up here was out about 7 months... We have medical check ups that we are 1 to 2 years behind on... But, tomorrow, as I am committed once per week, I am dedicated to my Yoga Practice at home. If I have learned one thing from being restrained is that- everything will have it's time, I will never really get it all done, and peace inside of myself is the fuel that makes so much more possible. Temperance. (not exactly in the biblical way, but more the first definition... smile emoticon )
heart emoticon To You All

July 31, 12:22 am
Well, our kitchen stove has been dead for almost 2 weeks, now. It died 2 days before I picked the new car up. It would seem, that in order to enjoy the fullness of the Human experience- of which eating hot, cooked foods is an integral part- we are, ok I Am, learning to Master the Art of Microwave Cooking.... Hmmm, the mustard greens didn't come out so bad.... And instead of lamenting the absence of my beloved Omelette, I am indulging in my absolute most favorite Summer Food of all time- Fresh Mozz, and Tomato with homemade Pesto on some sort of delicious bread. Foccacia the past few days- tomorrow it is on Ciabatta to take to work.... I'm going to indulge in that until I can't stand it any longer, which will tide me over until next year's tomato season wink emoticon At least until the new stove comes... Next week? IDK

July 31, 7:23pm
Well, now the car's dead, too! I left it tucked up in the parking lot in the shade. I told my cab drivers- "See? You thought you'd gotten rid of that bitch!" (Um, ME!) LOL! SMILE smile emoticon They tried to get me a jump, but it wasn't enough juice. Maybe it needs a new battery. If I wasn't Who I AM, I'd probably be something other than laughing right now.... Yes, God, I have Faith. I know that Everything works out. NO, I am not allowing what is not real to tangle me up... And thanks to Jim and Jeffrey- Jim drove me home, and Jeff is hauling his grumpy ass out in the morning to take me into town... OM, Hunnies ....Time for a brew and some "Supernatural"... XoXo heart emoticon

ENTER, stage Left, Panic Attack, 3am
I am awake, freaking out.
I am freaking out because I can't sleep and I have to get up for work at 7:30am.
I am freaking out, think I just wasted all this hard earned money on this stupid car, when I could've had a plane ticket to Europe!
Here I think I'm finally hitting some smooth sailing, and now, after 8 days, the damned car is dead?!I am questioning what the hell am I doing on this planet.
It goes on for hours.

Any of this sound familiar? :)

Then, I say, "I give up."
I was giving up on sleep.
Just giving up, period on this ridiculous mess I call a life, sometimes.
I, then, feel something lift from the left side of my body,
where all of the muscular contraction is,
where the facial twitch is,
where I had kept trying to "breathe it out".
Something lifted. And I felt a Peaceful feeling wash over the left side of my body and enter my Heart.

Then, I was dreaming, about something.
Then the alarm went off, reset at 5am for 8 o'clock.
I turn it off, saying as I often do when I have to get up before I really want to, "God, please, Give Me Strength..." Please...

August 1, 5:15pm
So, of course Dad troops down all the way from Waterford today. He finds me at my job, I go out for a bit with him to the parking lot. His friend that he called is already at my car. I hand Dad the keys. He gets in the car, puts the key in the ignition, turns it and..... VROOOOOM! The f-ing thing starts right up. He turns it off, looks up at me standing there. I'm thinking, "What the f.....?!" He says, "So.... what was the problem?" Somewhere, someone is sipping on some cosmic beer, around some etheric campcircle, saying, "Did you see her wake up in a panic at 3am today? Oh, my, my, my.... This One, right here.... What an Ursula..." (that's what my Gramie Carrie used to say when she was tickled with me- which was often, she loved me so much...) I'm a living, conscious example that worry is a waste of time- because everything always works out. But, Monday, I have an appointment at the garage that I like to give this baby a once-over smile emoticon Geez.... heart emoticon



SO, what this really is all about, folks are those times when the tests come. And these "tests" of Faith seem to always come just when we think we have "all of our ducks in a row". Then we have a small crash and all of a sudden we doubt everything in which we so assuredly knew, just moments before when everything was going "well"....

Well, it's actually always going well.
Did you catch the little lesson the Universe had to teach to me again?

I had a miserable night, I lost precious sleep. I thought the car was junk.
And all my Dad did was sit behind the wheel, and...

"What was the problem?"

Hmmmm..... Indeed.

Ursula Carrie

And, this Matt Kahn Teaching, "Everything is Here to help You".
So worth the hour and eighteen minutes. I promise! :)

27 July 2015

Soulmates, Life Stories and Judgment

You just never know. Really...

Because every soul has the story of what They have come to Earth, incarnated in this physical body, to learn.

I am thinking, feeling, about the recent news reports that Whitney Houston's daughter has died. Rather, passed on, left Her Earthly Shell, to go Home.
I do not follow the "news" very much, but I have gathered enough of a sense of the relationship that was existent between this Mother and her Daughter. They were Soulmates. And, they were "thick as thieves".

It does happen very often that two (of course sometimes more) Souls Incarnate to learn Life Lessons together, and it is not uncommon for one of those Mates to Follow the other into what we humans call "death" soon after the other one passes through the veil. It all depends on what their agreements are with each other.

I saw this with my mentor, who had a contract of "Obedience" with the Soul, who was Her Husband, not only in this Lifetime, but in the one previous to this one. The vow of "obedience" was in their marriage vows one lifetime ago. He died in this current life, (eh-hem) 14 years or so previous to her- from the exact same kind of Brain Tumor. Some of her colleagues thought it was something in the water at their home!

From the sheltered vision of a human being, one says, "Oh, that's so sad. She was so young. Why couldn't she be saved..." etc... etc...

But, there is an expanded point of view, friends. It is the perspective of Spirit, of the Soul. And it is largely incomprehensible from the third dimensional perspective from which most human beings on the planet currently operate.
It is not so shocking when an 80 and 86 year old couple, who have been married for 65 years, follow one another in the same fashion. But, Soulmates run in all sorts of physical forms, in all varieties of humans relationships- and we are all here to learn together.

The point is to Rejoice that these two Souls are now finding each other, once again, in a Place that is of Pure Love and Pure Joy. And soon they will be probably hatching out their next co-creative adventure, here in the lower dimensions of Free Will, Contrast/Duality, and Choice. Imagine what such Creative beings will *WOW* the Earth with, Next Time! 

Although, within a couple of Generations the Contrast will be less painful and harsh, and more conducive to the Realm of Playing with Duality that is the Original Blueprint of this World.

I was also thinking of Robin Williams, and the lamenting that went on because he took his life to Go Home.  Again, you just never truly know. It could have been in His Soul's Plan to "go" that way. He gave so much to the world, maybe he was just Done, and there was nothing to be "saved' except the Beautiful Energy Imprint that He left here. Aren't we SO much the better because he existed at all?

Just a tiny bit about Judgment.

I was feeling on this because so much of what human beings have determined to the bar of "success", that every other human believes that they must aspire to, is actually a product of the third dimensional mass consciousness. It seems that all of this so called "success" is based on the acquisition of material goods and a superficial one sixe should fit all standard of what is physically beautiful.

I do understand that the Way of the Master is about mastering the third dimension. However, this Mastery does not solely take the form of material acquisition, nor in converse, is it the denial of all material acquisition.

Success is based solely on whatever the Soul has mapped out in their Life plan as to what they would like to achieve in this particular Lifetime. And there is no one but that Soul- and of course their Birth-to-Death-Guide, and other Helpers in the unseen realm, who know what that plan of success is.

Unless you know someone else's Akashic Record, which no one is really allowed to know unless invited by the owner of that Soul's record, You Just Don't Know. And therefore, can't really be any sort of judge of any one else's Physical Life Experience.

There is a great variety of Experiences to be had here on good ol' Planet Earth for every kind of Soul who wins the Body Lottery. We're all entitled to our ideas and opinions and feelings and thoughts about what we think we see as someone else's Life Expression. But, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of Divine Love and Divine Truth, it is only the primary objective for each individual to be responsible for their own life, no matter what that entails.

And the rest?  Well, as each one of Awakens to the Higher Dimensions... we can only Grow our Individual Light Quotient, in so do our part, Help those when we are asked to do so (or in the case of the Animals and Plants, etc. as we are inwardly called to), and Honor Each Being, as the Light and Love of the One Who Created Them, (and us) is Present and Shines, no matter how that light is perceived by another.
Thank You for reading.
With So Much Love, as We Grow Together.
~Ursula Carrie

23 July 2015

Play My Tune!

I got a car yesterday!
Today, I was driving to Kingston to pick up the new antivirus program and surround sound speakers.
I remembered that, sometimes I used to play a game with my Guide Team.
Play My Tune.
It doesn't really have a name, this "game", but what I have now called it is the essence of it.
There was a song on the station that I had on that is mostly 1980's tunes. Those here in my area will know it as 92.9 FM. http://www.wbpmfm.com/home.php
It's a game I put forth when I want to know that my Guides, masters and Angels are with me, and that I'm not just imagining the whole thing. Many of you, I am sure, know what I mean.
So, today, I said, "OK, Guides, make the next song a message to me from you..." Then I stopped and I thought and said, "Ok, maybe it's too soon to coordinate the next song... Make the third song after this one a message to me from you, so I know that you're here... OK?"
So, the next song came on. I said, "OK, this is number one." Then the next came, and I said, "OK, the next one is number three, and it's for me."
GUESS what they played for me?

Don't Stop Believin'

21 July 2015

Today's Post on Earth~ Spirit Medicine Facebook page: Riding the Rocket... Holding On

I LOVE my Life, for Everything that I have Experienced- Even and Especially when what I was experiencing was called "undesirable" by those on the outside. They can't see what I see. They don't Love what I Love.
And now another Chapter is Transitioning into Another, and I have not yet seen that Text. But I AM Deeply Loving What Is.
And I AM packing up Many of You, Dear, Beloved Experiences.
I Am taking You with Me, most and especially because You have Shown Me how Strong I Am, how Flexible I Am, how Connected to My Source that I Am, how Loved I Am, how Guided I Am, how much Humor is Inherent in the Universe, how much Beauty I See and Feel. I Love You Adversity, I Love You Contrast, I Love all of You- You Are Beautiful Revealers of My TRUTH.
And, now in This Very Moment, Life Rains a Hail-Storm of Blessings on Me and My Life, which by association is also My Son's Life. And I feel like I have thrown onto a rocket that is in the midst of breaking the Earth's atmosphere!
I am in wonderment and awe- WHERE'S the SEATBELT on this Thing?! LOL!
"Don't need one," I hear, "It's your own electronic essence."
Whew... Wow. More of this to come.
<3 br="" much="" so="">Ursula Carrie

19 July 2015

My Birthday Post on Facebook, July 17, 2015 XoXo

My Birth Day today
at work, delivering flowers! :)

"The best part of my Birth-Day... Making a flower delivery to the Kingston Hospital, to a woman I have never met before- and being shown the card that her beloved gave to her for encouragement. And, after the nurse left the room, and I had positioned the vase so she could see it- and I was walking out the door- feeling/sensing the heavy mist of Energy that enshrouded her... it was a mixture of gratefulness, and vulnerability and fear, some sadness...
And instead of leaving the room, I felt TURNED around. I went back to her. I felt a warmth and a wave of Divine Love, like smooth, soothing feelings of comfort- and my Heart Open, and these waves flowed from my Heart, down the insides of my arms, into my Hands. And I took her left hand gently and held it with both my hands, and I looked into her eyes- and I felt Love, so much Love... flowing through the crown of my head, into my heart and out through my arms and hands...
And I began to tear up when I saw in her eyes that this Love had reached her, and she connected with my eyes... and she was tearing up...
and it was unspoken, "God IS... The Love of the One is Here..."

And whatever was said after that doesn't matter.
And I say, "Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! If this is how I am meant to celebrate the day of my Birth into this Life, as Your Vessel of Love for those who need it, then So May It Be. It is a celebration indeed. Thank You."
Because I know that that Moment was as much a Gift to Me...
<3 aho="" em=""> "

08 July 2015

One Year Without a Car

Short Video from one of my numerous walks to
the Bearsville Post Office and small market
(4 mi r/t from my apt)
and some Scenes Not Seen when one is zooming by...

VIDEO NOTES from my You Tube post:
One year without a car of my own.
Oy, Yoy, Yoy! I forgot to buy more cat food the last time I was in the town... So, there I went, walking the 2 miles to the nearest (over-priced) country market-
had to get some money orders for the bills while I was at it,
in the small post office next door...
Walking, for one, has brought many lessons of beauty that I would have other wise missed. And it has showed to me that I am even stronger- and more flexible, in the Divine Flow and more Connected and creative than I may have thought.
Archangel Michael told me that he would send someone that I KNEW to give me a ride.... And that is always true...
 Well, THIS time- on the way TO my destination AND on the way back, someone stopped and ASKED me if I wanted a ride! (I.E.- no having to hitch-hike, at all!)
The first one was the mother of an acquaintance- whom I had never met- although I know her son! (someone I knew)
And on the way home, the local library book barn volunteer turned around up the road and came back for me, and took me all the way to my driveway.
It's all good :)

FROM: another Note to Myself, and to anyone reading, from one of my many scraps of paper! ;)

" June 25, 2015
Some things I learned by not having a car:
1. There are a million hidden treasures in the underpass
2. Nice people always give you a lift when you surrender
      and believe and let God
3. Sometimes you're supposed to walk (see #1)
4. Grocery shop only once every two weeks- and stock up-
     then, just eat what you have
5. Stillness is a Gift- but so are clean clothes
6. All that running around really isn't necessary

14 June 2015

We Are Spirits of the Rain

So, my son comes out earlier this afternoon, when the sun was out heating up the day, and says, flatly, "I wish it would rain for, like 5 days straight." I was doing something and I just said, "Mmmmm..." You know, like, 'I hear ya.'
So, just a little while ago, which is a few hours later from his declaration, I notice the sky is getting dark. If you actually know me then, you know that I never listen to the news or check the weather. But, since it got so cloudy, I want to see if I want to pull my houseplants back to the part of the deck where they won't get rained on. They're all still pretty wet from the last days of rain.
The forecast- Heavy Rain- tonight, tomorrow, clouds Tues, rain Wed, Thurs, Fri.
I call him out to show the computer screen to him.
He's unimpressed, or seems to be.
I say, "Well, don't you see the forecast?"
"You're getting your rain."
His look as he retreats to the teenage Haven, known as "the room", his look just says,
"Of course I am."

Like Mother, Like Son.

23 February 2015

Changelings, the Draconian footsoldier

The “channeled” part, meaning when I felt guiding-presence with me as I wrote, is in quotes. The rest is me talking.

“Changelings, and all beings of the lower dimensions, are targeting the beings of Light who are consciously on the path of ascension. For as the myriad of lighted souls wake up and begin to express the qualities of the higher realms in their daily existence, as they move out of hapless engagement in the dark realms of fear, control, greed, bully/victim, guilt, shame, what have you, the changelings have no sustenance upon which to draw and feed their existence in this third dimensional physical realm. And, being not on a path of Light and Soul evolution, having surrendered whatever original soul blueprint they once had that contained the codes for this type of growth and expansion, they need the lower vibrations that are slowly phasing out of existence on your planet.

Therefore, when a changeling comes into contact with a being who is experiencing unbridled joy, love, happiness, contentment, expansion, it is a knee-jerk reaction that the changeling immediately goes to any tool that they think will create the chaos even unto depression and angst in that person. This energy of course seeps out into the energy bodies, be it the emotional body (most common) or the mental body, of the changeling’s target, and then the changeling feeds on this. It also lowers the vibration of the ascending being who was the intended target.

This becomes more of a factor as the lighted one becomes more sensitive to the realms of energy and the higher vibrations that are integrating into the consciousness as well as the physical form. It is a time of great vulnerability and care must be taken to take each situation, in which an encounter such as these with the changelings that remain on Earth, and go slow with it as opposed to the ingrained reactionary responses that humanity has been long trained into.

Take these situations and, if possible, hold them in the light of higher perspective. If you are able to have some communication, either telepathically or otherwise, with your Personal Team of Guides, or with your Master Teachers, Angels, or Archangels, do so. Ask to be shown in some fashion, through whatever your modality of communication may be (light, color, sound, visuals, dreams, etc.) what really is happening, here.”

And if you do not already have a working relationship with your helpers through the veil, then if you are in a situation such as this and you are attempting to find clarity, command that all communications only come to you from your team of guides, etc.

Although many humans who subscribe to some new age teachings, practices and beliefs might say that there is no such thing as negative souls or the dark ones, there is, there are. There is a war for energy going-on on this world that is invisible and imperceptible to most humans, for there are the ones who are unawakened and may never shall awaken, and the ones who are benefiting from the perpetual possibly eternal slumber of these embodied souls.

Changelings work with manipulation, chaos and depression energies. They cloak themselves in the illusion of being on a path of Light. They may demonstrate interest in many modalities of healing such as Reiki, massage and body-work, Shamanic studies, etc. They are difficult to detect, until one has multiple experiences with such a being. There begins to emerge patterns of behavior that are unmistakable. It is also helpful to have a connection with the Akashic Record if you are having an experience with a person such as this to clarify what sort of soul is being dealt with. Then, at least one can strategize from a higher viewpoint how to deal, or better not deal with such nonsense.

I am writing this from a four-year experience with a downstairs neighbor who is a changeling. I can tell you for certain that being openhearted, loving and giving is not the way to deal with a changeling. They will bleed you dry. This sort of heart-centered energy is a cue to a changeling to begin to stir the pot. I have experienced subtle manipulations, low spoken verbal threats, threats in writing, imagined accusations, yelling, passive aggressiveness- every crazy behavior you can imagine. And when I have approached the situation with Love and an Open heart- it got worse!

I appreciate those teachers out there who talk all about Being Love and being in the light of Creator Source and to have that compassion for all beings, but I am here to say that this kind of dealing with a changeling does not, and can not apply. Steer clear, and leave whatever “love and compassion” there is to be dealt to them in the hands of the One who created them.

The changeling, at some point in their journey, made a conscious choice to surrender their original blueprint of Light, and assimilate into the Changeling Collective. They did this in exchange for (the illusion of) “power”. Whatever kind of power they were promised, it is and was not the power that comes from Divine Creator Source, which is the only actual source of power existent. Since they have chosen to go against the Divine Streams of Soul Evolution on a path of Light, they must create the energies that they need to survive in the physical environment. I for one am declining to be a power source; my name is not Duracell or Eveready.

Some so-called “lightworker” beings would want to take this on, “send them love”, etc… I however am not a hero. I know through hard earned experience that this does not and will not work, because changelings have no interest in feeling or being anything that has to do with Divine love, Divine Light or Divine Truth. If you feel that you must engage in this sort of heroic practice, then send that love to Wildlife, or to your Child, or the other Children/Light Beings who will actually benefit from this gesture. And keep somewhere in your place of Knowing that there is no Presence more powerful than Creator source, and all business of this sort, really is Its business. “Let go, let God.” My only business is to recognize the situation and what is at play in the realm where no one sees but perceives, learn what lessons I am meant to learn on this path of self mastery, and keep on trucking.

Now, I admit that this is easier said than done, especially when one such as I (and probably you, too) wishes to exist in a world where one is free and safe to be in and life in the heart. There is still such a thick soup of lower dimensional energies present on Earth, and we do have run-ins with this- just because we are still physical, and the nature of the planet still is what it is. Self-mastery does not “tickle”, it can be grueling and downright suck, ok? This is especially true if you are one of the numerous Light Beings who are absolutely the only one in your family, circle of friends, community who speaks this language of the Spirit, who can see through the veils of Maya, who can perceive the truths that these negative souls (that includes the negative entity attachments and the negative guides that are operating through light beings, who are as of yet undiscovered by the consciousness of the person) are adept at concealing. For, in this circumstance, there is no one to talk with, to back you up, to share your vision, to empathize, to understand. I also know this all too well. Then we must rely on the connection with our Guides, with Mother/Father God, the Protective Archangels and the many Rays (the Violet Transmuting Flame, the Blue Flame of Divine Protection) that have been dispensed to us here now for our use as we go through this process of emergence.

I am also finding my way through this.

Ursula Carrie

12 January 2015

Today's Teaching, for Me, maybe for You, too :)

The View from my bed today: some of the bird feeders, the distant trees and the snowy foggy mist. Today's Teaching for Me: "Enjoyment", meaning "Practice Enjoyment". What did this mean? That, if I can not allow myself to enjoy This moment, then even when my fondest wishes and dreams come into my material reality, I will not be able to enjoy their Manifestation. Therefore, begin to allow myself to Be, to allow myself to truly sink back and Relax and relish the Peace of this Moment.
I has taken me 40+ years of walking this earth to arrive at this Sacred Moment, and it was not an amusement park ride. BUT, this Moment is so Good. So I made a cup of coffee, put on some Chakra attuning music and enjoyed the Lovely Creatures who may or may not know that we are sharing our lives together... And Breathed Deeply.
* Bless You All *

07 January 2015


Intro: Out here tonight on our porch, the thermometer reads 8 degrees Fahrenheit. We don't have much, but we are warm, have good food, and the light bill is paid. I stood near the front door this evening, waiting for a ride into town to do some errands, and my Heart felt this request that I have made of the Universe tonight, and I am inviting you to do the same, should your Heart Feel this, too:

"Mother/Father God, I Hope that All those who might otherwise be out on the streets tonight have been taken into someplace warm, that they have been given something warm and nourishing to eat, and that they have a safe place to lie down their head.
And I pray that all of the Animals are Safe tonight and that their bellies are full. I pray for this tonight. Let It Be.
Thank You. Amen. And So It Is."

Love, Ursula Carrie

Me, the Universe and Lettuce! January 5, 2015

So, yesterday when my friend and I were at the grocery store, I said that I had a big hankering for some lettuce, and at that exact moment the man who works in the produce aisle walked past us pushing a 3 tiered cart- FULL OF LETTUCE! Ahhhhh... "Ask and Thou Shalt Receive". The Universe is not without Humor, methinks!

05 January 2015

Tonight's Feling-Thoughts, since I read about "Leelah"

You know what I feel the problem is with parents and child-rearing now-a-days?
These parents are getting caught up on every-little-thing that goes on with the Young Being, completely discounting the fact that Life is a Process.

I am looking around at the news, sometimes, and seeing all of these young people, who are probably old souls clothed in this 3rd dimensional body, and under the influence of the forgetting that we all experience when we awaken into the physical form here on Earth, and they are suffering so profoundly… Why? Because I see that we are living in this ridiculous “culture” (somebody throw OUT that petri-dish because this “culture” has gone sour, the “experiment” has failed- O-Kay?!) where every single thought, action and thing said by anyone and everyone is dissected, mercilessly, by caregivers, teachers, co-workers, my goodness, anyone that is considered a sort of “authority” or the one we supposedly “answer to”.

In the course and process of what we call Life, what I experience as “physical life” (since I feel and understand multiple dimensions and facets of Existence) we go through so many experiences- because that is what we are here to do! There is no right or wrong, Source/God/Spirit/our Higher self absolutely does NOT judge us this way. We are here simply to grow and expand our Eternal Selves through the myriad experiences that are inherent in a World where strong polarities of so called “Darkness” and “Light” co-exist.

What brought this on was a couple of things. One was that, when checking my Yahoo email, I saw in the “news” section that a beautiful young soul had ended his/her life because he/she was feeling terrorized by the parents, who were apparently Christian fundamentalist people, who couldn’t accept that the son wanted to live his life as a woman. This, of course I feel could’ve been “righted” if perhaps this wonderful Soul had had access to their own Akashic Record. I am seeing, so many times, that- it is very possible that a soul might be able to understand the meaning of their physical life through understanding their Soul’s Record. It is possible that, if a person could know that, if their Soul is Female, that they may have incarnated into a Male Body, because they have had “this or that” they have wanted top accomplish for this lifetime.

Another is that: I have been telling my Son, for several years that; “Do NOT tell your (very estranged) father that you are, or that you think that you are ‘bisexual’, because he hates gay people.” But, my son did just that! A couple of weeks ago. And I received an email from the absent father that was like a “shit storm” because he was SO upset at what he heard. And all I can feel is- all I care about, as far as it goes with my Child is: that he is Happy, that He IS comfortable with Himself (which he apparently IS), and that he is Healthy- and yes, folks- that he gets his homeschool MATH assignments DONE! All else is ‘whatever, whatever”.

We are ALL here to experience OURselves, as we ARE- no matter what! Because, even when we are in the depths of Despair, as I have often been as I have been going through my transformation into the Higher Realms of Being,… We are ALL Loved. We are ALL Guided. And we are ALL the Opulence of God, made Manifest in Our Hands and Our Use. Now and Forever.

I send Blessings and Love to All that Need and Require this at this Time. And to ALL of the Beautiful Beings who felt that they had no choice but to go back Home, rather than stay in a physical existence where they did not feel Heard, Seen, Supported and Loved.

And SO It IS…

Ursula Carrie