09 December 2010

We are Amazing Beings

Our Soul's alignment with our Highest Path and Purpose can sometimes be blocked and/or restricted by choices we have made while in a physical incarnation. Oftentimes these choices were made lifetimes ago but the energetic effects are still being felt in our lives. The information that I received in my own Soul Realignment TM Soul Profile Reading resonated with me deeply, and my perspective immediately shifted. As I looked back over the events of my life, I could understand the how's and the why's of certain behaviors I exhibited in a broader context- from the perspective of an eternal being in a co-creative experience of being human. It was no longer an intellectual concept, the eternal nature of my essential self- it became an Inner Knowing, right down to my cellular structures. I began to feel more compassion towards myself and less judgemental about choices I made, or didn't make, and a growing appreciation for my life just as it is. I arrived deeper into the knowledge that I am indeed the creator or the writer of my life story, and so far it's a pretty good one. I anticipate the story to unfold in epic proportion! Yours can, too! Wow!

Within one month's time after my own Realignment, I experienced a strong inner prompting to enter the course myself to become a practitioner. This nearly drove my rational mind mad with doubts- why would I do such a thing, spend my last hard earned dollars on this course? What a leap of faith I was being asked to take. I looked over the edge and knew that I was being asked to jump, but I didn't see any net. I jumped anyway. The inner push was so strong, undeniable- I had to follow it into the unknown. My life has begun to change in the most beautiful ways, and I feel like this journey is just beginning...

How about you? There is so much we can do, be, have, experience. Your Higher Self is calling. Shall we become the Human Beings that our Precious Earth is asking us to become, to be of assistance in this Time of Planetary Transformation? Can we rise to the challenge of this Great Work? Yes. We have many helpers in Spirit who want to assist us, and we have an innate ability to tap into the Stream of Divine Love that is the substance we were created from. It is Infinite and always available. Double Wow!

Any healing of the Earth and Her Creatures must start within each individual human being. There is much Love and Support for you...
Rev. Ursula Carrie