07 September 2015

Wadley and Me, September 6, 2015

Just thought I'd share a few minutes of
my 2 hour time yesterday with my buddy, Wadley.
I love and crave spending time with canine energy.
We aren't "allowed" to have a dog at our apartment,
so when I get called to take Wadley out, I make the most of it!
I've been going out with this guy for several years, now-
except for this past year that I didn't have a car.
But we're back. Being with Him has really taught me many
lessons on Faith and Trust, and how to hone my
abilities to communicate telepathically with an animal.
He's My Guru!
There's so much more I could say about
our relationship and what he means to me.
I Love him, and I am so Thankful- to sum it up!
XoXo Ursula Carrie