31 July 2018

*More* Fun with the Universe!

       I'd been wearing my son's old Crocs flip flops as my "house shoes" for some years now, since he outgrew them. But, you know the situation when you've been wearing a pair of shoes for a while, and they're still kind of good, but they're starting to hurt your feet and back when you put them on- but you just can't get rid of them? Like that. I was even getting sick of the way that they sounded when I walked in them!
        Last week, the Crocs broke! Then, of course, I'm digging in my closet for something to replace them. Nothing. And of course, I'm bitching, "Well, now I don't have any house shoes!" Then, my usual, "Eh, fuck it!" I got out some socks. [see, we have wall to wall carpeting in this apartment and when it needs a good vacuum, the feeling of the dirt on carpet feeling  under my bare feet drives me nuts! So I have house shoes!] That was the other day.
       Today, on my way home from the necessary errands, I asked with the pendulum if I might stop at Family on the way. It is very often a "comfort stop" of mine en route home from marathon-errands, and I will have a strong sense about it. I had no inner pull, but the motion of the pendulum was emphatic. So, I went. Look what was waiting there for me in our beloved Free Store 💗
these are not my son's old Crocs! 
And not a mark of wear on them. 
I feel so Blessed and so appreciative. 
This was a fun little manifestation. 
'Reminding me of the Process and how it works. 

22 July 2018

Daily OM Online Courses. Love It!

I am a lifelong learner, even though I also teach a bit. I was feeling pretty "blah" lately, and I remembered the wonderful study at home courses that Daily OM offers. * They give a sliding scale, pay what you can, $10, $25, $40.
I signed up for a course yesterday, to help me move myself through a tough energy block. They have so many courses to choose from.
* The most wonderful thing, other than the extreme affordability, is that all of your courses remain in your account- for ever how long! The "Dan Millman 4 minute Peaceful Warrior workout" that I did back in 2014? Yep, it's still in my account! I really appreciate that.
I paid the $10 then, and I did again for this new course.
In the Fall, I plan to do the Ayruveda 8 week course, as a way to move through the Autumn, and get a little deeper into this interest that I acquired last fall...
Blessings to You. Feed the mind. Nourish the Soul.
Shake the dust off!
BIG LOVE, and one of my Bear Hugs.
Ursula Carrie

No, I'm not affiliated with Daily OM.
I just got to pass on info about awesomeness that I discover, or redisvover.

18 July 2018

Sometimes We Need to be Told, Several Times. Lol.

Check this out! From July 10, 2018
I didn't realize that I'd done this online reading, 
3 different times on this day. AND, I got the same cards- in the same exact order- all 3 times!- which I didn't see until I was reviewing the screenshots on my tablet a few days later! 
You think the Universe is trying to tell me something?! 
Lol. Just a bit of Fun today... 
Be back real soon!
Thank You for being Here.
Ursula Carrie

I do online readings from the tablet, but here's the web link for these IOSHI cards. http://ioshicards.com/cards.php

17 July 2018

Ursula's Birthday Soul Realignment™ Special July 17-25, 2018

I would like to thank you all for liking my page and reading the posts on the blog. I had quite the year of transformations, as I knew it would be when it began. To kick off the next year of my Earth Journey:
I must be 2 here. My mother's father in the background.
From 12:00 midnight EST on July 17 ~to~ 
12:00 midnight EST July 25, 2018
I am offering, from my heart to yours: 
Full Soul Realignment
to new clients for only
(see instructions for order, below)
1) Soul Realignment ™ (regular, $180.00)
* You will learn details about your Soul’s origins and history, and what special gifts and purpose you bring into this lifetime.   * We will also uncover and clear any negative influences from past and present lifetimes that may currently be affecting you. * Upon the conclusion of my research into your Soul's record, I will conduct the Prayer that is your Soul's Clearing, with the assistance of the Akashic Records Guides assigned to me, my Guide Team and Ascended Master, and Your team of Guides. * I conduct the Prayer with Intent, and They, along with Your Higher Self do the work. When this has completed, I prepare your homework file (you will be assigned a customized 21 Day Prayer to redirect your consciousness to work with the healing you will have experienced), and I contact you to advise you that it is time to schedule out phone or Skype session, so I can report the findings to you, and answer any questions you may have. This telephone consultation is approximately 60 to 75 minutes in length and includes an Mp3 file recording of the session that is emailed to you, usually within 24 hours.
Please send to me, either via email (or in the "Add special instructions to the seller" section as you complete your Pay Pal order. re: Pay Pal orders) 
or in the post, re:money order 
(If you need to order via money order and the post, 
please let me know by email and I'll send the address:
PAY PAL ORDERS: where it says, "Add special instructions to the seller", you may copy and paste and FILL IN the following client information, so I may find your Soul Record in the Akashic Records:
· Full Name at Birth
· Full Name Now
· Full Date of Birth
· Location of Birth
· your e-mail address
· contact telephone number (optional)

* The total will be $77.77 with the 'shipping' cost.

04 July 2018

My "Declaration of Independence"

These words came through me last year, 
as I was thinking about how I feel about 
my Soul Realignment™/earth~spirit medicine practice. 
The piece is, yet Untitled.

Give me your tired,

your poor,
“can’t take it no fuckin’ mores”

These are the ones
inherit the core
of a planet, ascended
mended by the Light

not the Might that was in your plan

that you thought
would be the way
back in the day
when She was formed

It’s been a good game
We all came to play

But the matrix is about to restart.

© Ursula Carrie, July 8, 2017
16:52 (4:52pm)

01 July 2018


The other weekend, my son and I went to town in the early evening, just to get out of the apartment and to see what was "doing" out there. It had been a while since I wandered through our local flea market. We'd parked at the CVS down the hill and, finding the head shop closed, decided to keep meandering up the hill to see what might be next. 
       Most of the vendors were deep into packing up by the time we entered the dirt patched grassy field. One in particular who was still "open", toward the back, had some lovely Buddhist themed costume jewelry with spend-thrifty tags. His set of tables and the goods, including crystals and spiritual iconography, that lay upon them were magnetic. We lingered there, examining everything and considering what to make a future purchase. 
       Now, just lately again I have been feeling drawn to the Crystal folk. I also did so when I was in my teens and early 20's. But I never really resonated with them. I couldn't feel into them the way others seemed to do. I mentioned this at the crystal table, because you know I get into all sorts of chit-chat when I'm out and about with folks, adding, "I'm more of a River Stone kind of gal." 
Without missing one beat, I swear, 
the man who owned the stand said 
with a Knowing grin that Beamed Heart Energy, 
"Rough and tumble."
   With those 3 words, and I sensing his so precisely tuned energies (meaning I could tell this
brother could read people and energy, was on his spiritual mastery path... You know what I mean, when we encounter "another one of us")- I felt a wave of energy opening from my larynx down the front of my torso for a few inches.
       "I never thought of it like that!" 
I said. I felt so pleased. It felt like something that had been floating around inside of me (perhaps the question, "Why can't I relate to crystals? Everyone else does.") just sort of settled down- and dissipated. 
       Of course I relate to the River Stone Folk- because of the way they Become what they are! This is kind of my journey, surrendering to the current that is continually shaping me... 
       I love those times when all there is to do is Relax into the Flow and Allow that Energy to Lead, from one Place to the Next, to the Experiences that Breathe us New Life and Insights. Like, those flash moments of connection and insight revealed through another human being. 
Some of "the good stuff" that I live for! Lol. See you next time! 
Big Hugs, and thank you for Being Here,
Ursula Carrie