28 June 2018

Note of Appreciation, for the Encouragement

Me and my baby brother, 20 years ago! He was born when I was 23.
The best thing about the work that I do?
* A few hours after I'd conducted a badly needed realignment for my little brother: Being on the phone with him at 10:30 last night- just at the *exact* moment when he was feeling the life force energy that he'd lost, 4-5 years ago, start to flow back into his body starting in his legs!
THAT was fucking AWESOME, just to be a witness to that.
* I get so tired and discouraged about getting this badly needed work out into the 3D world, and I often want to quit. * But, at these moments I feel like, maybe what I do... well, is worth keeping on, even if most humans don't understand or are afraid of what I do. The ones who need me will find me, and when they do, I Serve.
* The Angels and my Family of light understand. So do my son and my brother... my two babies! They are growing into fine, Heart-full Men. 'Love them so much, and I'm thankful for their love for me. Like, they love Me "just because"...
* So, Let's have another good day today. It's rainy in my neck of the woods. My favorite weather, makes me feel so calm. I say, Rain on! Let's save some more Souls! The Planet is rejoicing!

Love you all, too! :)
XoXo Ursula Carrie

16 June 2018

Boundaries Riff

from the Goddess Oracle 
Whenever I feel that I have to draw a boundary line for myself when dealing with another human- and that human reacts by spewing insults, blame and tries to manipulate me to feel like I'm the most disgusting woman in the world....
*I KNOW I did the right thing by setting that boundary*.
Don't be afraid to claim your space. I am just learning to do this, but with an important element that I did not have before: If they don't like it, that's just too bad- for them.

I no longer indulge in old conditioning
[feeling guilty for not being "nice",
as we women are taught almost from the cradle]
that would have me *abandon myself*
in order to have someone else's approval. 
Because, in the end, those people never cared for me anyway- unless they were able to use [or manipulate me through my character weaknesses] me as their own personal power supply.
And guess what? Right after I had to draw that line, just last night, all of that 'not a nice girl' guilt/crap started to encroach on me, and the person, in their rant, went exactly there, sending a message calling me ugly and a failure, and whatever else they could to break me down.
I took out my Goddess oracle deck and asked: "Who am I embodying, right now?"
Of course, I got Durga!
I'm going to give 'menopause' a big fat kiss on the forehead today, since I may not have gotten here to this 'change' without "The Change".
If I have 33 more years to go on this trip- I'm not trying to bullshit around with them.