17 November 2015


Yesterday, the realization hit me that-
I started the job at the flower shop, the job that saved me and my son (and our cats)
(read earlier posts from last year)-
on 12.13.14
And, today, I was thinking, "I wonder if there is some significance to that date, numerologically...?"
I found this on the web today http://feliciabender.com/numerology/whats-the-significance-of-the-date-121314/
Any Numerologists want to weigh in?
In my Akashic Record, it is written, that my life lessons for this lifetime are twofold, and interrelated:
"Confidence" (through Freedom) and "Freedom" (through Responsibility).
I have chosen at the level of my Soul, so many situations/relationships in which I am or have been (really, inexcusably) Abused,
all mentally/emotionally/psychically- because of this life lesson of "Confidence". (The abusive situations meant to propel me unto a path/way of being of feeling much needed confidence in myself, and learning to stop seeking outside approval)
I am still and will be processing this for however long, since it is a new realization, about the "12.13.14"...
Because, just before I found this work, I was so poor, I couldn't even afford to buy a single roll of toilet paper for my son and myself, or food for our cats, etc....
Being united with this work at the florist has brought us financial stability, given me a new place to feel creatively inspired, and so much more that I can not say at this time. I am relishing the Beauty of this. I am so appreciative and grateful for all of the experiences.... The past few years have been a wonderment to me...
There have been some physical issues, but I feel that they are direct components of 1) Menopause (in which I am deeply swimming, or dancing) and 2) Ascension.... The combination of which (plus my son being in the thick of teenage pubescent mayhem)

10 November 2015

My Prayer, as Always is... "Thank You" (FB post now before Bed...)

One year ago, I couldn't even afford to buy a single roll of toilet paper for my family. Today, I bought a 12 pack! Thank You Mother/Father God, for everything that I have been through, for keeping us safe, for the strengthening of my Faith, and that I have learned to Know that- I AM... loved... held... cared for... safe... Aho! Come What May... Let there Be Light, Let there Be Love...

Facebook post on my own wall, this evening

If I'm crazy for doing this, then so be it...

" Yup. I did. I stopped my car at the top of Mill Hill two nights ago. 'Held up a line of traffic...
because I saw that frightened Mouse frantically trying to get cross the street, near miss after near miss with tires on both sides of the road.
I knew It needed for everything to STOP, just calm down so It could get It's bearings. The traffic and the lights must have been very confusing...
And I could see in my mirrors that some car behind me was certainly going to kill it.
'd opened my car door to watch the street behind me. If anyone was irritated, I heard nothing of it.
The cars stopped. The Mouse took a Breath- and scurried across the street, and disappeared down into the storm drain.
I closed my door, put the car in drive, put on my blinker, and headed over to Family....
Whew! "

Just a Note:
I've been having a rough 2 months, physically and energetically, but I am starting to feel better in my body and in my energy, so... I should be back to work real soon...

Ursula Carrie