18 October 2015

A Little Bit of Fire in My Gut just Now... About Parenting, "Spiritual Parenting"

Today's Post on Earth~ Spirit Medicine Facebook page - I've thought these things but never talked about them. I had ample inspiration today, though...

" A parent is answering the intuitive call of another Soul.
They are giving them a physical form and a certain set of life circumstances with which to begin their journey of Expansiveness through the polarities of Earth-Life experience.
These sets of life circumstances, DNA makeup, social settings, etc. are designed at the higher levels of being to give the newly incarnating Soul the setting to go about and fulfill their Life Plan.
Often the "parents" (caretakers, for a time...
, actually) are also being given certain elements with which they also learn Life Lessons that they have planned.... BUT JUST BECAUSE ONE HAS CONSENTED TO PROVIDE A NEWLY INCARNATING SOUL WITH A BODY- IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE RIGHT TO HOLD THIS SOUL EMOTIONALLY HOSTAGE, or that They "Owe" You- anything.
That is the old paradigm model of parenting- "power and control", allegiance to (a self proclaimed) authority.
This is not the model of the New Earth into which we are evolving as a Collective Consciousness of Souls who revere the Diversity and Free Will Gift of Incarnating into this Earth experiment.
As a parent, or as I see it Guide, to an incarnating Soul, it is our duty and responsibility to make it our task to truly be open enough to SEE this Soul and understand who THEY are, unearth the Truth of what THEY NEED, as an Individual, to assist them in getting started on an Earth Journey that will feel satisfying to them.
Roberto, the long time best friend and travel companion and English interpreter for Medium Joao (known as "John of God") told me, back in 2007, back when my young son and I were on the Omega campus participating in the program that week (the details of which are included in the spiritual memoir I have been working on): "It's not his job to understand you. It's your job to understand him." Speaking, of course "him" of my young son. The energy transmission that accompanied this was life changing and profound. This was one of the events preparing me for my Soul Realignment and my initial training in the Akashic Records.....
Undoubtedly, there shall arise more on this topic of Spiritual Parenting....
Blessings, and (heart emoticon)
Ursula Carrie "

October 13, 2015 Earth~ spirit medicine Facebook post

All day long, yesterday and today I Am- cleaning, packing, purging, furniture rearranging, taking stuff to the attic and old broken things to the car and going to the recycle, bringing new better organizing shelving in, having a lot of delicious Sleeping, following the feeling in each moment, eating favorite foods (toasted poppy bagels with homemade scallion cream cheese and fresh smoked trout), remembering how to Love Myself, letting go of guilt and shame, deciding how I will do some things differently if I do them again, remembering other Things, feeding birds and squirrels, feeling how comfortable the animals and I are with each other, Deciding, working with the feeling that All Is Truly Well, Allowing the Moment to tell me What Is..... and remembering to relax my jaw and Breathe...
(heart emoticon) Love You,
Ursula Carrie