17 December 2011

Call Upon Your Ascended Masters, Teachers and Guides- and They come!

I am sharing the post here that I wrote for the Church of the Sacred Earth.
Late at night, as I was going to bed (1am) on December 15th, I asked my Ascended Masters, Teachers, Spirit Guides and Angels to please come and Inspire me with what I must do as the next step on my path, in support of the Work that I am here to do in the World. WELL! I went to relax myself to sleep, as I needed to get up fairly early (for me) in the morning to take my son to a class. As I did, I felt an Opening in the center line of my entire torso, all the way up to my brain, and the words of this post for this season's Meditation for the Church came rushing into my head! I thought, "I'll write it tomorrow, when I have time." I repeated this thought like a mantra, interspersed with, "Sleep... sleep..." Deep breathing, more relaxation- until finally at 3am (!), I got the point. I sat up, grabbed my pendulum and asked my Higher Self, "Do I ("I" always meaning "We") turn on the computer now and wrote the post?" The answer was, "No." So, I asked, "Do I get up now and write the post in my journal?" That answer was, "Yes." Then I asked, "And can I get to bed by four?" "Yes" So I took my journal to the living room, clicked on the light, and began the first draft. I got to bed at 4:30am. I fell asleep somewhere after 5, thinking, "Geez... I'm not ever going to ask for inspiration before bed! Hey guys, I didn't mean right away!!" LOL! Well, there it is- Ask for Your Ascended Masters, Teachers, Guides and Angels to come- and They do!!! Next time I think I'll ask in the morning over my first cup of coffee! ;)

THE POST (final edited draft- I edit as I type)
available in colors at http://www.sacredearthchurch.blogspot.com

Dear Friends,
We have a Wonderful opportunity available to us in this Moment to join in a Global village Celebration of Light- of Peace, of hope, of Compassion and Understanding amongst Human Beings. It is thus that, the Healing of our Mother Earth can take effect in the transformation of human consciousness.
I have said often upon meeting- in chit chat, in passing, my local community members and lots of folks I don't know, when I am asked the question, "Are you all ready for Christmas?"- "Oh YES! I love Christmas!" I say. (Well, I do)
The energetic reactions to my enthusiastic statement are many, all to which I further reply, "Can you think of any other Holiday in which the entire world seems to be engaged in celebration?" The usual answer is, “No.” And I further, “Even people who aren’t religious are celebrating Christmas…” This very exchange occurred with one of the sweet men who works in my local health food store. Toward the close of our talk, I saw something liquid begin to swirl around in his mind, and his heart seemed to lighten. He exclaimed, “Wow! I feel so happy- I’m smiling!” I said, “Yeah, I know, celebrating the Light with the world is definitely something I can get behind!” He went back to work whistling a new tune, a joyful one! Yeah, that’s the power of Light.
True, there is Hanukkah this month, another very beautiful Holiday that is in celebration of the Miracle of Light sustained in the Darkness. There is Winter Solstice in which we celebrate the returning strength and illumination of the Sun, our Source of Life here on Earth. There is also Kwaanza, an African American Holiday that commemorates and celebrates the principles of Faith, Hope, Love, Light and Charity. None of these are so Universally celebrated by the Human Family as the Holiday of Christmas, religious or not, there is a general feeling of “Yule”-tide cheer. The entire month of December for me is really an amalgam of All of these Holy Days, a Collective Consciousness Intention to be at-One-ment with the Light that is Love, and Joy and Peace and Goodwill towards All Beings on Earth. It is a deep foray into the cleansing of the dark corners of the Human condition that has up until this moment of Transformation, been one of unbalanced ego, fear, separation, suffering. The very non-presence of mind, the disconnection from the Source of our Being that has brought about the suffering and destruction of the very Life that sustains our own. Folks feel more compelled at this time of year to volunteer of their time and give of their resources to assist in the lifting up of other beings that who are in need…
We can ride this Wave, we can Be this Wave, tuning into this collective celebratory feeling on our planet, which is a channeling of the very light of our Higher Presence, our soul essence, the energy of our Mother/Father God/dess whose Divine Flame resides within our own Being, in our own Heart center—and take it Further, sustaining it, like an endlessly rolling wave, creating our future.

Remembering Our Intent
I read a small quote today in my book club catalogue by Louise Hay, founder of Hay House and author of numerous books on healing and self-empowerment, from a book called, You Can Create an Exceptional Life (co-authored with Ms. Hay by Cheryl Richardson). Her interviewer had asked her how she dealt with things like nasty emails and such. Ms. Hay says, “I’m no longer curious about things that will upset me.” I share this because it is another iteration of what we talk about all along, that we must employ the power of our thoughts and our intentions to focus on what positive things we wish to see manifest in our world. Here, in the Church of the Sacred Earth, I am referring most specifically to the Healing of the Land Herself., knowing that this Healing will be most greatly effected by starting with the self-healing and ascended consciousness of each individual human being. I know what some folks tend to focus on in this season: lack of money, loneliness and isolation, even feeling angry that Christmas was “stolen” from the Pagans! We won’t get anywhere on the Healing Path, of ourselves, or our Dear Planet, without whom we would not have a Life to complain about, if we go there! Nor do I feel that I any longer have the curiosity about the things that would upset me, either.

The Healing White Light of My I AM Presence & the Violet Flame of Transmutation Note: I want to acknowledge here that I know that not everyone is on the same spiritual path, or drawn to the same methods of meditation or prayer. Here, I am simply sharing with you all a practice that I have been Guided to, and has been working for me…

A practice that I have been intuitively guided to in these past few months is to call upon the White Light of my I AM Presence. This I AM Presence is the part of me that is Eternal, that is not of this physical world, that Is at-one-ment with my Creator Source Energy. I call this White Light to descend from the above, surrounding me just past my outstretched arms in a tube of brilliance, filling every cell, every atom of my body and anchor below my feet into a tetrahedron shaped Star deep within the Earth.

This is first, and it can take some practice to relax into this visualization, whereby the mind can let go of the active visualization of how this tube of White I AM Light looks and feels as it descends and anchors into the Earth Star.

And then, I breathe deeply and easily into my Heart, allowing all thoughts dissolve, paying them no attention, as they appear in my mind, just allowing them to evaporate back into the mist, focusing on my Breath, the peaceful feeling of being fully in the Moment, the calm in my Heart, feeling the Presence of Mine Self that is beyond Limitation.

Next, calling upon the Presence of one of my Ascended Masters and Teachers (St. Germain), I ask that the Violet Flame be dispensed unto my Being. This is a visualization of deep and vibrant purple-violet flames that often originate in my palms first and travel up my torso to engulf my upper body. Sometimes I direct the visualization to begin at my feet and travel upward, often spreading throughout the room in which I am sitting and throughout my home.
The Violet Flame of Transmutation is called upon to cleanse negativity- within one’s own Being and in one’s environment. I often do this meditation before I am to leave my home for the day, or an afternoon of errands out in the world. Many times, I will do this as I sit in my van at the end of my driveway before pulling off onto the road. I have noticed that, as one’s Consciousness ascends, so does become amplified the sensitivities to what we describe as “negativity”, which are really just the denser frequencies in which the feelings of chaos, fear, and sadness and such are more prevalent. This short and effective practice helps me to maintain an expanded awareness, a feeling of centeredness and calm in my Heart center, and a greater compassion for those denser frequencies that I sense expressed in the other Beings I meet along the way. And I have noticed that this practice helps to soothe some troubled folks that I meet along the way.

As I have said at the beginning of this post, Inherent in the Healing of our Beautiful and Divine Mother Earth and Her Creatures, is the Healing of Each Individual expression of Consciousness, each Human Being. We each are a thread in a Fabric of a Whole, and this Whole is more expansive than any of our imaginations can grasp. As we Heal and Whole Our Individuation of this, this Healing/Wholing holographically radiates out.

Being the Light that Heals the Earth
So, in this Holiday Season in which we are Celebrating the reemergence and sustaining of Light in the Dark, focus every day on building and strengthening your own Light of your Creator Source Presence, whilst employing the gift of the Violet Flame to address anything in your own Self that needs examination or clearing. We can then all Be a living, walking, Breathing Presence of true Self Love and Self Compassion, this which then radiates out to All who would come into your presence- from the checkout woman at the grocery store, to the angry impatient driver behind you on the freeway, to all of the Plants, the Molecules of Air and Water and every creature with whom we share inhabited space on Earth.
When you are in this space of your Meditation, you may wish to consciously Direct this radiant light, and love to a particular person who is hurting, to a specific geographical place or landscape of your area, or to a species or specific animal you know that needs healing. Let this be your choice and let the Moment and your own Intuition guide you. Ask for your Guides and Helpers in Spirit to inspire you with Direction.
Be attentive throughout the day after you have practiced this meditation to your Heart space, breathing deeply and gently into your Heart when you start to feel too harried or troubled, or when you begin to feel the troubles of those about you. Call again for Your White Light of your I AM presence to surround you again, call for the Violet Flame, as many times throughout your day to remind yourself, as you need, as you begin this, until you Emerge into the Knowing that It Is Always with you, Is you.
I feel that you will, in your own Time, with this Practice, feel a shifting in energetic vibrations within you- You being a Magnificent, Powerful Co-Creator of this physical World of Earth- thus effecting a most Beautiful, Glorious Transformation into Unity amongst Diversity… The Healing of the World!

May Your Holiday Season Be Bless├Ęd.
Ursula Carrie

· We will work more with this exercise in the future.
· A YouTube playlist has been created for you as a visual and meditative assistance to your work with the White Light of your I AM presence and the Violet Flame. (link attached below)

Being the Light that Heals the World- CSE meditation support

Blessings, and Thank You for Being a part of this Sacred Mission. XoXo

And don’t forget the “Dance Break”!
Shining Star, by the ever soulful Earth, Wind and Fire!

END POST for Church of the Sacred Earth