13 July 2009

Because, This is the Way...

and I
a slow grind.
She is seducing me,
opening me, as She will-
to Her will.

My body softens to the hand She places
at the small of my back-
another to my forehead-
She dips me,
onto this bed of moss
my Clothing-

She is Breathing Me,
so deeply,
I give Her my tongue
like a reclining Lion,
She enters me,
slithers down to sit
in my center.

Impermanence devours me,
like a hungry lover-
I want to beg Her to stop
but I can not breathe on my own.
She is Breathing Me
and I am Cumming
again and again
and weeping without breath
as I slip away....
copyright Rev. Ursula Carrie (Wilkerson)