15 September 2011

On Transformation

On Hurricane Irene

The cleansing destruction of Earth changes arrived in my current home area earlier this month. Hurricane Irene. I have been saying that, here in the North East, Hudson River Valley of New York state, We are ready for a good Nor'easter in the winter- but the Deep Flooding we have recently experienced, and High Winds, we are wholly unprepared for. The Landscape is Changing. What I knew as a Child of this Valley Transforms. Expectations do not apply.

Who am I without Electricity? Who am I if I can not send an email? Call someone? Turn on the light?

This was my meditation as I awoke Sunday morning to torrential rain, an island where the expansive green lawn used to be. Waters rushing over the earth, that would too wash us away, my son and I. We pushed sandal-footed feet, slowly feeling for ground, through these rivers in our driveway. Umbrellas held tight, we forged to the road to see what was happening beyond our Shelter of Trees.

There was a driveway across the street, a small road that was now the bed of a raging brown waterfall...

That was the storm. The Rains did cease.

In the mid afternoon on the second day, I ventured us out to look at the world, see about provisions, to gather Information. Where was the dry ice, who still had wet ice. Who had a generator wad was making coffee. Talking with the townspeople. Making calls from Family. What roads were closed. Where was it passable. Who was still able to pump gas.

Then came the Winds,

and the world changed again

with the Mass Felling of the Trees.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

On Ascension

Ascension is not a "privilege", as a dear acquaintance commented to me the other day- It Is Our Birthright. Those of us that find ourselves on this path of expanded awareness/consciousness chose to do this before our Souls breathed life into our current physical forms. ALL Souls will eventually rise up this same ladder, in their own perfect timing. Many have chosen not to do so at this particular time, in this particular lifetime, for whatever the individual reason. It may take several lifetimes more for this ascension path of some others to manifest.

One thing is certainly true, that the greater our awareness, the more responsibility we have in holding this light, embodying the light of creation, and holding it up as a beacon for all those who wish to follow. And then, we have our own process to undergo at this time, "the burning off of the dross". In order to be a vessel of Light, all darkness (ego, fear, etc), often accumulated in the course of several lifetimes, must be brought to the surface for clearing. It has been an intense time for lightworkers due to this heavy process. I have found in my experience that I am required to be so much gentler with myself (my former tendencies have been to be super-critical of myself and my imperfections). If I can not offer myself the sincerest, deepest of compassion, how can I be in that on someone else's behalf?

I am caught between the worlds- Earth and Spirit. My vision is one that is divided. I am not of this world, yet I am part of it. There is the illusion made Real. And how much of it is so?

Ah... The time old questions of religion and philosophy. Men and and women have been attempting to find and answer since the beginning of inquiry and reason. This is a quest that does not end.

So, why are we here, and in particular, why at this time of seemingly cataclysmic changes in out natural environment, Earth. I have started to write about this on what I consider to be a long overdue post on my Church of the Sacred Earth blog. And why have those of you reading this, been experiencing what I can only here and now call a "widening of your consciousness" in these recent years- and so much more intensely in these past few months of this year?

Of course, I am feeling, that these two occurrences are no coincidence. Of course human beings are going to need to evolve into an enlightened consciousness, where the interconnectedness of All life I not only known in the intellect, but Felt. Not felt as a tickle in the gut, but as a Knowing that Lives and Breathes as in the cellular structure.

Evolving into this, so far from my perspective, has been no easy process, nor one that I feel I had initiated by any sort of conscious action. I find that it is important to be open to encountering like feeling beings, wherever I go. At Best But of all places the other day, I had a most Soul-Fully engaging exchange with the man I had asked to help me with my technology concerns.

We can find connection, if not in the entire circle of our current reality, but then in snippets here and there, in unexpected places.

In a recent meditation with the Presence of the Archangel Michael, I was given the message, "Stand True". This is not always "easy" when so much seems to be stacked against one's favor. It's like one of my CSA members saiud to me the other day, "I feel like I'm living the life of Job."

Look that story up in a Bible. You may find that in these times your Faith is also being tested.

To that I also offer the message imprinted to me, "Stand True". Although it can often seem the opposite, I know, We are not alone. We are loved. And we are stronger than we think to make it through this "burning off of the dross".

Keep communicating. Keep reaching for Connection. You will find Your way.

There is much Love and Support for your Journey. I know at times, it may not feel like it. Believe me, I know! But there is.

Love, Always,

Ursula Carrie