31 March 2018

Full Moon Speaking from My Heart [vlog]: Blue Moon

OK- uploaded the 1st time with the version without the bouncy tune.
Chalk that up to Mercury Retrograde! Lol. 
Here I go once more, because everything's better with music. Love to you all. 
Thanks for being here.

Ok. I finally had enough of this question it would seem. The weird little racism inherent in this phrase, "Where are you from?" and the person being unsatisfied when I say, "I'm from Catskill."  since they reassert, "No, where are you -from-?" It's pretty obvious from the way I speak that I'm born and raised in New York State. My afterthought is that this probably happens most often with persons of color with my similar complexion. I'm asked this question by caucasian people more often than you might think.... Begin the riff :)
Some food for thought

09 March 2018

I Cleared Our Soulmate Contract. Now She's Gone. {1}

"Why'd you do that?!!" she said when I told her that our Soulmate Contract came up for clearing when I was doing a routine check* of my own Soul Record. I was surprised at this reaction. She's not "spiritual" like me. She's a big time business woman, former military. 
       I answered, lightheartedly, "Well these things only come up for clearing when it's Time." She was obviously still very upset by this. It was not apparently the lighthearted matter that I found it to be. I continued, "We can make a new agreement to learn together, on a new level, it's ok..." She did not seem convinced.
       Yep. My best friend since I was 7 years old. My Alpha Centurian sister. The little girls with the wild souls and the big imaginations were we and always were every time we met. We reminded each other of our core essence, and validated one another's Journey through life. It could've been years, and it would be like yesterday. Even though the look of each of our lives looked so different, each time we came together, we would have a flurry of, "Oh my god, I just went through that!" And that one would tell what happened with them on that life lesson. And it would repeat in turn, in rapid fire. And laughter and tears, and presents, and hugs and watching our sons grow, beaming with pride at each one's mothering, though the styles were so different. 
       These things happen sometimes. When I am reading an Akashic Record for clearing, only that which is ready to be cleared comes up in the reading for clearing. Any vows or contracts that are in the best interest of the person whose Record is being worked with are left alone. I don't even "see" them. So, when a contract as in this case, a Healing Contract {a two sided agreement between two Souls who have agreed to do some work together here}  comes up, I know it's time for that contract to go. It doesn't happen very often with my own record, perhaps 3 times in the past 8 years. 
     Now, one may ask, "Well why did you tell her?"
    Full Disclosure. She's one of my Soulmates. I don't keep important information, especially such as this, from my intimates. I wanted her to know, in case anything changed, she would understand the method at work. After all, she was one of my practice clients eight years ago, and she experienced great, sweeping and powerfully uplifting and energizing changes in her own life after her clearing. She's seen my work with others, as well. You know how your people roll, you know?
       So, a very curious set of events manifested...

(I'm coming back to finish...)

I do this every so often to maintain my energetic clarity. Stuff still happens, even after one builds up their light quotient.