29 November 2017

Remembering Girlhood Loves, still My Loves

I was feeling the other day, how much I have
absolutely Loved this poem, since I was 16 years old.
Big Bear Hugs, from Ursula Carrie (aka "Luna" at age 16)

since feeling is first
since feeling is first
who pays any attention
to the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you;
wholly to be a fool
while Spring is in the world
my blood approves,
and kisses are a better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all flowers. Don’t cry
– the best gesture of my brain is less than
your eyelids’ flutter which says
we are for each other; then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life’s not a paragraph
And death i think is no parenthesis
E. E. Cummings


27 November 2017

12 Lifetimes ago 600-500 BCE

originally written: August 17, 2014
"DREAM: October 26, 2013

I could feel my hands, then arms broad muscular shoulders – and I can still see his face and feel his chuckling energy around his forehead – and his burgundy hooded sweatshirt (large hood) with the hood pulled over his head and me laying on top, or on top, but beside him, and nuzzling my face into the hood, like our own private place where no one could see us – I might as well say, he had a sort of “broad” (and very young) face, with brown eyes and some freckles and thick and curly auburn (!) Hair – built very sturdy, tall (but not so tall that I have to strain my neck or stand on to be – travel to throw my arms around his neck.) – And I just remember laying on a floor (at the huge stone cathedral in which this part was submerged) – out in the courtyard – type area – and we were so, I found out, together, there in our energy bodies!!! Some dark (haircolor)/straight haired Asian, tallish, dressed in black warrior – type clothing off to my right told me this, as I had realized that he had faded and I could feel him next to me (on my left) anymore! Just that faint feel and vision of the hood of his “jacket” – burgundy.
⚦ ⚦ ⚦ ⚦ ⚦
In this dream, we (don’t know for sure who the “we” laws) had fought the darkness (the “devil”). By having to destroy a piece of stained glass that hung in the Cathedral – apparently the powers of the Dark was “embodied” or held in place by this heavily guarded piece of stained glass – and it had to be destroyed, not one section left out destroyed – in order to achieve victory. I remember as we made the hard fought for contact with the stained glass (it was guarded heavily, of course, all the way up to the top chamber of the Cathedral will where it hung ains near the window/balcony) – and we were throwing each piece down below – hollering to the sparse crowd down there too, “look out below.” – One owl shaped piece of stained glass scene landed on a lower turret of the Cathedral and a creepy, very long bony fingered, “white” hand reached out from underneath to grab it – and I (and/or someone) lept down off the upper balcony/to grab it

Akashic Records Research (October 26, 2013)

12 lifetimes ago 600 – 500 B.C.E.
I was in a male incarnation.
I was a Pict, in the northern UK in a place known as Scotland today.
That was me in the dream this morning. I was connecting with an aspect a “past life version” of my own Self.
I was a wandering fief (and very charming!)
I wore that hood that I saw. I died of old age – but anything related to the Scots, or being conquered by the Scots.
I had a chip in my tooth, on the right side inside of the front left tooth. (as known from the inside of my own head) - If you were looking at me, the chip of the tooth would have been on the lower left corner of the right side tooth.
Message from this aspect of my past life Self:
 “Be Bold! You have tamed your self too much!” (Strong energy in the center of my forehead from him) "
⚦ ⚦ ⚦ ⚦ ⚦
[note 11.26.17: When I moved back to Catskill, from Manhattan, when I was 24 and wandered into the kilt shop of Anne Stewart on Main Street..... And she told me, with such and intensity as she contacted my eyes, that: "I'm a Pict." The way she said 'Pict', with the hum in the air in that moment, the whole thing- I had a deep shiver flood throughout my body. A flash of resonance of a deep, unexplained {yet} Knowing. ]

25 November 2017

Automatic Writing Session #1 -June 3, 2014 (end time 3:57 am)

(Note: November 25, 2017- I was so hot on the trail of developing my automatic writing in 2014. All of those late nights that no one that I knew in my life back then could understand. Up until the birds began to sing, then rising once again as the sun made its descent. I am perfectly happy being a creature of the night. I miss these Automatic Writing sessions... I miss feeling that so very open channel between myself and my many Guides. ALSO- My questions are in regular type, and the responses are in Italics, including the instruction that they give to me when I am getting unfocused/upset.)


Question: “How do I move myself out of limitation and lack?”  (How do I move myself, and my family out of this, and into the life I know that we are meant to live?) 

Timelines are merging Dear One

It is time to revert, to tear down the falsehoods that have been built up around you that have given you the picture of who you believed yourself to be

We know and understand that this is a painful and confusing time for you, this critical juncture in your evolution into the higher realms of your existence- that you feel trapped in a physical manifestation that constricts rather than allows the great room that you need to fully Become BE come who you know at deep level that you are-

Be forewarned having tremendous faith and trust in the higher development of your soul self through this painfully constrictive experience is well known by you-

we ask you that you slow at every moment for patience is the key to your comfort in this unfolding-

Be it so (I am getting emotionally “wound up” here…)

Breathe and recenter

We want you to remember back to that little girl and the worlds you created to inhabit- how wonderous and wonderful they were/are- This is not unlike what you are being called by all of the expansiveness in which your true and real self dwells- Believe in the worlds that a little girl can create for she and thee are one in the same- for she is the Truest expression of your Being-

It is Time to withdraw from your social medias to pull back into the worlds that are genuinely more real than the ego laden falsehoods that are thrust upon your delicate and vulnerable energy centers by what you read, energies you perceive- It is an ability- though not unique to you- it is singular amongst the humans that you currently know and experience

there is nothing wrong with this- you will lose nothing- but have so much to gain in the sanctifying of your energy pyramids- building strengthening

you are rebuilding who you are in the light of the Real- and in this time, as you draw deeper into your self you are will be recalibrating your connection- rebooting the connection to the sources of your Inspiration creativity amass-

Breathe. Breathe.

We have told you, you must remove yourself from the masses-  the energetic influence of judgement, practicality and fear does not assist you- not- and in the truly insular and quiet peaceful space that you create- that she who is you doth create- the profound answers that you sheek shall come forth- manifest undeniably

Question: “How quickly can this happen?”

It could happen in an instant insomuch as you are willing to let go and allow yourself to be the natural channel that you are- such as in this writing (Laughter here and now) (I sense their loving humor.)

I feel my energy pinch off in fear, because I feel myself expanding outward in joy and confidence, and I have a rubber band reaction that tells me without words that this is wrong, and I must immediately make myself small.

It is not ego, dear one- do not attempt to make yourself small by convincing yourself that this reconnection and recalibration process to the truth of your Inner Being is connected with the falsehoods of ego and power perpetrated by the mass consciousness of humans- for you must now fully recover and remember your mission here this time in this life- do you believe that you have ever yet experienced this degree of ‘past” life recall as you have now t this time- it is all coming together

So take one moment at a time- Breathe deply when you wish to struggle against yourself and allow all to Be.

Question: “Do you recommend that I deactivate my accounts?”

It is not necessary if you can fund the discipline and the will to resist logging in to that aspect off the 3D game.

Let us do this again soon- use a notebook- We love you.

End Session 

23 November 2017

Time Out! We need to talk about *Light Power Imaging* part 1

Today, I was going to wrap up my current musing about me and the Plants, but I need to interrupt that thread for a minute and have a few words about Light Power Imaging. Because, this is a tough one- it's highly addictive. At least when someone is Soul Shifting, when the shifting situation is cleared and dissolved, the client is ecstatic that the other soul/s are gone. Good riddance! You know? Well, hopefully you don't, but let's just say a whole new wind takes up the sails when the extra souls have vacated the body. But Light Power Imaging? This gets sticky. "Complicated" probably doesn't cover it.
       Light Power Imaging is an illusion technique that a practitioner must clear in the beginning from a client's Akashic Record, if it is present, so a clear reading of the client's record can be achieved. I encountered someone who was employing this energy manipulation technique when I was a student, and I was unable, then, to proceed with the rest of the charting process. I was definitely unprepared at that time to go this deep! A recent encounter with someone who was light power imaging, the first since 7 years ago, has brought me deep compassion and insight as to how and why a Soul may feel compelled to adopt this technique and how that soul may fall helplessly addicted. I may also have some insight, some hope for the future, as to how a sincere Soul may break this addiction and reconnect with the safety and source of their own true power...

[part 2 coming... + there's HOPE]

21 November 2017

3 Days after Realignment, Thank You's all Around

Whenever people thank me for anything, I have a habit of saying, "Thank You, too." Every interaction is an opportunity to exchange and to grow. I didn't get my longer post together for my 6am deadline, but I awoke at 10am to find this lovely message on my Facebook wall from the mother of an adult client. What could have been better?! I conducted his clearing prayer late Friday night (November 17, 2017):
       "Thank you Rev. Ursula Carrie Wilkerson for the clearing for my son. Amazing movements. Seeing some tangible changes. I realize the importance of both the Medical and the Spiritual and how in order for the Medical Healing to really work, the Spiritual Healing must be there to change the direction or banish those forces not operating for the good of my son. You have brought calming, clarity and some amazing peace to his life. If you reading this have been thinking about Soul Realignment as a way to 'come back home', I would highly recommend it and highly recommend Rev. Ursula Carrie Wilkerson's work." (-T.B.)

       As always, I am very thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn and expand my own Beingness in this physical plane through connecting with my Family of Light- all Guides and Ascended Masters, et.al.- and so thankful for the opportunity to help other humans break through the veil of illusion and reclaim their incarnation for the highest and best good of All.

Obviously, more on this as we go.
Much Love,
Ursula Carrie

19 November 2017

Squirrel as Teacher

:) one of "mine"
Today's Musing November 18, 2017:
       The Squirrel is such a great shamanic teacher. I am using the word "shamanic" to mean "energetic". Because, I have learned over the years of bird feeding that- every single time I focus my attention to the undesired behavior of the squirrel (I.E. hanging on the pegs of the seed feeder and just killin' it, like for 10 straight minutes!)- it just gets worse. The behavior of the squirrel gets more intense, as well as my bad feelings about it. Energetically, this serves no positive purpose except to remind me that I am a powerful creator of my experience and that wherever I focus my attention does become my experience here in this physical plane.
       You know what happens when I drop the window shade and focus on something that makes me feel centered, feel good in my body (because when I focus on things that are negative and in misalignment with my higher self/truth, divine light, love, truth- it actually causes acute physical discomfort and/or full on pain in my body-  immediately, and have to address it with expediency)- well, firstly, I feel better (incidentally, for the Sensitives out there, this can apply to any situation in which you know that you are being pulled out of alignment with your Self by any form of manipulations and confrontation dramas, likely brought to you by a negative soul, or the negative influences in your own person interacting with the negative influences on another positive soul), and second, the squirrel just goes away, literally.
       I have had other intuitive experiences with the squirrels that come to the feeding area here. One Being I had been able to communicate where their own personal dish was, and directed it to go eat there. I started with verbal direction, "Where's your dish?" The 'sh' sound in 'dish' is always heavily accented. The squirrel would turn its head towards the old tin square cake pan on the deck where I spooned a lump of 'squirrel chow'. I found that the words 'bowl, plate' and other words for an eating vessel were not effective. The 'sh' sound was effective. Eventually, we progressed to be able to make a connection to the energy field of the squirrel with my own projected mind-energy. I would 'drop' this 'mind-energy', like a ball (although it doesn't look like a ball, it doesn't have any look or form) down to the deck- and the squirrel would look after it! Then, it would look at me, and I'd say out loud, very gently, encouraging, "Go ahead." And It would climb down and go to the dish!

Little Blackie, 2014
       I have to say it's quite thrilling, in the fun way! I did hear a brief clip of Abraham talking about if you want to practice Intention, try a squirrel. I just wanted to share this experience, because humans treat them as such an annoyance but I feel such tenderness for them. They really are such frisky, sweet Beings- and they are hell-bent on getting what they want! That's quite an admirable trait. It is an occasional sad thing for me to see one of them dead in the road near my apartment, because I know that, "That was one of mine." Yes, I call them "mine". All my babies, still.       

HOW to *NOT Hit* a SQUIRREL in the road:
  1. Slow down, anyway in the first place and pay attention with your peripheral vision. Adopt the practice of extending your vision to the broader expanse of the road ahead of you when driving (see the great videos below  in the footer of this blog about "Wide Angle Vision").
  2. A squirrel's innate defense mechanism is to STOP, and stand motionless when they sense a predator approaching. A car is a giant metal predator, so is the human inside.
  3. Slow the car down and BEEP the HORN- it will startle the squirrel out of its automatic response mechanism- and it will retreat to the side of the road
Then, maybe the Squirrel Shaman will play with You, too!

17 November 2017

Being with the Plants, part three

2017 Just after my birthday in mid-July, my son and I were traveling back home from a visit with my mother. There's a little farm shed on the side of the road. It's self-serve. I've always been curious about that place. I'm feeling pretty frisky since my backseat is full of birthday loot and we got an epic road-trip on the horizon. It's a pretty fly-high moment. We're coming up on the self serve shed. I have to stop this time.
       I pull off the road into the one car wide horseshoe drive in front of the farm shed. Inside there's a cooler, various non perishables for sale, a cash lockbox, a video camera aimed at the cashbox, and a very large cooler. Inside, there's several sandwich bags stuffed with fresh herbs- 2 basil, 1 curly parsley- $1 ea. I buy all three and a beautiful cabbage for $2 and a recycled plastic tub of kale for $2, which was everything in the cooler! I'm feeling like the queen of the universe with all of these beautiful vegetables, and for these prices, too.
       We're all loaded up, and my son and I are having one of our lively debates about something. I'm sitting in the driver's seat, just sort of surveying all of the good fortune, moreover *fun*, that is being experienced. I decide it's time to keep on heading home.  What could be next? I put the car into drive and accelerate slowly, just peering down the long, very long driveway down to my left, for any cars... And there She is, in a tall stand of weeds boarding the driveway-

       Motherwort. In full flower. In mid July.
A big, fluffy substantial stand of it.
It looked like this patch is mowed back from the road on occasion. Whomever must have mowed it back at just the right stage of the Motherwort's growth to send her flowering cycle out one month! It just keeps getting better. I have my tincturing supplies in the car! My son is used to this. Out he pulls the tablet again. Mom's gonna' be a while. So thankful for this experience, for the medicine for the year. Yes, we get one shot to make our medicine for the whole year, 'till the next seasonal cycle.
       A similar thing happened just last week, which is what got me starting this whole posting to begin with. Because, one the things that I just get so tickled about is my ability to ID a plant on the side of the road while I'm driving. It's so much fun to know certain Plant Folk that well. People always say, "How do you know it's that?" Well... I just do. Like spotting the Ginko leaves on the ground while I was driving through town with my son to go on errands. And I had really, really wanted to make some Ginko tincture this year for my brain. But, it had just kind of slipped out of my ideas of what would be possible for me to get done this autumn. Then, I spotted the leaves! That time I had to get the vodka while we were out. No problem! They should be harvested when they're yellow anyway. Not the most perfect looking leaves, but their vital life force energy feels intact, and I am advised that the leaves will yield a medicinally robust preparation. I'm again, so thankful and looking forward to trying it.
Ginko biloba tincture for the year's use :)

15 November 2017

This! I Found It! The Illustration I was looking for.

November 13th
       I am SO excited! I found a GIF that illustrates exactly (well, without so much swaying as in the GIF) how I see it when a word shows itself to me as a form, how it occurs in my inner vision... You know, all that stuff that I described in the post "Fish Eye Effect". http://ursulacarrie.blogspot.com/2017/10/fish-eye-effect.html  Check it out!
I wish that I could now describe the feeling of completeness that this gives me, that I found an image to describe how I see things. I don't really feel like changing it in the post, though. I prefer to allow that moment in linear time to be what it is and was. But, funny how this didn't come up when I was looking for "bubbles" and the similar key word. I found this when I did a search for "glass shard gif". I think I found this while "off on a tangent"- you know how that goes.... Which leads me to another insight-
       I feel like those internet-search-tangents that we all get off into can really show up as the Universe's way of leading us on to significant pieces of information that we might need at that certain time to further their growth. Seriously. That's how I stumbled onto the Omega Institute's website late one night, applied for a scholarship on a whim and wound up in a weeklong workshop intensive where I found out that- I actually can- and do- channel!  Stuff like that, and like finding an image that helps me feel fuller in my Expression.
Top o' the morning to ya'
Have a nice day.
Or whatever kind of day that you want to have :)

13 November 2017

Being with the Plants, part two

       That's what I've been tapping around-
       The plants call out to me, just when I'm not expecting it. In harvesting season, if I have decided to work with the plants that year, I am always at the ready with the vinegar, or oil or tincturing supplies in the car. Many folks have driven past me, pulled off in some spot off the road, standing at my trunk or at the hood, basket on car, herbs spread out, a bottle of vodka at the ready. "What the hell is she doing?" some of their faces say. I actually like it when they stop to ask. I get to do an impromptu herb lesson!
       For a while, it felt like I had lost my love for these things. I hadn't consciously worked with the Plants, made medicine or anything, in several years. Making a plan or a harvesting schedule or goal had already become too stressful. The paper size of "to-do list" on my clip board had been steadily shrinking over the years as well as the number if items on each page/day. What I've realized that, like with all other processes in an Earth that is steadily progressing into the energetics of Higher Creation, that any relationship that I had with the plants and with myself as an herbalist would need some room to evolve, even in my own perception. A lot of what has needed to be addressed for me, in this subject area, was my attachment to the results. Before, as an herbalist, and running with nature's schedule, if I had set my mind to harvest certain plants for their medicine, I would rigidly and doggedly go about meeting these goals. In short, I would create stress around meeting my "needs" before nature dissolved the opportunity. Life sprouts, grows, flowers, fruits, withers and dies in a cycle that goes faster than maybe some of you have realized. But many of you do :)

       Since last year, however, when I had decided that I needed to tincture some Cleavers, and the St. Johnswort, I found a renewed aspect of my work with Intention. I Intend what Plants that I need to find, explaining and clarifying for what purpose- and I let it go. I keep my eyes peeled when I'm out driving. I keep the plant medicine really loose in the back of my mind, even keep medicine making supplies in the car for just in case, but no where near the conscious mind- except for then I was so hung up on the Motherwort. You see how that was turning out. I'm going to round that story up, soon. {One of the things that I love about my relationship with various plants for the past 22+years is that I can see them on the sides of the roads while I'm driving, even at 50Mph. When I see them, I make a note in my car journal, what road, near what landmark. I might get back to it, in the right season.}
       One day early last summer {2016}, I was driving on an infrequently travelled back road, and I passed a sprawling patch of Cleavers. I passed it, then I pulled over. There was Yarrow growing in this little meadow, too. I was looking for that too this particular year. All of the swooshes of the Universe's multidimensional wand brought me into this moment. It is wonderful when this happens. This also occurred when I let go of my desperation this past summer for more Motherwort. Thank goodness that in letting go of this attachment to finding more of this plant, I also released all of the anguish and pain of that unfulfilled need/desire. That, of course, was helpful.
       {I probably shouldn't leave his part out, because it had a funny result at first: I asked the Motherwort Deva to help me to find her. I had to amend that request, because I was, in the days soon after making that request led to a very large lush stand of Motherwort- that was heavily diseased! So, then I asked to be led to a healthy, harvestable stand of Motherwort, to make medicine for use in the coming year.}
       part three... on 11/15

11 November 2017

Being with the Plants, part one

It never fails to delight me when I receive communication from the Plants. It makes sense to say that I've been fooling around with the Devic Kingdom of this planet since I was very young, in this lifetime at lease. I am certain, in uncertain terms however, that our relationship is sturdily woven into the fabric of how I experience myself as a Soul, in the long-run. The Elemental Earth Beings here are special.
       The dedicated study of plants and medicine, though, came online in my 3D experience about 23 years ago with my studies at Flynn's School of Herbology. Then, I found Robin Rose Bennett at the Open Center and was soon later told (by a friend of my godmother) about the teacher with whom I wound up staying for 13 years, Susun S. Weed. I wasn't interested at that moment. That chapter would begin some years later...
       I'll write about those years when it's safe to do so. Seriously. One thing I can say is, one of the very first phrases Susun said to me, when I got paired with her to go harvest plantain leaves for that day's workshop, "You seem to have a way with the plants. Why don't you apply for the scholarship for women of color, and come apprentice with me?" Perhaps it was somewhere in there, in that time, where I began to hear them speak and intuit their presence. I have and continue to enjoy the relationships with each Being of the Devic Kingdom/Plant Kingdom.
       So, that expressed, in the beginning of my solo practice (on my own, without my teacher) as an herbalist in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing, I would set a harvesting schedule. This of course was in a bit of a different Time, the energetics of the world and mass-consciousness was different than it is now. And I, was a being- before soul realignment was even invented, before talk of 2012 and ascension, etc. My daily agenda was written on a legal-sized piece of paper, and that page was filled on every-other-line with a task for that day, each item which I slave-drove myself to cross off. That quality of activity was 'normal'. Now, there is a flow that imbibes all of the lovely qualities of that word.
       Here is the example which is the whole reason that I began this musing. There are certain plants, Green Allies, that I have been feeling like I need to tincture this year. Motherwort was one. Ginko was the other. I was actually a little too desperate for the Motherwort this year, as I'm in Menopause, and the night sweats had been kicking my ass earlier in the year. Motherwort, energetically as well as physically is also specifically healing and soothing  to the heart.
       So, of course, since I was so desperate to find Motherwort, I wasn't finding any. And it was June, already. Her flowering season is until the end of June. Depending upon the quality of the weather, you could squeak by and find some still in flower in early July, but it will only be the tippy top in flower, and that's really not enough. The flower must be amply represented in the tincture. And, for what I may require for the coming year, it is not cost effective to keep buying the preparation by the ounce in the health food store, not when I know that I could make it. {I'm currently buying Burdock root until I can locate a good first year plant, in a place where I will be able to dig it up after first frost. I've got that "put out there"...}
       June 21st. It's getting late. I'm definitely going to miss the St. Johnswort this year. Good thing I got some tinctured last year, and the old oil I made a few years back still is effective, so... I bought the vodka anyway and managed to find a tiny clumping of Motherwort on someone's unmowed section of lawn near the road. I got a tiny tincturing out of that, but I'm uncomfortable going there for more when I see cars there. I decided that I would need to live with and be thankful for what I did get. It's better than nothing. I decide to keep the basket of empty jars and the scissors and vodka in the car, though, in case I encounter another plant whose medicine we need this year... * (how I got those tinctures made, part two, on Monday 11/13)

09 November 2017

Musing on the 9th, women steadily on the rise?

5:31pm November 6, 2017
       I just heard and saw on the 5 o'clock news that an American woman, for the first time since 1977, has won the NYC Marathon. This is not insignificant, especially on the heels of the "Me Too" movement of just a few weeks ago. I'm writing all of this down, because I had such a strong feeling come over me that- this is supporting evidence for the Divine Feminine that is on the rise in this nation. I don't know why. I don't know when or how, so you can't mark your calendars. I'm just sharing the download.
       I've gotten curious, now and have Googled, "1977 women's history". The Wikipedia page has offered some interesting tidbits on the 1977 National Women's Conference https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1977_National_Women%27s_Conference , which is sending me straight to the Netflix series, "The Seventies" and episode 6 "Battle of the Sexes". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Seventies_(miniseries) Check it out if you have a subscription to Netflix. (I'm not going to assume that everyone does.)
        It's been 40 years since the National Women's Conference. It may seem like more losses than gains sometimes, but long germinating, slow growing, deep rooting seeds were planted, the kind where the roots are twice or three times as deep as the plant is tall above ground. Each wave of progress and awakening gives support to the next phase, certainly as long as focus and a wide lens is maintained. 
       Here's another plant metaphor  [paraphrased] that Z. Budapest  once said, in one of her workshops twenty some odd years ago at the Wise Woman Center, 'the Goddess movement is like the dandelions- you mow us down, and we come back three times strong!'
       There'll be more on this topic.
             Did I already say that?

07 November 2017

Electing to Create out of Alignment

I am also being made aware of how powerful it is to create out of misalignment. It's one of those fish-eye-effect moments that I talked about before. I'm standing out in the living room, just now and it just pulled out of my third eye, "I'm creating out of misalignment." I'm talking misalignment with my higher self, my truth. I'm grasping because I (currently) am in alignment with fear. Personally, this fear-scare is a multilayer issue (but whose issues aren't). This is mass-consciousness, also. We are all one in the "field". The energy of fear is thickly sprinkled and coated amongst the masses*, whose group consciousness is being groomed through seemingly random acts of "terror", for the bobbing to the surface of political policies meant to further oppress in the guise of "protection". Pull back, see the whole thing, as much as you can.
       The vibrational coherence of hope and positivity, which was given solid birth unto the mass-consciousness in 2012, which was supported by the energetic environment created by the first family of the light (i.e. the Obamas), now experiences the spears of anger of a power that has been (instead of "the powers that be"- they been!), who programs and controls and enslaves through fear. Wasn't it so wonderful to have that energy "The vibrational coherence of hope and positivity" on both sides of the timeline to buffer this transition point, setting up the "we can do it" vibe for four years before 2012, including that year itself, since we're talking the end of that year, and for four years after to carry it through. When the last year of the hope-administration was coming up, did anyone else feel a little bit of dread creeping over their consciousness like an afternoon shadow? I thought you did. Did all of our dread bring it on? We could speculate on a whole host of self blaming factors...
       But, you know what? Dracs don't give up that easily. Why would you expect them to? There's a few tricks up the sleeve. They're not going to lose this place without putting up a stink. A "stink" would be nice. It is much worse, but you watch the news. And then, your heart is broken, you doubt the existence of a god, your faith wavers, your connection to divinity is temporarily shorting out, then fear, maybe for some anger, creeps in where good feelings were. *It is the sprinkles the dark ones crave in the air. It must be absolutely delicious for them. You probably should turn the news off, focus on something positive. Let "them" accuse you of living in a bubble. This is how Power is attended to, nurtured, cultivated. You can still do it while living "in society", practice your superpowers. Except, these powers are all our birthright. Well, except for those who choose to swim upstream.  
       This is the time, when it seems that all that we have managed to create in the name of the light, to unsheathe the sword, manifest the shield, go deep to the Within, contact the Power- and then, Radiate The Light Like a Mutha-f^ck*r. You don't even have to "do" anything. Please, don't. All the forms of action available will not shift or assist any situation unless the action is being Guided by Alignment. By "alignment", I mean with your higher self. I'm sure you know how it feels when you are acting in alignment with your own Soul. Like that. You don't have to say anything, either. Just Being That.

05 November 2017

full moon speaking from my heart [vlog] Nov.4.2017

Well, I came home from all this, and I was reading posts on Facebook. I saw that a friend had just posted some hours before (maybe while I was even making my vlog!) very similarly about challenging, uncertain energies in the air. So, I thought, "Hmmm..." You know? It is in the mass consciousness- oh, yes, tune into the post on Nov. 7th (Tuesday) for some more of this.       
       I had stopped tuning in to my favorite You Tube astrologers' channels last month. Everything just started to sound so bleak, like so much restriction, upheaval, Pluto crap. "I'll chart my own course, f^c* the stars!" [sigh.] Maybe I'll check out the forecast for the full moon and find out what happened there...
       If you read this/watched or are watching the vlog- Thank You. If you have similar, or even other myriad "stuff" that we humans can have- Take Heart, have some deep grieving sighs, borrow a dog (if that what it takes, like for me, lately) and get out there. Nature re-effuses one's meditative prowess. It has clearing properties, simply by walking through any area that is cleared of man-created material. Isn't that a nice feature of the hologram?
       Anyway, may you have the day of your choosing.

(just like this video! LOL!)

Ursula Carrie

03 November 2017

Has 'Shiz' Been Eclipsed for You, too?

This is *real-time-shifting-into-the-fifth-dimension stuff*  Damn.

It'd be interesting to come across some matter-of-factual stories around about *here* (this point in linear time) of how people's whole deal may have been shook up and changed around by the total solar eclipse in August. I feel like I've been 'turned around' so many times in the past ten weeks since all that energy bulldozed across this country. I find it really upsetting, like more upsetting than I want to comfortably admit. I don't like feeling like everything's gone wonky. (But, listening to the radio sometimes, I'm also appreciative of the life circumstances that I do have, to be able to steep in such philosophical self-inquiries, and share them with whomever is reading. Let there be light in the world.)
       And, at the same time, I have still been following my inner direction, my feelings of what feels good and right for me, and what makes me feel not so good- which, actually can sometimes turn into physical sickness or pain when I don't listen for too long. I know for 'a proven-throughout-my-lifetime' fact my spidey-sense never steers me wrong.
       I keep getting offered all of these situations that I could get involved with to earn the money that I need to care for my family, yet all of those situations so far involve some sort of unhealthy environment. *I am being presented with an old pattern that had been the dominant pattern of 'jobs and working for other people'. I had always bent myself over backwards to please and to be pleasing. I would accept any sort of unethical treatment, verbal and emotional abuse,  even accepting shorted on the money I was owed, just because the employer had a reason, etc.  And I would still go back to work the next day, terrified. I "needed the money". How many of us say that? A lot! The bulk of the population of this planet, I suspect. Again, this is all pre-realignment. It is the end of seven years, now. Interesting things are happening, it seems. I mean, these job situations that I am coming across lately contain those elements: some sort of obvious combination of  psychological, emotional twistedness-even where the physical environment itself had toxic elements. I tried a job where that air was so bad, my lungs hurt for 4+hours after I came home from a 4 hour stint there. I let that 'opportunity' pass. Although, I actually did think about it- for a minute... I actually stepped back and was able to see the pattern emerging, and emerging in rapid succession. Really wild. It's time to let go of that old paradigm b.s.
       And, the 'funny thing' is now, I feel it so quickly, when I'm about to step in it, as in step in the big funky cow-pie of an old, outmoded pattern- and I cut it off. I don't ignore the early cues anymore because I have told myself that I am "so desperate for the money". I have been trained by my society to believe that this 'false premise' {Abraham} is the truth. It is an enslavement tool. Some fine tuning is needed. I know that I know how to attract what I want to experience. I attract and experience this particular curious situation right now, because- this cycle of energy in relation to "work", as known to the patriarchal 3D Earth, is no longer an applicable way of experiencing Livelihood as we rise into the 5D Earth.
       It requires being clear about what I want, how I want to feel and maintaining impeccability with my thoughts, obviously in so much as possible.
       This is not a place to wobble and fall off the beam, now is it? Thank goodness I can catch myself before I do. But one's Faith can really get tested.
       Now that I am experiencing this in 'real time', I am thinking back to how Patricia Cota-Robles was talking about this shift in frequency in relation to Abundance and livelihood on this planet. She iterated it at the free seminar she gave in New York City on September 17 this year. If you sign up for the Era of Peace newsletter, you'll get all the weekly vlogs she's done this year. There's a lot about Divine Abundance and this transformation that I was talking about in the videos.
       Anyway, ascension report in real time :) from me. I'm following the trail, and wondering who the F ate some of the breadcrumbs- at some of these  places where the road divides. I'll pick the trail up, somewhere. Always do. At least that's what I tell myself! Time to tune into my favorite Abraham recordings.  See you again in a day.

01 November 2017

Lemuria, my first on this earth, part one

May 3, 2014 (and revised on November 1, 2017)
"A Hadarian in Lemuria"
I do remember in Lemuria. I did have Recall in that life of who I was and where I came from and what I had come to do. I believe the incarnational cycle here to earth was not yet at that time what it has evolved into. What I mean is, from my feelings/remembrance  there was no "veil of forgetting" to pass through yet. So when I soul traveled from Hadar to earth to take a body at the time of Lemuria to serve as warrior of the light, after everything I had been through, when I awakened into my new form, I remembered my mission.
        I remember very well  the feelings that I had when I knew that All was coming undone. Feelings are so intangible, but I could try to describe to you the disappointment I felt but not as disappointment- disbelief, anger, rage. I felt as though I had been tricked, tricked into leaving a place where I had finally been able to cultivate a feeling of peace and security within myself, with the Alpha Centauri. And there my partner, if one could describe it as such, my love, my friend, convinced me that this was what I felt like I needed to do. And maybe it was something that I felt, like I needed to experience the reality of what was taking shape on this young earth.
       Yes, I was then much of what I am today, because that is the nature of my soul. I have always been a healer-warrior, a helper, a caregiver, a nurturer. Not because that is the way of all Hadarian people necessarily, I just know about me and I happen to be Hadarian. The general theme of the Hadarians is unconditional love. I have been told that most Hadarians today are incarnate on this planet because we, as a group of souls, have the specific task of holding the energies and the codes of unconditional divine love here on this Earth. The two famous women who meant the most to my heart as a young woman were also both Hadarian, so I found out. {that's another story} 

       Anyway, yes, of course I knew everything was coming undone in Lemuria. It was seeing “the writing on the wall”, so to speak. I’m just thinking about feeling into those feelings that I had then and man was I really pissed. It was foreshadowing the battle with the ones who have chosen the darkness that destroyed my home world. I mean think about my home where I lived before Lemuria on Earth. We lived in the unified field consciousness of divine love and respect with all of our fellow beings on the planet. Even though we were all individuals, our collective energy was that of nonjudgment and love just pure love. I mean, people used to come from other parts of the star systems just experience that with us – I mean, seriously, it was like “a destination”, Hadar (otherwise called, "Beta Centauri"). I wonder if there was some kind of intergalactic travel agency! I’m just saying it was a wonderful place to be, and a lot of beings wanted to be there.
       Already before the time of Lemuria the seeds of darkness were being planted here. The whole earth experiment wasn’t going that well. That’s why these societies of Lemuria, and later Atlantis on the other side of the planet, are so “famous” today. There was a concerted effort and intervention to amp up the light frequency here and resteer the ship back onto the charted course for this world, before it got too off course.  Something had to be done...
(continued, part 2)