10 December 2013

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Well, I don't fall asleep before Dawn. This week I made a decision to accept it, because I've been fighting it, because society deems it "un-normal" to be awake at night. And I have been bringing my heart much turmoil and pain over this.  I made an agreement with myself to just get up and dig into the manual from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. Some of my friends and loved ones poke fun at me because I have had to let go of being regimented to schedules and activities that don't feel joyful to me. Some people call it living on "Indian Time", but all that means is having the courage to go against the streams of mass consciousness conditioning in order to follow the voice of real Truth- One's Own Heart... And I do not feel very courageous, or even Inspired, lately... Because this, for me is an arduous process of letting go of an old life that is no longer who I Am, who I have always been destined to Become- because it has always been my Soul's Plan. I KNEW, in 2010- when I had my Soul Realignment done, when I "lost" my job of 11 years, when I was guided to become an Akashic Records reader myself, when Carla T. Smith was diagnosed with the brain tumor and I made a Commitment to either see her into full recovery or to see her unto her Transition into Spirit (which I did- literally- at her bedside)- that she was the last vestige of True, Heart based Connections with humans here in this area... I also had a deep knowing that all of these deaths- even moving from the apartment where we had lived for my son's entire life up till 2011- would be moving me in that direction, that it was Time for me to do what I committed to do when this Time in my physical Journey came... I did a reading exchange with Kaypacha (the YT astrologer that I post here sometimes)- My astrology chart says that I am coming to the End of a 14 Year Cycle and Big Changes are digging on down in- April/May 2014 I am to expect some deep change- and this will be grinding on through, like a Spiritual Dredging and Cleanse until September 2015- One year and a half to set me on a new path... Even though, Intuitively, I knew that all of this was coming, since years ago- I am still in denial, feel frozen in my movements while I see what is happening... And still I Know what I must do, what my Heart, my Gut has been alluding to for several years, now... And there is only me and I who can fund the courage to go forward, and leave what must be left to be absorbed by The All, in Love and Light... My son, who swears he doesn't listen to the Abraham when I have it playing, keeps telling me, "Mom, you HAVE to do what feels good! Just stop doing the dishes and all that stuff and just play a game or something..." Or he'll say, "Mom, follow your gut." when I feel badly about not doing an activity that I "think I should" do... Ah... these "little" reminders...I feel like I should "hold on"- to my hats? to my seat? I don't know, but I'm guessing that it's not "to the past"... F#*K- transition, transformation- so far it does not "tickle"... But I'm sure SOME-Being is chuckling... XoXo Love <3 p="">

20 July 2013

In the Midst of the Heatwave, in the Crucible of Change

This is the crucible! I have been hearing about this. And here we are, here I am. The summer here in the Northeast of the United States has been the HOTTEST that we have known in Years! Even people who profess to love the heat are saying, "Enough! Enough!"

Yes, the Heat has been unrelenting. The plants on my deck, which are "supposed" to be "Full Sun" plants are turning yellow and wilting, no matter how much water I give to them...

I have heard in the months leading up to this Moment that Mother Earth would be doing this, as a component of our Ascension process, we would be tested with our resilience in extreme weather... Yes, we made it through the recent hurricanes that hit our area. We made it through the power outages, through  the winter. NOW comes the Heat!

I feel as if I have been placed in a Crucible. Heated and heated to temperatures unbearable, having NO choice but to find a way to cope. I can say that I do not feel that I have always been coping very well- especially this week. More than once I have found myself becoming SO irritable, and the usual smiles I have to offer all those I meet to be in very short supply- if they were present at all! One member of my CSA was astonished on this past Wednesday (my birthday) that I was quiet, unsmiling, dripping with sweat- literally until all my clothing was stained with the wet... She exclaimed- "I've never seen YOU in a bad mood!" She seemed quite upset by this. I could only reply, "Well, I'M HUMAN." This seemed to further upset her.... Sigh...

It is not always easy Being 100% shining the Light, even though when we Know and Understand that this is what we are here to do, that this what we chose before we came into this Incarnation. It is actually in my nature to Be this way- Unconditional, nonjudgmental, Loving...

BUT- We still go through our processes- and the Intense HEAT is amplifying this process. "Crank it up" the Mother seems to be saying to me. And OH, how it IS! How the DROSS is being brought up by this external Heat, more and more, to be BURNED away! I think, "How much MORE Darkness could I possibly HAVE?" !!!!! But it not just this current lifetime of experience coming up for cleansing through Fire, it is LIFETIMES- and I have had MANY on this planet...

What I find is the best to do, and in fact the ONLY real "thing" that can be "done" is to just STAY in the moment- do NOT struggle, do not fight it, do not wonder, "When the hell is it going to be OVER?!" Because this just intensifies the suffering.

I am writing about all of this because I KNOW that I am not the only one going through this. But so often it FEELs as though we are alone in this process, because it IS true that each individual must go through this passage alone. It is unique to each Soul on the Journey.

All I can say is- CALL to your Guides, call to your Ascended Masters, to your Angels- to the Legions of Light that are with you, assisting you, lighting each step of this passage for you. I DO.
Even if you don't know the Soul Group of each of your Guides, or what Archangelic Realm they are trained with- or even if you don't know which ones of the Ascended Masters are assigned to you- CALL for them ANYway. They will be there, your calls for assistance will be Heard and Answered as you navigate these turbulent waters of Change. It may not always feel like the prayers for help are being answered-

BUT this is where YOUR work comes in. It is a leap of Faith in the Dark to-- Surrender. To BELIEVE that they are there. It is in my Darkest hours when I have doubted at all that anything other than what I can see does Exist- that I have TRULY OPENED my Heart, Felt the Love of the Universal ONE flow through Me, felt the Tears fall Hot down my cheeks (often into my ear canal, as I am often laying down in my bed trying to sleep) and I truly SURRENDER.

"I surrender my worries to You, My Divine Archangels, I surrender my worries to you Mother/Father God. I Give my fears, I give my worries to you My Guides. I KNOW I am unqualified to deal with this... I open my Heart, I open my Life to your Guidance..."

And somehow, the bill money shows up, or the other solution comes to Light- not always in that very moment of surrender- maybe some days later- as I hold my Faith steady that ALL is how it is meant to be- that the Universe KNOWS my Dreams and Desires...

It is SO challenging. BUT, Here we are...

I Believe that we are truly moving into Days of Beauty- all around us- Above Us, Below Us, Around Us- and WITHIN.

In Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Truth-
Wishing Blessings to All my Sisters and Brothers of Light...

Ursula Carrie

21 January 2013

"Gender": Identity? Confusion? Your Akashic Record Can Help You to Understand- Your Soul's Story

Dear Friends,

I have been thinking of this topic on and off for too many months now.

It is the subject of "Gender Identity" or "Gender confusion". IE- A man feels like he is really a woman and goes through all kinds of heart wrenching and oftentimes physically painful things, and very often emotionally and mentally painful, to correct what seems to be "wrong": feeling like a woman in a man's body. And also of the reverse situations where a woman feels like a man "trapped" in a woman's body.

What I always feel, especially since the acceleration of consciousness development that occurred after my own Soul Realignment, and especially after becoming a Soul Realignment practitioner, and quite simply I feel a "reader of the Akashic Records", is that:

If people could only have the Inspiration, 1) to even know that the Akashic Records existed,
and then- were able to have someone look into their record, if they were really ready to hear the information, they may actually find out that, Yes indeed that Woman who (just for illustration) has absolutely no inclination to have children, and who feels a little (or a lot) "butchy", like there is a "man trapped inside"- well this woman through her Akashic Record may actually find out that her Soul is Male. And what a relief that would be, don't you think?
"Ohhh, so that's why I have always felt this way, or that way! I have a Male Soul!"

(I actually had a client a while back who "guessed" that she had a male soul- and in an eyeblink so much of her life experience, feelings, etc... made sense to her!)

Yes, it is true- for a "time" (and that could mean hundreds of thousands of years, who really "knows") a Soul does have a gender, either Male or Female (depending on the choice that was made upon the first emergence from Source). The lessons of many varied Incarnations "smooth away" the need for this experience (of the soul having a specific polarity), as the soul ascends and grows, then at a point the Soul becomes Androgynous. This is an aspect of the Soul's process of evolution as I have currently come to understand it.

I can tell you, throughout the Past Life research I have done for myself, out of the 8 Lives before my current one that I have looked into in depth, (there are others that I have just "skimmed the story" so far) I have been in a Male Incarnation in 4 of those lives, and I have been in a Female Incarnation the other four. Now again, of course I am in a Female Incarnation. Pretty evenly stacked so far. I have been a father, I have been a mother, I have been childless... I have played many parts, been on many sides of the various coins, so to speak.

Many, many Souls have been taking opposite gendered bodies, switching back and forth, for countless thousands of years here on this Earth. Why?

        - To prepare the energies of this Planet for it's Ascension out of the paradigm of the harshest manifestations of the duality concept- the stark polarities that has led all life into an almost irrevocable place of separation, fear, greed, lack mentality, disempowerment- you get the picture. Many souls have been switching back and forth from gender to gender to assist with the balancing of Male and Female Energies- in preparation for the return of the Divine Feminine, and eventually to merge in Harmonic, Balanced Partnership with the healed Divine Masculine. (Think of this- how many men do you know or have known where you thought/felt, "Wow, he really understands women!" And he really did! That could have been a Female Soul in a Male body- "doing the work" in the healing of the wounded masculine consciousness!)

I have heard that it takes some Souls a few lifetimes to "get used to" being in a Body that is "opposite" their Soul's "Gender", and perhaps this is what is being seen, and voiced in so much earnest throughout our media outlets. (One reason to me is undoubtedly the mass consciousness' addiction to drama and the use of a human being's personal "torment" as entertainment and sport- through which I have not observed any notable, or in depth, Healings that have occurred in any of these "reality stars'" inner lives. That of course is another subject- sort of...) I feel that there is so much outcry for various reasons- but the foremost reason in my inner sense is that- people (mass consciousness) do not know, are not aware of, the Soul, the Soul's Record and the Past Life backstories that have informed the current story of their physical life.

It would soothe and dissolve so much pain that a person with these queries was facing if this were information, this Soul Knowledge, that was being worked with for each individual- on a mass scale.

       This while keeping in Mind that we are Here, in this body, whatever Body that is- to add to the Richness of WHO WE ARE, at a Level of That which Is Eternal. And it is though the Experiences of "Contrast" (meaning experiencing the opposite of what which we feel we prefer in any given moment, which assists us in redefining and realigning ourselves with Our individual specific truth of who we are), that we as Higher Beings of Light and Creation are offered by having this experience in this very dense atmosphere that is called the 3rd Dimension, that we Souls expand and continue to Grow. Some of these challenges (ie- painful experiences) may certainly be intended by the Soul/Higher Self to be fodder for Growth. Certainly, when it comes to a Soul's story, NO two are alike- and it is not always apparent to the uinaware human just what are the larger meanings that have fueled a certain experience!

What I am offering here, though to all those who are going through something like this:

Knowing the story/stories of the Soul's journey adds a richness
to the current Life experience in so many ways-
including an appreciation for This current Life,
an Inner Knowing and Peace that All is Divine and All is "Right",
that we can never really get it "wrong", that we are
 Empowered to Change/Script the Story in a way that is more suitable to how we've grown, 
and the Knowledge that when this one "ends"-
it is NOT the "end"- but some of these are other stories.

Much Love, and Blessings,
Ursula Carrie