13 February 2009

writing 3- Arizona- Sing to the Mountain

Simply put, The Land wants be Sung to. Actually, the land wants to be saturated in Song. I fact, She Needs it. If you can wrap your mind round such a thing.
The land offered what felt like much information, and yet, none at all. But I heard nothing until I sang, " Ancient mother I hear you calling, ancient mother I hear your call..." (I learned this song at the wise woman center, the home of my teacher, susun weed- check her site for info, it might be there)
I was only offering a humble thanks for being able to experience being there, enwrapped in a landscape so strikingly dissimilar from my own at home. It was shortly after that I caught a glimpse of the First Stone- a Yoni Rock. It is the second stone that helped by offering much information to my intuitive senses about the land that I was now leaving. That ancient peoples used to gather in these mountains, to celebrate and sing and dance in sacred ceremony, giving thanks to the land for Her role in their lives out in the high desert. But the land and the circumstances of people's lives had made it so that the people do not remember that they had agreed to sing to the land, to give thanks to Her. They have forgotten Her, as their lives have moved more and deeper into the cities.
The connection with the mountain and the voice of the Stone People stayed with me all along the highway from the sacred mountain into the city.

It is a connection that in only hours becomes muted by cars, busses, buildings- mostly cars, here. What would happen if everyone gathered around that mountain that encircles the city- and Sung? I wonder- would the water issues they face be healed? Would a solution to the energy issues be realized? What kind of shift could they affect?

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