05 November 2019

Curse Energy: How it Works (is probably *not* what you think)

Curse energy is kind of random, meaning it is often not intentional, such as in the cases of spells and hexes. Spells and hexes, and other witch-craft of the sort, involve effort- ritual, focused energies of emotion and thought (intention).  This effort, thought and intention is sent deliberately to the subject. The intention, through the ritual and effort is designed to stick.
Curses? Not so much... A curse can start out as something as simple as someone saying about a co-worker, "I hope Bob/Mary doesn't get that promotion." Now generally speaking, the energy of this kind of "under-the-breath" comment of a jealous (or envious, or low feeling) co-worker would completely miss colliding with the energy fields of Bob or Mary- if Bob or Mary has no feelings whatsoever for the co-worker that made that remark.
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I need to take an aside right here and remind everyone of how it was said so famously in the Bible, "In the Beginning there was the Word." However, I integrated an amendment of this statement some years ago (the source of which is now lost to my consciousness, though its resonance of Truth remains), "Before the Word was Intention." Soon after this revelation, I learned (again, source forgotten) that the Universe was created through sound waves (the- spoken- word).  I felt it, that this made sense, then.
[You know how it goes, with these series of synchronistic moments, in which some larger and greater Truths about life are being revealed to the human consciousness. And these moments are all strung together, usually at some unexpected time much later, and laid out to be seen and understood- in a way that makes the top of your head tingle and your heart center expand with a feeling of inner knowing and peace- even if that feeling-moment of realization comes and goes quickly.] 
Here's a science article I recently found:
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Sounds of the Ancient Universe

 and hear the sound byte
I do know this: Words are Powerful
However, it is not the actual configuration of alphabetic characters, in whatever language. It is about the meaning ascribed to them. When words are spoken aloud, the meaning of the word is held as intention by the speaker, whether they realize it or not. Words, in verbal and written communication, are chosen for the meaning they convey, singularly or in a phrase or sentence.  Words are said to be used to express the intangible, however the effect of the word (energy) is tangible indeed.
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Reality Soup. A curse is born.
So, it stands to reason that even something spoken "on-the-fly" could have an effect on someone's physical reality. Words carry the Intention of their Meaning.
By the way, we are also grooming our Conscious/Subconscious Mind every day with the "I
Try some sweet self-talk, instead
AM"s that we say, which also influences our reality. 
And, it is possible that some of the more negative self-talk in these "I AM"s may be the influence of a Curse energy, or negative thought form or entity attachment, etc... Which originated/generated with something that was inside of the Self. 
Yes, it doubles and triples and quadruples around! It is called The Spiral of Life for many reasons!  It's quite a complex soup of elements that create the physical life reality that a human being experiences. 
The right-use of Emotion, and secondly Thought, are the biggest tools and factors in determining how a physical life reality is played out, and how it is perceived and played-with by the human on center stage. (You are at the center stage of your own life, and all the others around you are actors playing their parts. The same is true for everyone around you, too. You are an actor, playing your part in their masterpiece. This is just an iteration of what's already out there.)
So, How does Cures Energy "Attach"?
In the above scenario, when the co-worker said,  "I hope Bob/Mary doesn't get that promotion.", I said that the curse energy wouldn't touch the energy field of Bob or Mary if Bob or Mary didn't have any feelings or thoughts whatsoever for the co-worker that uttered those words.  
However, if Bob or Mary feels some sort of animosity about that co-worker, if there have been some negative exchanges with Bob or Mary with this co-worker, if Bob or Mary is holding some sort of lower vibrational thoughts or feelings for the co-worker, say anger or resentment, then this sets the stage inside the energy fields of Bob or Mary- to receive the curse energies directed towards them. 
Yes, we *receive* the curse energy!

Curses are not actually "thrust" upon us.

As I said in the Negative Entities: A Primer post:   https://ursulacarrie.blogspot.com/2019/11/negative-entities-primer.html

it is also True here, too, "Like Attracts Like". It's called having a "Receptor Energy". 

interesting tid-bit from Google images
This can spiral around again to the concepts inherent in the Law of Attraction that, as we slip down the vibrational scale of emotion (emotions being our inherent guidance system to navigate our physical life experience, and lead us onto the path of our highest purpose and life expression), so too do the Manifestations slip down into what we may not want in our life experience. Lower vibrational/dimensional entities reside in the lower vibrational/dimensional planes of the Earth. (This whole subject of Dimensions and planes of Existence... another day! Different post, or several. Lol.) Making contact with energies such as Negative Thought Forms, Negative Entities, having Receptor Energies to Curses, I directly associate with those Times when we dip down into "exploring" the lower vibrational, or negative, emotions and thought patterns available to us as Human Beings. This is Being Human, what we signed up for. We're here for the whole gamut of experiences as an Eternal Being, enhoused in a 3D (ascending to 5D for most of us) physical body, in an environment of deep Contrast. So, of course the experience would be this energetic soup of Manifestations, ours and that of Others, seen and unseen.
Can I Avoid Curses?
Yes and No. I don't think that Curse Energy can not be avoided completely, but curse energy "sticking" does depend on a number of factors, the first factor being the Self. Not to worry, as they say. I, personally, do not believe that everyone is going to be riddled with curse energy every time there is a negative thought, word or emotion passed between two human beings. If this were true, every one of my clients would have been full of them!  I'd be catching curses every day! 
The feeling-element present in the receptor energy has to be pretty strong. The remorse or the guilt, for example, has to be pretty deep, at some level. Generally speaking, I typically may find 2-to-5-or-6 curses on someone's Akashic Record, scattered throughout the various Issues, that will come up for clearing on a first session. But don't quote me on that! Every Soul is different. It's never the "same old story" when I go to do a reading/investigation.
The key probably is: First and only- don't think about it. Focus on your heart, keep your nose on your own path, and just live. These things are going to happen at some point in the Earth Journey. We're playing at this creation-manifestation thing here, folks. We're experiencing ourselves as Creators. It's all good, even when the cake comes out of the oven like a pudding! 
Many of you reading this right now have some sort of restrictive energies on your Soul Record, and you know it, because you feel it. But you may not yet able to explain it, what you feel, or if anyone would believe you if you could... 
The good news is that- the Consciousness of the Human Being decided, as a Collective, to move ahead with this Plan to Ascend (the Consciousness), while the Soul is enhoused in a dense Physical body/vessel. 
So, more information about the seen and unseen ways in which this Reality functions is becoming available to the masses who are open/opening up to it. Knowledge is power" also applies, here. With this addition of Knowledge (of energy, ghosts, entities, universal laws, etc...) to the Human Collective, we are better able to steer our own ship- and be Guided- through this sea of multidimensional energies in this place we call Earth. As Humanity is ready, the teachings and the tools for healing and expansion appear for use- like Soul Realignment.

One More Thing: Some Curses are not "on-the-fly", though. 
Some people do have curses that were not placed by anyone that they have met, or even had the opportunity to meet! This type of curse is not random, it is specifically placed malevolent energies. A generational curse may be set to activate at a certain time in life, can be either on the males or the females in the family, can be on the first born or second, could be set to skip a generation (so affecting the grandmother/grandfather and granddaughter/grandson), etc. A multiple of scenarios are possible with a generational curse. 
Another Google image to illustrate.
(I didn't follow the image link.)
A Scenario:  Say, a generational curse of "financial strife" was placed upon the bloodline of a certain wealthy family, back in 1727, by someone who was done wrong by the patriarch of this wealthy family in 1727. The curse says that when the 1st born male of the father's direct bloodline turns 18, the curse of "financial strife" will activate. So, in scenarios with multiple sons, there would be a pattern throughout the family history of those who carry the direct bloodline of this Patriarch, that the 1st born son (who was doing great until he turned 18) is now forever down-on-his-luck, while subsequent sons all seem to prosper financially.
Obviously I made that up to illustrate. I haven't encountered any generational curses, specifically, in the many years of my practice. It would be great to get that cleared for some folks, though, whenever the opportunity appears!
😂 Some Comic Relief! 
"15 people Muse on the Mildly Inconvenient Curse 
they would Put on an Enemy
They're all funny, but #7 had me LMAO! 

Also, as I searched for "curse" images to accompany this article, here was is an interesting find. I'm not affiliated with any particular religion, but I found it interesting to read it explained in this religious context. I also liked how it was talking about the importance of not speaking curses over your children: 
The Worst Word Curses Aren’t From Witches and Satanists

Hope this musing helps you to understand how curse energy works! Happy Travels! 

💖 and Thank You for Being Here 💖 
XoXo ~ Ursula Carrie

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